Heartburn after the holidays

Heartburn after the holidays

Oksana asks:

Hello, Olga. Tortured me heartburn. In adolescence I was diagnosed with duodenitis. Now I am 38. Occasionally aching stomach, but lately, very tired. After the holidays it started. Village on a diet — eat only cereals, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, boiled meat and fish. At first nothing, and then begins heartburn, severe regurgitation. Heartburn can redeem seeds. To go to the doctor afraid — afraid to swallow the probe. Can you advise something? Thank you!

The answer of the doctor:

Hello Oksana.

Forced to disappoint you — it is important to be examined fully, and you should start with EGD (fibrogastroduodenoscopy it or functional studies of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine). The procedure unpleasant, but necessary. In case of intolerance or severe reactions to previous study, you can undergo EGD for a fee, find out where the town has a modern new equipment (usually Japanese with a thin probe). Such equipment almost does not cause discomfort, and the procedure is less traumatic and much easier to bear.

At the moment, diet is the most safe and effective treatment for heartburn and belching, which can be assigned to setting up the diagnosis. A trigger in the exacerbation of the disease was an error of nutrition.

It is not known what changes over the years in the body could still happen, so you need to also examine the liver, gallbladder, pancreas. This is done by using General and biochemical blood tests and ultrasound of the abdominal organs.

Nutrition is not only important to limit canned foods, spicy, fatty, smoked and sweet abundance. Eliminate alcohol, strong tea and coffee, concentrated juices and carbonated drinks. Eat small portions preferably at least 6 times during the day, do not cram the night.

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Of the General measures that can help to get rid from the unpleasant symptoms of heartburn — do not wear tight clothes, do not exercise after a meal, fruits and vegetables, eat stewed, baked or 30 minutes before meals.