Diet with high acidity of the stomach

Food with high acidity of the stomach

Fundamentals of clinical nutrition was born with the advent of the basics of medical science. Medicinal properties of some products for centuries successfully used healers, and doctors. For diseases of the digestive system nutrition plays a primary role is difficult — almost 50% for the treatment of severe diseases depends on a properly composed diet.

Optimally balanced diet with high acidity of the stomach can permanently get rid of discomfort and to normalize metabolic and protective properties of the organism. This means that timely «healthy» food will not allow the disease to worsen again, and the constant restriction of some products to save people from having to take medication.

The role of nutrition in the acidity of the stomach

If you completely eliminate all diseases and conditions, accompanied by increased acidity of gastric juice, then the excess of hydrochloric acid depends on the nature of power.

What diseases need to be excluded in the treatment of hyperacidity?

  1. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach (antral gastritis).
  2. Peptic ulcer of the duodenum.
  3. Inflammatory disease of the digestive glands (the pancreas).
  4. Violation of metabolic processes in the body and diseases of the nervous system (uncompensated diabetes, neurosis).
  5. Genetic predisposition to diseases of the digestive system.

Namely hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the norm causes the pH of the stomach. That was not a pronounced corrosive effect on the delicate membrane of the stomach produces mucus, which protects it from damage. The excess of acid affects the processing of food and often appears of the constant heartburn.

Some foods stimulate the glands that produce HCL, as they are part of a substance, irritating the nerve endings of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Constantly eating such foods and dishes from them can not only temporarily cause an increase in acidity, but also cause chronic diseases of the digestive system. But another group of nutrients, on the contrary, soothes the work of these glands, normalizes the acidity of the digestive system and protects the linings of the stomach. In some cases it is sufficient that the products just don’t irritate the gland.

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On the basis of the impact of its products on the digestive organs were developed the principles of nutrition in the acidity of the stomach and gastritis. Depends on the whole process of treatment of the disease.

What not to eat in the acidity of the stomach

There are two large groups of products that affect the increase in the level of hydrochloric acid.

  1. The first group is the food that is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as it reduces the protective barrier of mucus, worsens the course of chronic diseases of the digestive system and intensifies them.
  2. The second group is those dishes that you want to temporarily exclude for a period of treatment (fried, spicy, highly hot and cold).

What is included in the diet at high acidity of the stomach, which is not there?

  1. Диета при повышенной кислотности желудкаSpicy sauces and condiments — chilli, garlic, mustard.
  2. Irritating the mucous membrane of the stomach fruits and vegetables — raw onions, radishes, radish, beans, tomatoes, sauerkraut, cucumbers, turnips, sour and unripe fruits.
  3. Pickled and canned foods.
  4. Alcohol in any form and quantity.
  5. Strong tea and coffee irritate the glands of the stomach, they are at the time of treatment need to cancel. Sour hibiscus tea is also contraindicated.
  6. Fatty and smoked food causes an increase of hydrochloric acid, they are also banned.
  7. Sweets in any form. A large number of chocolate, pastries and ice cream not only impairs the stomach but also stimulates the production of gastric juices — HCL produced more, that provokes the appearance of heartburn.
  8. Dairy products large percentage of fat content of cream, sour cream, cheese, and gravy of it is prohibited. With the exception of the sour milk, sour milk and yogurt — in the acidity of the stomach they are permitted, particularly those which improve the intestinal microflora.
  9. Xerophagy and fast food increase the acidity, so sandwiches, hot dogs, cereal dry, Shawarma and snacks on the go are excluded.
  10. Sodas.
  11. Nourishing soups, entrees with fried, copious amounts of fatty meat.
  12. Fatty meat varieties pork, duck, goose, lamb.
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The list may grow or shrink depending on the individual characteristics of the organism and the opportunity to respond to some food.

What you can eat in the acidity of the stomach

Not all delicious foods in the acidity of the stomach are excluded. Of the remainder, it is possible to prepare optimal meals not only for digestion. Everything is allowed that is not forbidden, but without overeating!

  1. Диета при повышенной кислотности желудкаAlmost all cereals, except for barley and quick cooking.
  2. From meat products is allowed chicken without skin, veal, rabbit, lean beef.
  3. Any pasta except for noodles for fast food.
  4. Vegetables and herbs as raw and boiled. The diet should be more berries and products from them — kissel, compote, baked fruit.
  5. Low-fat milk, cottage cheese and sour cream — just filling food.
  6. Sweets — honey, jam, candy, cookies from nesdobnoe test. How to take honey in the acidity of the stomach? It should not be consumed on an empty stomach and many. Better after eating dissolve 1-2 tablespoons into a herbal tea three times a day (but not boiling water, otherwise the honey will lose its useful properties).
  7. Soups, any except the rich.
  8. Shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, wands.
  9. Drinks — herbal tea, non acidic juice, water, jelly, cocoa.

Approximate menu in the acidity of the stomach

How to make a menu, so not easy to reduce acidity, but also to normalize the feeling? The optimal solution is to consult with a dietitian, who preferences and individual tolerance products will select the diet both during treatment and outside of an exacerbation.

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Диета при повышенной кислотности желудкаApproximately what menu it is possible to make following a diet for high stomach acidity?

  1. Breakfast: boiled noodles with steamed meat Patty and salad. Tea with marmalade.
  2. Second Breakfast: baked Apple with berries and honey, milk and cookies.
  3. Vegetarian soup with vegetables, boiled potatoes with fish, juice and cookies.
  4. Snack: cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, herbal tea with honey.
  5. Buckwheat porridge with grilled mushrooms and vegetables, tea with marshmallows.
  6. At least 2 hours before bedtime can drink a glass of milk with a slice of yesterday’s white bread.

Sometimes it is difficult to optimally pick up your diet in the acidity of the stomach, but the menu should always be established after a full examination and consultation with specialists. A good and proper combination of foods is half the treatment on the road to recovery.