Is there a cure for GERD if you get rid of its causes

Is there a cure for GERD if you get rid of its causes

Irina asks:

Hello! Would like to know a little about my problem. I have diagnosed with GERD with esophagitis, but not in an aggravated form. Although the diagnosis on gastroscopy — gastro-duodenal reflux. I thought it was not the same. And a lot of bile in the stomach. I now suffer heartburn sometimes it passes, but a tickle in the throat. And, at times, there are burning and the lump in my throat. I have, as said on gastroscopy, GERD caused by gastrointestinal dysmotility and severe stress, as I am now in a state of neurosis. Tell me, can I have a yoghurt and some fruit? And, the main question is whether I can cure GERD, heal if you want and get rid of stress? Can this again sphincter to close completely, i.e., kardia? Thank you!

The answer of the doctor:

Good afternoon, Irina!

Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is a chronic disease. This means that to completely get rid of such a process is almost impossible. All chronic diseases proceed with periods of exacerbation, the maximum manifestations of the disease, and remission time without exacerbation. To get rid of them is difficult, but in your power to keep the disease under long-term remission.

How to achieve this? You need to take a full long course of treatment, affecting not only the cause of the disease, but also on all related manifestations of the process. Followed within a few weeks, switch to a maintenance dose. In addition, it is important to be annually observed by therapists, passing examinations, regardless of health. And most importantly — prevention. In a period of frequent exacerbations (this is usually spring and autumn) you need to respect the General principles of prevention that relate to lifestyle and diet.

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If you cure the GERD, getting rid of stress and improving motor function of the gastrointestinal tract? — no, a full recovery will not be. You can achieve persistent long-term remission, then the disease will be forgotten not only for months but for years. But this does not mean that the GERD will not have an effect. Stress will have to fight, if not pay attention to them — the disease will only worsen.

As for the food — yogurt is possible. But there are features:

  • you can’t eat them on an empty stomach;
  • choose these foods the average percentage of fat (not 5% and 1%);
  • if the body responds to such product heartburn — don’t eat them in the period of exacerbations.
  • Fruits and vegetables can be eaten, but during treatment, only baked and boiled, occasionally you can pamper yourself not sour fresh berries.

    Full restoration of the sphincter, perhaps it all depends on the stage of development of the process and your relationship to your health.