Douching with a yeast infection at home: how to do it and what you can douche

How to conduct douching with a yeast infection? Thrush or candidiasis is the most common gynecological disease, it is infectious in nature, it can disappear and appear often enough. Gynecologist appoints drug therapy, but also effective is douching, which can be done at home. Before using this procedure, you should consult with a specialist who will tell you how to douche and what a solution it is better to use in a particular case.

Douching is an effective procedure used in gynecology for treatment of many diseases.


Douching gives a positive result only together with the complex therapy, and medication. Gynecologist after examination must conclude and appoint all necessary measures of treatment. Douching is rinsing the vagina with liquid medicaments or herbal decoctions. All the recommendation makes only a specialist, to self-medicate is not necessary, can have unpleasant consequences even in this simple method of treatment.

To ensure that the procedure is successful, you should consider all the details and features, namely:

  1. Before douching the genitals must be washed to eliminate the ingress of bacteria inside.
  2. This procedure is more effective if done before going to sleep.
  3. Decoctions and herbal solutions should be normal temperature, in the opposite case of infectious disease will only exacerbate its development.
  4. Syringe with candidiasis give good results only in combination therapy.
  5. Use this method only with the appointment of the expert.

To douche with a yeast infection without the recommendations of the expert otherwise it could get deeper infection that needs a longer treatment.

The method of irrigation, has its own peculiarities in the procedure, therefore it is important to get all the advice of a gynecologist, and carefully read the instructions to the solution or drug drug.


Is it possible to douche without consulting a doctor? An important issue that needs professional response. Single procedure to eliminate the unpleasant symptom can be if a person is confident in their health. Otherwise, hidden gynecological problems can exacerbate a developing illness.

There are also a number of contraindications that must be considered before beginning therapy:

  1. If regular douching without medical advice, it is possible to significantly reduce the protective mechanisms of the body. In this case, he will be vulnerable to pathogenic bacteria, viruses and infections. The microflora of the vagina are very sensitive, so along with the dangerous bacteria can be flushed and the good bacteria. As a preventive action, the principle of treatment is not used.
  2. Before beginning treatment it is important to determine the cause of the yeast infection, because quite often it is disturbed intestinal microflora causes the unpleasant signs and symptoms of the disease.
  3. To self-medicate, to extend the course of therapy is impossible without a preliminary visit to the specialist.
  4. If erosive lesions of the uterus and vagina, this procedure is contraindicated because it can lead only to the development of larger pathology.
  5. Before visit to the gynecologist it is impossible to douche, because of the inaccuracy of diagnostic tests.
  6. The procedure is dangerous in pregnancy.
  7. Women should also be careful, because age-related changes make many adjustments in the structural tissue of the genital organs.
  8. The presence of inflammatory lesions during the menstrual cycle do not engage in any intervention.
  9. After birth, abortion the uterus and the whole reproductive system is quite vulnerable and susceptible to dangerous infections.
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Douching is a productive method for thrush if you follow all the rules and take into account contraindications to use.

Candidiasis is a disease that is triggered by a group of fungal microbes. The treatment of this disease consists in a comprehensive approach, douching is part of therapy.

The rules of procedure

How to do douching with a yeast infection, is an important aspect which determines the efficiency of the whole procedure. This procedure, despite its simplicity, has certain rules. It is also important to remember that for different types of the disease the procedure douching may vary.

It is possible to allocate the following General recommendations:

  • you can only use new pear;
  • removable nozzle and the pear must undergo heat treatment regularly;
  • remedy or solution needs to be prescribed by a gynecologist;
  • the amount of liquid should not exceed 300 ml.

At home douching carried bag with special nozzles, in a medical facility, use a device Esmarch. The second option is more efficient, but to make such a self-douching with a yeast infection at home difficult. Initially, the procedure is recommended twice a day, but it depends on the course and complexity of the pathology. The total number of procedures can be up to 10.

If there are doubts in correctness of carrying out douching, it is better to seek help to the doctor. Because the correct use and application of all depends on the effectiveness of treatment. The procedure must be done carefully to avoid damage to the mucous membranes, should be after the soak. The symptoms should pass within 7-8 days, otherwise you should visit a gynecologist. May be a likelihood that the yeast infection is just a symptom of an infectious disease or the treatment was incorrect.

Observing all the rules of the procedure, the yeast infection will disappear, and douching will remain the most effective tool in the fight against the disease.

The funds for the procedure during a yeast infection

In most cases with a yeast infection recommended drugs and remedies that have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating. Such drugs need medical recommendations for self-treatment of possible complications.

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The most frequent use of the following medications:

  1. A solution of peroxide, a common purpose, the tool has antiseptic properties and is most effective against pathogenic bacteria. This remedy helps to get rid of Intrusive symptoms, signs of disease.
  2. Furatsilin will also help eliminate the symptoms of thrush, but it will not correct the underlying cause of the disease.
  3. Potassium permanganate for thrush is a good antiseptic, which must be applied carefully and in accordance with all instructions of the expert. The prepared solution should be a light shade and not have even the smallest particles of potassium permanganate. If you neglect this procedure, it is possible severe burns of mucous membranes.
  4. Boric acid affects the acidity of the vagina, which is the cause of the disease.
  5. Help perfect for syringing and wiping the genital organs during the disease.
  6. Douching with baking soda with a yeast infection most popular home remedy. Treatment for goiter, but the duration of therapy should not exceed more than 7 – 8 days.

The above-mentioned tools is only a small part of all possible solutions and medications used in this disease.

The use of any drug should be done under the guidance of a doctor, because of possible hypersensitivity.

By douching with herbal decoction

Increasingly in the treatment of yeast infection women prefer decoctions of medicinal herbs, which have identical properties with drugs that only have natural basis.

The most commonly used herbs:

  • chamomile doctoral;
  • yarrow;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • calendula.

As well as many other herbs which are used in various mixtures. Use of multiple drugs will enhance effectiveness. Recipes of traditional medicine has always been accurate and effective, the main thing is get the advice of a gynecologist. Because some herbal teas can have side effects or individual intolerance.

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Do not get involved in this type of treatment, even traditional medicine has its contraindications. Use herbal teas for douching is required 2 times a day. Carefully monitor the temperature of the solution, and carefully strain the broth from small particles of plants.

Douching is an effective means for the treatment of gynecological disorders, which is used in medicine today. The correct application and particularities of the procedure the patient can tell the doctor during your appointment.

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