How long to treat GERD and can it be cured by diet

How long to treat GERD and can it be cured by diet

The user who was presented — MEA, asks the doctor a question.

Hello! 13 years ago was removed the gall bladder after the diagnosis of acute calculous cholecystitis. For a long time was on a diet, a lot of diet expelled. Five years after cholecystectomy, were treated from PHES (postcholecystectomy syndrome). A year ago, again ended up in the hospital with seizures and stomach pain — the diagnosis of cholangitis (chronic pancreatitis). I passed a lot of examinations, including gastroendoscopy. Hydro found neuroticeski gastritis. Was treated, however, it was accepted throughout the year with short breaks choleretic drug «Ursosan» and «she». The pain continued to torment from time to time sick and throw up. A month ago went through HPP, found GERD. Again the treatment. The point of the story is that during HPP endoscopist said that there is a problem with the gatekeeper is not fully closed and the cardiac valve is too gaping. The bile released into the stomach (does not go into the intestine), followed by a terrible pain, comes nausea, vomiting. Rip all eaten with bile. Relief comes only after vomiting. Is sick every day, sometimes a day or two. Lost weight 7-8 kg, with its 58 kg, now I weigh a little more than 50. Diet am strictly on GERD. Some say that with this diagnosis, the medication long term or even lifelong. Is this true and is there a cure for GERD, if you follow long diet and how best to comply? Thank you.

The response of the doctor on the question of MEA

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Hello, MEA.

GERD is a chronic disease that a complete cure can not be. But in many cases it is possible to achieve persistent long-term remission (the period of the disease without relapses).

You need to try.

  1. First, remove the cause, which leads to the appearance of symptoms (pain, nausea, heartburn).
  2. Second, the correct way of life is an important factor that many people ignore.

Removal of the gallbladder, due to which there are other diseases of the digestive system (cholangitis, pancreatitis) — one of the possible fundamental factors of GERD. Normally, the bile must be accumulated in the gallbladder, while eating it in small portions allocated for processing food. Without this body, it enters the small intestine almost immediately. In excess it starts to work for the next bodies. Under its action weaken the sphincter is a circular muscle at the border of the esophagus and stomach as well as stomach and duodenal ulcers.

With regard to the treatment of GERD — it is almost lifelong.


Proper diet. It is not only the exclusion of many dishes, but also other important moments.

  1. The magnification power. In GERD it is a key rule. There is a need at least five or six times a day. Try to eat at the same time to accustom the body to the development of bile in certain periods. It is a heavy long work, which over time will significantly improve your health.
  2. Small portions is another important point. If the earlier portions were big — now they need to share at least half. The last meal should be no later than two hours before bedtime.
  3. You can’t go to sleep or just relax on a full stomach — it is also weakens the sphincter. After a meal at least 30 minutes do not need to take a horizontal position and especially in sports (prohibited even a light jog).
  4. Do not bend after meals, not wearing tight clothes, corsets and girdles.
  5. Do not overeat. Holiday eating should be minimal.
  6. Food should be warm, hot and cold are excluded.
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As for products that you can or cannot eat — it is a strict diet during a flare-up with a small relief in the period of remission.

  1. No alcohol, coffee and strong tea also exclude. You can drink herbal teas, diluted juices, fruit drinks, jelly, milk, yogurt, plain water. Carbonated and colored drinks eliminate, they irritate the stomach.
  2. From the first dishes you cannot use sauté, preference nenavisti vegetable broths, cereal and milk soups.
  3. Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables during a flare. They come in baked, boiled and stewed.
  4. Sweets on an empty stomach is impossible, try to consume them in limited quantities and only after a meal. Honey also irritate.
  5. Fatty foods eat limited quantities (they stimulate the secretion of bile), do not forget that not only pork, beef and lamb belong to the category of fat, dairy products also have a high percentage of fat. But absolutely no fatty foods not — they are also needed by the body (20-30 g per day).
  6. Dairy products need to be more careful with age, not all of them is processed that the body can also react to poor health. Have the power to present cheese, yogurt, milk products.
  7. Do not enter into the diet of porridge and quick cooking.
  8. Bread can wheat and rye, preference for yesterday’s.
  9. You can lean varieties of fish.
  10. Excluded if exacerbation of GERD difficult for the body products: mushrooms, barley, cream, fatty cheese. Do not eat canned food.

All these General rules, which can vary depending on conditions and how the body tolerates certain foods.