What food eat to avoid heartburn during physical activity

What food eat to avoid heartburn during physical activity

Alexander asks:

Hello! Advise what food to take for lunch to avoid heartburn during exercise — working Builder. Week ate for lunch, buckwheat, the problem has not disappeared.

Another question, for several years take Ranitidine symptoms of heartburn, other means do not help. Advise some drug to replace Ranitidine.

Thank you.

The answer of the doctor:

Hello, Alexander.

In Your case any food will cause discomfort. The cause of heartburn is physical exertion after a meal. Doesn’t matter this running, jumping or lifting weights or bending the torso forwards. While on a full stomach creates extra pressure of the abdomen, which weakens the lower esophageal sphincter — a circular muscle between the esophagus and the stomach. Food or stomach acid come back up into the esophagus is a heartburn. A little will ease the burning sensation in the chest not a specific dish, and General principles of conduct:

  • try not to overeat, eat small portions;
  • possible for 15-20 minutes after lunch, do not perform any exercise or heavy work;
  • in the food give preference to boiled, boiled, baked dishes.
  • do not drink large amounts of water just a few SIPS;
  • exclude acute, smoked, fatty foods, it often causes heartburn.
  • As for medicines, I would like to clarify: what are the drugs used? You write that other means do not help. What? Ranitidine can be replaced with modern more effective drugs. But you need to at least know the diagnosis. Treatment must be approached comprehensively. Try a substance from the group of proton pump inhibitors (Pantoprazole, Esomeprazole) and antacids (aluminium phosphate gel, Almagel Neo) long course at least a month. Treatment together with proper nutrition will help to get rid of symptoms of heartburn.

    But the best option is to pass a full examination and consult with your doctor.

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