What to do for heartburn in nursing mothers

What to do for heartburn in nursing mothers

Elena nursing mother and she asked how she could get rid of heartburn.

The answer of the doctor

Hello, Elena.

To know how to fight the disease, we must first put the correct diagnosis. Pregnant women often heartburn due to physiological reasons: changes in the level of hormones and the displacement of the bodies due to the growing uterus. But after childbirth this symptom should disappear.

Heartburn is a frequent symptom of many diseases of the digestive system. So first pass minimum tests:

  • common tests;
  • biochemical analysis;
  • fibrogastroduodenoscopy;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity.
  • Until such time as the diagnosis will be installed you can accept only General measures.

    1. Try to organize your diet: eat small portions at least five times a day. Late-night snacking and eating before bed, try to avoid.
    2. Exclude from food all irritating the esophagus and stomach products (if you haven’t already): sodas, coffee, spicy food and seasonings, fried and acidic foods, garlic and onions fresh, chocolate, cakes and pies.
    3. After a meal do not lie down to sleep — horizontal position will result in heartburn.
    4. Do not make big breaks between meals. If you are walking with a child away — take food with you.

    These are General measures that will help the condition. In the period of breast-feeding drugs are taken in extreme cases. Allowed to use in this period alginates some antacids. But they can be assigned only to the attending physician after diagnosis.

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