GERD and alcohol — can we drink during treatment

Can I drink alcohol with GERD

The novel asks the doctor.

Hello. I have been a sommelier, wine taster, and for me, alcohol is first and foremost a profession, and practised for many years. Use it sparingly: 1 bottle wine a week, sometimes less, sometimes a little more often. Five years ago I was diagnosed with GERD, after which he underwent treatment with Omeprazole, and my condition has significantly worsened: there was heartburn. Periodically pass courses of treatment, however, after them getting worse: increases and quickens heartburn. I know that in the West position on the effect of alcohol on GERD ambiguous, talking about the reduction in the dose limit, but not a refusal. Here on this site, I haven’t seen any word about alcohol. Tell me please, is it possible to live with GERD and moderate use of wine (strong drink do not drink)?

The response of the doctor on the compatibility of alcohol and GERD

Hello, Roman!

Understand your situation, but if the diagnosis of GERD — alcohol at the time of treatment is completely eliminated. Doesn’t matter — it’s spirits or those that contain less alcohol. Any alcoholic drinks, especially fizzy, provoke an excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid, alcohol even in small quantities constricts blood vessels, which contributes to the deterioration of protective forces of the digestive system.

During an exacerbation is not allowed the use of these drinks. Particularly acidic wine will provoke heartburn and deterioration. In your case, there is a good chance that the wine aggravates the disease itself. When undergoing therapy courses one of the key points in the treatment of GERD is a strict diet with total elimination of any alcoholic beverages.

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What I can advise now:

  • do not try the wine on an empty stomach, before the next tasting, try to eat something;
  • adjust itself diet: eliminate spicy food and all, provoking the secretion of gastric juice;
  • eat small portions but often, the intervals between meals should be at least 2-2. 5 hours, do not overeat;
  • please note, after some food I feel a discomfort in the stomach — try to eliminate these products.