Birth control pills Regulon: how to take

Birth control pills Regulon are an effective means of contraception: a combination of ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel suppresses synthesis of follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones. Synthetic hormones have an effect, aimed not only to suppress ovulation but also to change the composition of cervical mucus, which hinders the penetration of sperm into the cervical canal and the uterus.

In addition to the contraceptive action, the Regulon has therapeutic properties: some hormone-dependent disease withdrew after the correction hormonal levels in 70% of cases.

In some cases, appoint Regulon

Instructions for use indicates the rational use of drug with estrogen-progestogen action to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In gynecological practice Regulon is also used for the correction of hormonal background, the menstrual cycle and treat conditions such as:

  1. uterine fibroids;
  2. dysmenorrhea;
  3. endometriosis;
  4. adenomyosis;
  5. cysts in ovaries and Breasts.

Regulon is also shown for functional uterine bleeding, lack of progesterone after artificial abortion.

Regulon allows you to reduce the severity of premenstrual syndrome, painful sensations in the breast, the abdomen and in the lumbar region, to reduce the amount of menstrual flow, to clean the skin from acne.

A regulon provides almost 100% contraceptive effect when properly applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pass contraceptive requires immediate admission of additional doses of drug or use local contraception. Combined monophasic action of the drug depends on the method of application and the reasons for which he was appointed.

Adaptation period when using the Regulon on average lasts about 3 months. At this time, see hormonal changes, which can manifest in the form of intermenstrual bleeding. They are not the reason for the cancellation of the medicine. After this period, the hormonal balance is harmonized, and continued taking synthetic hormones was not serious. However, in the case of prolonged abnormal discharge from the vagina, consultation of gynecologist is mandatory.

The excitement also cause absence of menstruation after the course of pills. Monthly can come later. Amenorrhea may indicate pregnancy, if there were violations of the patterns of use of the drug.

Method of application

To ensure a reliable contraceptive effect Regulon must be taken from the beginning of the menstrual cycle, i.e. from the first day of the menstrual secretions. Acceptable is the delay to 5 days. In the first 7 days requires barrier methods of protection (condoms). It should be noted that the calendar method of contraception is unreliable: the risk of pregnancy is quite high.

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Regulon drink for 21-day period followed by a break of 7 days. In a seven-day break should undergo menstruation (usually after 2 – 3 days after discontinuation of the drug). Spotting testify to the expiration of contraceptives. In spite of breakthrough bleeding, contraceptive effect lasts up to 28 day menstrual cycle. Day 29 Regulon take from a new package.

The rules of admission

The contraceptive and therapeutic effects of Regulon depends on the scheme and duration of admission:

  1. If earlier the woman was taking hormone preparations-systemic, when they go to Regulon contraceptive continue to take in accordance with the scheme (21 day admission plus a week break). This rule applies to combined monophasic preparations. In the absence of omissions of the Regulon remains sufficient contraceptive effect. In this case, does not require additional protective measures in the form of local contraception.
  2. The combined drug is taken any day of the cycle without fear of getting pregnant, if you change the delay of acceptance did not exceed one day. Scanty menses or lack of them in the first month after taking Regulon is a normal physiological reaction of the organism to hormonal changes. If there is no menstruation for a prolonged period (over 2 months), verify the absence of pregnancy.
  3. If there is a pregnancy while taking Regulon, the reason for serious excitement, no data on negative influence of contraceptives on the developing fetus today does not exist. However, on this circumstance you must inform your doctor if you wish to continue the pregnancy.
  4. If necessary to delay menstruation, Regulon take a 7-day interval; no more than 3 consecutive months, to prevent side effects. These same recommendations hold and in the case where the receive circuit of the Regulon have been violated. Questions about how much you drink tablets, and what the likely consequences after the cancellation of Regulon, discuss with your doctor.
  5. After the abortion, curettage of the uterus as a result of the frozen fruit contraceptives begin to take per day ongoing manipulations to prevent a new pregnancy and to restore the altered hormonal function of the reproductive system. Birth control pills Regulon contribute to the restoration of the wound surface, prevention of inflammatory processes and other unpleasant effects due to anabolic action of hormones. Therefore, the drug often prescribed for endometriosis, for the treatment of cysts. How many days should I take hormones, and what decides the attending physician individually depending on the detected pathology.
  6. After delivery the medication can be taken not earlier than 3 weeks in the absence of breastfeeding. If the recommended period is exceeded, the measures of additional protection use is mandatory.
  7. Pass the pill more than 12 hours requires correction regimens. After 24 hours of missing a pill you need to drink a double dose as early as possible, and then go to the usual scheme. This recommendation is acceptable to the first and second week of the menstrual cycle. If the pill was missed in the third week, continued use of contraceptive continue without 7 – day break. Otherwise, you will need additional protection measures to prevent pregnancy.
  8. Normal period after the cancellation occur after 1 – 3 days. If your period came a little later after the Regulon, is also considered a sign of normal. The absence of menstrual flow for a long time, or Vice versa, heavy periods, disturbing circumstances requiring additional consultation in order to avoid dangerous consequences. Delay after the cancellation of Regulon may indicate a hormonal imbalance, inflammatory processes in reproductive organs, Oncology.
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The intake of synthetic analogues of sex hormones is a serious interference in a woman’s body that causes a change in natural hormone levels. The use of hormonal means should be preceded by a consultation of a gynecologist (endocrinologist) and submission of the necessary tests to determine the level of hormones in the blood.

There are situations when the use of synthetic hormones is contraindicated:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • the post-Natal period (minimum 3 weeks);
  • aggravation of endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, and others);
  • heavy heart disease, liver and kidney;
  • tendency to thrombosis (hereditary factor);
  • uterine bleeding unclear etiology;
  • individual hypersensitivity of the body to receive synthetic hormones;
  • severe allergic reaction;
  • hormone-dependent neoplasms;
  • mental illness.

Not all these factors are absolute contraindications to the use of hormones. At elimination of precipitating factors and additional examination, the woman may continue to take hormonal agent.

Side effects

In the absence of contraindications to the use of synthetic hormones unpleasant effects are rare. Mostly complications arise in the presence of systemic diseases, uncontrolled reception of tablets exceeding the recommended dose.

The most common side effects include:

  • increase in blood pressure;
  • the risk of heart attack, stroke;
  • blood clots in veins and arteries;
  • partial loss of hearing and vision;
  • disorder of motor activity (acute chorea);
  • uterine breakthrough bleeding;
  • vaginal discharge after the cancellation of Regulon mixed with blood;
  • absence of menstruation for several months;
  • uncontrolled increase in appetite and body weight;
  • violation of lipid metabolism (bile flow);
  • spontaneous allocation molokopodobnye liquid from the breast;
  • soreness, engorgement;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • the changing microbial landscape of the vagina (activation of fungi);
  • involvement of the gastrointestinal tract, including the phenomena of dyspepsia;
  • hyperpigmentation of the skin due to increased production of pigment;
  • allergic rash, transient erythema;
  • swelling of the face, upper and lower extremities;
  • emotional instability (aggression, depression).
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Hormonal contraception in the form of preparations of systemic action has proved effective for over a decade. Pronounced contraceptives and the therapeutic effect observed in case of rational use of hormones, lack of contraindications. Preliminary diagnosis of the organism, consultation of the gynecologist and the compliance with its recommendations to prevent the risk of possible complications.