Can I drink alcohol during menstruation?

Active production of progesterone during menstruation contributes to changes in hormonal levels: concerned about premenstrual syndrome, unusual taste, increased appetite. The body tries to compensate for the deficiency of serotonin – the hormone of joy, one source of which is alcohol. Therefore, the question of whether to drink alcohol during pregnancy, it is highly relevant in this period.

Coffee, chocolate and some other foods also contain this substance, but their excessive use during menstruation can affect not only digestion, but also to worsen the emotional state, reduces performance.

The impact of harmful products at period of menstruation

During menstruation particularly sensitive is not only a reproductive system, but also the whole female body. Hormonal changes can affect health. Therefore, it is important during menstruation to provide a gentle routine and diet.

Products containing large quantities of cholesterol, easily digestible sugar, preservatives, dietary supplements, be included in the diet of many people. The use of “bad” foods has no significant effect on the body if it’s small. However, systematic administration of non-recommended foods, strict diets, bad habits are capable of inflicting a severe blow on the body:

  1. The greatest danger during menstruation is alcohol. Alcohol causes the dilation of blood vessels, directly affecting the character of the menstrual discharge. Vasodilator effect all spirits, regardless of their type. There is a perception that red wine during menstruation increases the hemoglobin, has a positive effect on the hematopoietic system, prevents anemia. However, the source of iron there may be other products: red meat, beef and chicken liver, buckwheat, pomegranate juice. Women who are familiar with severe premenstrual syndrome, suffering from profuse menstruation should refrain from drinking alcohol in any form.
  2. During the period the food must be balanced: there are plenty of healthy foods that contain serotonin, iron, magnesium, calcium and other substances necessary for the functioning of all body systems. Diet for menstruation involves the use of products containing proteins of animal and vegetable origin, cereals, herbs, vegetables and fruits.
    1. In the period of menstruation should eat lean meat varieties: chicken, Turkey, rabbit. These products represent a high energy value and at the same time not contain excess calories.
    2. Vegetables should be eaten raw, boiled, stewed or baked form. Allowed to eat during menstruation are those vegetables that are rapidly digested, do not cause fermentation in the gut and flatulence. From the cabbage, beans should be abandoned, as they increase flatulence typical for the period of menstruation. These recommendations adhere to when selecting fruit. Source of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids are fruits like kiwi, apricots, apples, cherries, pomegranate, citrus.
    3. Slimming woman who does not adhere to expert recommendations on healthy eating, can become a victim of anorexia. The lack of necessary substances to the body provokes hypotonia, apathy, decreased performance, emotional instability, absence of menstruation for several menstrual cycles.

      Drinking regime

      Special attention during the month should be given a sufficient amount of liquid. You need to drink plenty of water (at least 1.5 l per day) to replenish fluid loss during menstruation. The liquid contains also in food, this should be remembered when determining the daily volume.

      Herbal teas have a therapeutic effect during menstruation. Medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory, diuretic, hemostatic properties, reduce the marked clinical manifestations of premenstrual syndrome, and blood loss. What herbs can be taken during pregnancy without harm to health, should tell a physician: internist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist.

      To prevent heavy blood loss during menstruation gynecologists recommend taking the decoctions of these plants, such as:

      • Kalina;
      • nettle;
      • wild rose;
      • knotweed;
      • Melisa;
      • mint;
      • yarrow;
      • oregano;
      • onion peel.

      A decoction made from 1 tsp. dry raw material and 250 ml of water, take in the form of tea a quarter Cup 3 times a day. Herbal teas can be alternated and berries to prepare fruit drinks.

      Balanced diet, abstinence from harmful products and habits, adequate drinking regime allow you to minimize the unpleasant symptoms characteristic of the period of menstruation. Compliance with the recommendations of a nutritionist, gynecologist and other specialists is essential when losing weight.

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