Belching gastritis: causes, treatment

Belching gastritis

This symptom, few people pay attention, because belching is often a normal physiological process. But it is also true that it may be a manifestation of disorders of the stomach.

Often the nature of belching in gastritis it is possible to assume the place of occurrence of the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane. Therefore, the information about this problem will not be superfluous not only the doctor but also to the suffering people.

Causes of symptom belching

If burping is bothering the person after a meal 1-2 times during the day — it does not need to pay attention to. This is a natural physiological process. So, the body gets rid of excess air trapped in the stomach during eating.

But regularly recurring symptom over a long period may cause seeking medical attention.

Burp for acute gastritis in the first days of the disease are not typical. The emergence of such a disease process and its symptoms resemble the clinical picture of poisoning. This symptom often happens in chronic disease.

On the occurrence of regurgitation affects primarily food products and many other substances that cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. These include:

  • strong alcoholic beverages;
  • spicy food combined with essential fatty foods;
  • carbonated drinks: mineral water, lemonade, Fanta, sprite;
  • pickles, marinades, excessively sour or salty foods;
  • some potent on the stomach medications: aspirin, hormones;
  • copious amounts of fruits and vegetables immediately after a meal.
  • These products provoke an inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa. In this case the affected shell can not cope with their functions. First and foremost is the secretion of gastric juice for processing and decontamination of food.

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    In the development process of the disease appear dyspeptic symptoms, one of which belching. Under normal conditions a small amount of air stimulates the stomach, resulting in the tone of his muscles. But with the development of the disease process, the formation of excess gas only exacerbates the symptoms of the disease.

    Other symptoms of gastritis

    Отрыжка при гастрите: причины, лечениеClinic of chronic gastritis is not great brightness, is mostly limited in the period of acute dull pain in the epigastric region and gastric dyspepsia. Other manifestations of the disease are rare.

    Depending on the type of gastritis and its causes the symptom may change. Burp air for gastritis — the result of improper work of the glands of the stomach, namely the upper part and body. In this place the maximum accumulation of parietal cells which produce hydrochloric acid for digestion.

    Changes in the antrum (this is the part of the body which is located between the body and the pylorus adjacent to the duodenum) are almost constant heartburn and acid regurgitation.

    The putrid smell is the result of stagnation in the gastrointestinal tract, what happens if there is insufficient production of hydrochloric acid.

    Other clinical manifestations of inflammation of the gastric mucosa include:

  • loss of appetite;
  • epigastric pain — often observed during inflammation several areas of the stomach;
  • a metallic or bitter taste in the mouth;
  • a feeling of early satiety.
  • Dyspeptic symptoms except burping gastritis include nausea, occasionally vomiting, not bringing relief.

    The intensity of burping the air can affect not only the products and the site of inflammation, but also of the anatomical features of the stomach. The intensity of the burping depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

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    Methods of treatment of belching with gastritis

    Отрыжка при гастрите: причины, лечениеTo get rid of uncomfortable symptoms should first cure the underlying disease. So, if the person has passed a full examination and a diagnosis of gastritis was established, it is necessary to spend treatment of gastritis. Chronic process will escalate over long periods of time. The challenge is not how to temporarily heal the symptoms of the disease. It is necessary to achieve maximum long prolong remission (a period without exacerbation). Treatment most belching in gastritis is diet and use of drugs.

    1. Getting rid of meals that cause discomfort. During exacerbation of the rejection of a rich, heavy or fried foods with the addition of herbs and spices.
    2. People with hypersecretory gastritis (excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid) should be avoided sokogonnym beverages, which include beer, strong coffee and tea, store-bought juices, carbonated liquid.
    3. Better to avoid meals rich in extractive substances — sour soup, broths, ear.
    4. Faster pass gastritis and belching air, if a full course of drug therapy. Depending on the type of inflammation you need to use drugs that reduce gastric acidity, protect the mucous membrane from inflammation and prevent the formation of defects mucosa.

    Unpleasant symptom belching gastritis is the result of disruption of mucosa and glands within it.

    How to get rid of the running process, and with it a burp? It is important to remember two key points: during exacerbation need to be observed from the experts, and during remission not to allow myself too much food. By following these principles, you can forget about all the manifestations of gastritis.

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