Sports nutrition and bodybuilding classes in GERD

Sports nutrition and bodybuilding classes in GERD

Eugene asks.

Hello, dear Ms. Alenkina. Recently, I joined the ranks of suffering from GERD. I do Amateur bodybuilding and the disease is largely influenced by my classes, because food occupies a very important place in this sport. Until recently I was using BCAAs (which I understand is unacceptable, especially in the period of exacerbation), and whey protein. Had to reduce the intensity of your workouts, reduce weight, give up — hope, from crunches and sit-UPS. Question: is it possible to further the use of proteins and amino acids, and, over time, to return to full training the legs and the press? Thanks in advance, Eugene.

The answer of the doctor.

Hello, Eugene.

Lesson Amateur bodybuilding and eating extra protein and amino acids is not contraindicated in GERD. But this food could cause the development of the disease because of weight gain.

Excess weight leads to a redistribution of the internal organs (often the excess protein is converted to fat tissue). The abdominal muscles and fat pushing on the stomach and thereby weaken the functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter (it is a circular muscle between the stomach and esophagus due to the weakness which develops GERD). Muscle misses the food back from the stomach into the esophagus and the person feels a burning chest pain and other symptoms of this disease. Therefore, doctors often recommend to lose weight while progression of the disease.

Another reason could be improper diet: eating food or fluid before or during exercise that also relaxes the circular muscle.

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Now you can swing the muscles of the arms and legs, but not create stress on the abdominal organs. You need to take a full course of treatment, and then proceed to maintenance therapy. A month after the end of treatment is examination of the esophagus (EGD). If the inflammatory process will decrease or disappear — you can enter the load gradually. In case of any deterioration, consult your doctor.