Can cause belching and heartburn frequent meals in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Can cause belching and heartburn frequent meals in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Appolinariya asks:

Hello. I was diagnosed with reflux-gastritis, duodenogastric bile reflux, sliding hiatal hernia of the diaphragm, chronic constipation, dolichosigma. I was concerned about such complaints: regurgitation of acidic contents immediately after a meal or 2 hours, bloating, flatulence, cramps in the stomach, hunger pains. For six months eat diet table No. 1A, often, about 6 times a day. But, I began to notice that if between meals is 2-2. 5 hours, the next meal is terrible acidic eructation and some heartburn. Tell whether these symptoms cause frequent meals? Maybe I should refrain from eating? Everything else is torturing me more pain and hunger, but if you take antacid, then they pass. Thanks in advance!

The answer of the doctor:

Good day, appolinariya!

Infrequent eating can cause the symptoms of heartburn and sour belching, and the quality of the food (perhaps could be a relief in the diet).

You need to eat at least five times a day, but do not forget that the portions should be small so as not to create stress on the digestive organs. Given the presence of dolichosigma, food stagnates in the gut, leading to constipation (at a certain stage of the food begins to accumulate in large numbers, to rot and trigger acid regurgitation, heartburn and pain). Rare eating will exacerbate the problems with the stomach and duodenum, more frequent meals additionally contributes to stagnation, as the nutrients do not have time to fully processed and assimilated. Don’t change your diet, but pay attention to other methods of treatment.

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From the information you have provided, it is not clear passed or not you complete the course of treatment. That in addition to the antacid drugs were taken from drug therapy and for how long?

Almost any of these processes can lead to frequent heartburn, belching and bloating. But you need to find every individual the symptoms, and to treat all diseases in the complex. This will require considerable effort and patience — will have a long time to take drugs.

Proper nutrition is the mainstay of treatment, but in conjunction with other methods. You it is not enough. Talk to your doctor and decide the question of the appointment of medicines for a long period, not less than two months (the proton pump blockers, alginates, prokinetics, enzymatic substances and other if necessary). May additionally have to decide on surgery (hernia).

Only diet and antacids will not help you.