Constantly burns in the esophagus and the stomach — what to do when treatment fails

Constantly burns in the esophagus and stomach

Asks Paul.

Hello! FGS were held, two times swallowed that colon. Said chronic gastritis, exacerbation, erosive bulbit. Further, after the treatment of De Nole and antibiotics FGS showed insufficiency of the cardia and bulbit. No matter what I eat constantly burns in the esophagus and stomach. Even in the back heat in the chest. I began to notice retrosternal dull pain from time to time — that is, no. Sometimes there is mild pain when swallowing. Drank «Motilium», the whole pack and nothing… the Doctor said that it strengthens cardio, but to no avail. Drank «Omeprazole» and also nothing, not much effect… Sick in the fall and don’t know where to go. Nothing I can put on your feet. Now sent to the hospital. Prick «Omez», again ordered «De-Nol» and «Almagell», but the effect of all of this is temporary. Come home and again burning like hell. From «Almagel» too little help. Sour in the mouth. What can you advise me? Don’t know who to ask. Already life nice. Maybe I eat something wrong? I don’t smoke or drink at all… no Harmful habits even. Eat semolina and oat cereals, porridge, biscuits, white bread with butter. Maybe it’s a cookie? Don’t even know what to think. Drink a sedative, Valerian.

What to do when constantly burns in the esophagus and stomach

Hello, Paul!

When the cardiac insufficiency is one of the most frequent obtrusive problems is a constant painful heartburn. As far as the symptom is expressed depends on the degree of insufficiency of the muscle and esophagitis (i.e., inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus). If all available therapies are ineffective the next phase of treatment can be operation. Is it possible in your case depends on an accurate diagnosis. It is necessary to talk with your doctor.

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Up to this point it is necessary to follow a strict diet. It is important not only to limit spicy, fatty, smoked and sweet dishes.

  1. At the time of worsening food should be as gentle — boiled and stewed. Baked meals during the exacerbation can not have.
  2. Raw fruits and vegetables too are not recommended as they irritate the digestive system.
  3. The diet need to exclude the consumption of dry foods — sandwiches, biscuits (soaked in milk), fresh bread, chips.
  4. Any extractive products, seasonings, and strong drinks are excluded (including coffee, tea, soda).

In addition, a burning sensation behind the breastbone can be a symptom of other diseases which also need to exclude is heart problems, osteochondrosis of the thoracic or cervical spine. Complete additional research if necessary.