How to drink water in GERD

How to drink water in GERD

Tanya asks the doctor.

Hello! I have a superficial gastritis and GERD (erosive esophagitis). Went to rehab, appointed by the diet, but it says that water can not drink between meals. Question — how to make water? Can water change the acidity of gastric juice? — in my youth I had a reduced acidity. Thank you.

The response of the doctor on the influence of water on GERD

Hello, Tanya!

Water no specific restrictions in GERD. Another thing, if you had lowered the acidity. Water though not for long, but still it can additionally reduce. Then drink plain water better in small portions after at least 30 minutes after eating. It is important to drink warm water after a cold or hot liquid can cause heartburn.

In diseases of the esophagus and stomach ordinary water as available improvised means are used to reduce heartburn, then it is better to drink before or after a meal at least half an hour. To limit you need carbonated water because the bubbles irritate the esophagus and stomach. Mineral water it is important to choose carefully. It needs to be aerated, and the indications for use (usually stated in the abstract) need to be recommendations of the disease of the digestive system.

Another rule is to after drinking water there should not be any physical activity:

  • not to drink during sports, it is better to use water after a workout;
  • after drinking the liquid (and, in General, on a full stomach) not to bend down to tie the laces on the shoes — this will lead to additional pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, the weakening of which is a frequent cause of GERD.
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    Any controversial issues in the diet and drinking beverages always discuss with your doctor.