Gymnastics with the ovarian cyst: tips and advice

Ciscos of the ovary is a disease that affects mostly young nulliparous women. However, other women under the age of 50 years are also at risk. In this disease is assigned to laparoscopy (removal of cyst), which is less invasive than conventional surgery.

Picture of the disease

Cysts (abnormal cavity) is a result of improper functioning of body cells. Is the overgrowth of cells from the endometrium that go beyond the boundaries of the inner layer of the walls. In this case not to do without surgical intervention. If this is not done, there is an increase in uterus and ovary, which ultimately can lead to infertility.

To understand what is laparoscopy the cyst and the complexity of recovery after it, you need to consider in detail the procedure of these operations.

The procedure of laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is a method of surgery that has many advantages over the classic surgical treatment. It differs from traditional themes, instead of the cut, made a small puncture of the abdominal cavity, which is filled with carbon dioxide. Then the cavity introduces a laparoscope with an attached camera. The standard duration is about one hour. When a plurality of defects, the procedure may be longer. Most often the patient after carrying out of a laparoscopy are discharged within a few days. However, even a quick recovery is not an indication for early physical activity and return to sports.

Recovery after the procedure

A few hours after laparoscopy ovarian cyst the patient can get up and walk if there are no comments on her condition. In other cases, allowed to take only days later after the operation, and walk – on the third day. The stitches are removed on average in a week.

Maximum limitation of physical activity and exercise is set at two to three weeks. Fully prohibited the lifting and heavy housework. You need to avoid all exercises which cause high tension of the abdominals, including sexual contact.

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After laparoscopy ovarian cyst optimal early recovery of physical shape is regular walking. First, at a short distance, then farther and farther.

Although laparoscopy cyst trauma is low, be careful still stands. Even getting the easiest exercise, and stress, you must consult a expert who will point out possible complications or lack thereof. The best variant of restoration after surgery is in physical therapy with a qualified coach.

Helps to recover women who had undergone ovarian laparoscopy, respiratory gymnastics, which is based on diaphragmatic breathing. During these sessions the legs should be bent at the knees. It is also advisable to do exercises a bracing effect. For example, heel slides on the bed or a simulated walk in the supine position. The property is recommended to perform several sets in a day.

A few days later you need to add exercise in a sitting position. They are also intended for General strengthening. You can enter into the program of exercises on light torso twists, and in addition to the regular walking exercise walking the stairs. In cases where the operation occurred in the winter season, can be skiing. But the main thing is not to overdo it.

Only after 3 weeks after laparoscopy cysts (with successful recovery), a woman can return to normal for her loads.

The same should happen gradually and return to sport. During this period, you can start to swim.

It should be noted that breathing exercises are useful in absolutely any period after laparoscopy. Bring a lot of benefits and gymnastic exercises with a stick and a rubber bandage. It is important to perform selected exercises at least two times a day – each exercise 10 – 15 times during the approach.

Sport after gynecological surgery

Modern operations are much different from the past. So, if laparoscopy is used cysts more advanced anesthesiology and pain medicine, new techniques and technologies. But the environment, with adverse environmental conditions and intense social-psychological environment adversely affect the condition of women in the postoperative period. That is why physical exercise is not only not contraindicated after laparoscopy cysts, but rather are a necessary condition for correct recovery. A special set of exercises allows you to warn of some postoperative complications, prevent recurrence of diseases of the ovary, and to eliminate functional disorders.

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First of all, special exercises help to minimize the possibility of formation of adhesions; to prevent obesity; to improve the endocrine, cardiovascular and digestive systems. It has a huge positive effect on the entire body and well-being of women undergoing laparoscopy ovarian cyst.

The complex of exercises must be agreed with specialists in physical therapy. It is formed in connection with several factors:

  • the age of the patient;
  • the presence of comorbidities;
  • the volumes of surgical intervention and trauma during surgery.

Sport in the early postoperative period

The first exercise is intended for prevention of possible complications (the stagnation in the bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular systems, brain, atony of the bladder and intestines, etc.). In addition, the complex sports improves blood and lymph circulation in the body (especially in the wound area). It promotes rapid healing and scarring of tissues. Due to the physical exercises from the body for shorter term are derived narcotic substances, as well as improved psycho-emotional condition of the patient.

You should not resort to physical exercise, if there is a risk of bleeding, formation of thrombosis and with severe anemia due to blood loss during surgery. If there is respiratory failure, problems with the cardiovascular system and acute thrombophlebitis, you need to be very careful with physical activity.

As already mentioned, in the first day, you can perform a special breathing exercises every hour. Also useful in this period, intercostal massage for better expectoration and prevention of stagnation in the lungs. Enough 5 minute massages at a few approaches a day. Recommended and light General developmental dynamic exercises for the legs and arms.

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To avoid the formation of blood clots the legs is recommended to be bandaged with an elastic bandage to speed up the movement of blood through the deep veins.

Every day in the early postoperative period motor mode women expands. Shown to perform special exercises for various muscle groups and joints of the pelvis. It increases the amplitude of movements, the complexity of the exercises and the pace of their implementation.

The late postoperative period, and playing sports

At the late postoperative stage of sports designed to help prevent the formation of adhesions, strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and anterior wall of the abdominal cavity, as well as bracing for impact and adaptation to a normal social conditions.

Late recovery period takes 4 to 6 months. After healing and removal of the sutures patients can start training in the gym. During exercise you can use resistance bands and exercise balls. For maximum and lasting effect of the complex of physical exercises must be performed systematically.

The physical factor is quite weighty in the complex of rehabilitation measures in the postoperative period. However, always consider the individuality of each medical case.

In General, the rehabilitation exercise is important and necessary for all women who were exposed to laparoscopy cysts, and any other gynecological surgery. It is also important not to leave sports after the recovery of the postoperative period, and continue to do exercises to prevent recurrence of the disease.