Can you get pregnant with ovarian cyst diagnosis and removal of tumors

Stress, hard work, environmental conditions – all this cannot but affect the body. The disease is found most often unexpectedly. Sometimes during the examination the woman is diagnosed with tumor. It may not always be a barrier to conceive a child, but almost every woman thought creeps in, and can you get pregnant with ovarian cyst?

Types of cystic neoplasms

The characteristics of tumors will be:

  • severe pain in the abdomen;
  • irregular menstruation, the cycle is broken (a valid delay value – 2 – 3 days);
  • dizziness, nausea after sexual intimacy and physical exhaustion;
  • frequent urination;
  • high temperature;
  • bloated stomach;
  • hypotension, hypertension;
  • the dramatic weight reduction.

Types of cysts:

  • The follicular. When the follicle bursts and the egg enters the abdominal cavity, forms a follicular cyst. Cause: failure in the hormonal field. The cyst disappears or herself, or due to medication. If it grows more than eight inches, then it is removed.
  • Pravarasena. When the appendage of the ovary accumulates a secret, then grows paraovarian cyst. It can go undetected until examined by the doctor. There are complications when the menstrual cycle slips. It is not excluded abscess formation. The cyst is removed by the method of valesiana.
  • Endometrioid. There is a disease – endometriosis, when endometrial tissue beyond. Thus, in the ovarian endometriotic cyst grows. Often asymptomatic, may leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle and cause infertility. Treat such education or medicine, or do a laparoscopy and remove the cyst (or the entire ovary).

If you experience any of the above symptoms, then you need not wasting time to go and be examined. The doctor will prescribe:

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  • a blood test for hormones;
  • Ultrasound;
  • computed tomography;
  • laparoscopy.

Ectopic pregnancy during the inspection is very similar to the symptoms of the cyst. The doctor will recommend to take a pregnancy test or ultrasound done in order to eliminate a dangerous condition.

Cystic tumors of different types

  • A follicular cyst. With this type of conception is only possible when formed from two follicles. One of them becomes a cyst, the other fertilized. On the background of the changes in hormonal background the tumor sometimes resolves itself within 1 – 3 months. If the cyst persists, that watching her without good reason do not touch. Cyst size greater than 5 centimeters. If a hormonal background in norm, no diseases other plan and the cyst is small, then under these conditions, the conception is possible. But it is better to err. How? When planning a pregnancy, you need to pass these doctors:
    • endocrinologist;
    • therapist;
    • gynecologist.

It should also be tested for hormones and undergo ultrasound.

  • Paraovarian cyst. If the cyst allows to pass to the egg the sperm and does not affect ovulation and maturation of oocytes, pregnancy is possible.
  • Endometrioid cyst. That’s when the pregnancy is almost impossible, so it is with endometriotic cyst. Failure of the menstrual cycle and the diagnosis of infertility – effects of tumors.

When thinking about your next pregnancy, then a visit to the gynecologist and the passage of the complete examination is very important. Upon detection of the diseases need to be treated.

When ovarian cyst can be pregnant, but to carry dangerous. If the cyst is growing, it may require surgery to remove it.

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Diagnosis and removal of tumors

A cyst that is blocking the work of the organs, pressing on them, requires a speedy removal. Doctor performs a laparoscopy and take a decision about the necessity of removing the cyst.

For pregnant women with diagnosed cyst is monitored. Surgical intervention will be performed only if there is a threat to the fetus:

  • Rupture of the cyst.
  • Torsion legs of education.
  • Necrosis of the cyst.
  • The rapid growth of education.

The possibility of conceiving a child

In 50% of cases pregnancy after laparoscopy comes. Each subsequent year minus 10% chance to get pregnant.

It is better to get rid of the cyst before pregnancy. No doctor will agree that the treatment of the cyst has no impact on conception. It is possible to conceive, and yet some complications can not be avoided. Menstrual cycle after taking hormonal drugs is broken. Months need to restore it. If the cyst has grown and the ovary has to removed, then the probability of getting pregnant decreases.

After removal of the ovarian cyst the doctor advised to avoid any physical labor and sex life throughout the month. To plan conception is possible after 2 – 6 months. Before that you need to visit a gynecologist for diagnosis. The probability to give birth safely is about 85%.

Timely access to a doctor with minimal discomfort or inflammation will help to prevent the development of tumors.

  1. The first is to follow a diet. You cannot eat fried or spicy and too salty or smoked. About alcohol to forget at all. You need to eat small portions, but as often as possible – about ten meals. Meals are prepared in the oven or steamed. Fresh juices and berry fruit drinks will have a positive impact. It is important to observe the principle of variety and nutrition, and a doctor needs to prescribe vitamins.
  2. The second is the implementation of all physician orders. This will increase the chances of conception, reduce the risk of miscarriage.
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It is not necessary to lower hands. Believe the long-awaited miracle will happen. When pregnancy? A lot depends on women, who must follow all the doctor’s advice.