Estrovel: composition of the drug, indications, method of application

Estrovel relates to biologically active additives, which gynecologists recommend taking women after 40 years to prevent early menopause, eliminate the unpleasant symptoms associated with the extinction of the reproductive function during the period of premenopause.

Among the wide variety of products, phytoestrogens, the most popular, Estravel. The composition of the drug includes not only plant components but also the vitamin complex required to maintain the female body during hormonal changes.

What components are part of Estravel

The main medicinal component of the drug is black cohosh has been.

It is due to this plant, Estravel has a pronounced clinical effect, making up for the lack of estrogen in the body.

In addition to the black cohosh, tablets, Estravel also contain other medicinal extracts, amino acids, vitamins.

Composition Therapeutic effect
Plant extracts
  • eliminating climacteric syndrome (dishidros, hot flashes, palpitations, headaches, muscle, joint pain);
  • stabilization of the autonomic nervous system (correction of psychoemotional state);
  • the alternative to hormonal drugs;
  • stabilization of bone metabolism and the prevention of calcium loss.
Black cohosh has been

Indications for use

In the pharmaceutical market, export Estrovel two companies: “Ecomir” (Russian representative) and Valeant (foreign). The drug of both trademarks are identical. The drug produced in Russia, has sufficient clinical effect, despite the fact that it is cheaper.

Focusing on the advantages of foreign manufacturers, many make a choice in favor of Valeant. However, to estimate real help, side effects after use of medication due to the individual sensitivity of the organism.

Estrovel recognized as an effective hormone replacement remedy, which is recommended by gynecologists to eliminate unpleasant symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and also as an immunostimulant after surgery in gynecology:

  • the elimination of menstrual cycle;
  • the suppression of climacteric syndrome;
  • prevention of uterine bleeding;
  • the replenishment of estrogen;
  • maintaining elasticity of the skin;
  • the slowdown in the appearance of wrinkles;
  • prevention of diseases associated with atrophy of the vaginal mucosa and the bladder;
  • relief of headache, muscular, joint pain as a result of hormonal imbalance;
  • correction of psychoemotional condition;
  • the increasing resistance of the body after the removal of the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes;
  • prevention of early aging;
  • prevention of cystitis, prevention of frequent urination in the toilet;
  • increasing libido;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases and stroke;
  • the elimination of hot flushes, hyperhidrosis during the period of premenopause;
  • improving the health, social activity;
  • a reduction in the frequency of exacerbations of chronic diseases of the reproductive system.

The drug Estrogel different specific smell due to high concentration of drug extract of broccoli. Therefore, some women prefer to take phytoestrogens contained in other drugs, Estrogel analogy:

  • Was feminal;
  • Bonnisan;
  • Remains;
  • Klimadynon;
  • Ciklum;
  • Tsimi-Klimin klimasara;
  • other sources of triterpene glycosides.

These tools do not contain the identical Estrovel composition, but have a similar effect to maintain the functional status of the female body during hormonal changes. In the absence of contraindications can be taken as substitutes. To explore the same drugs, you can use the Russian formulary (RLS).

The use of drugs without consulting a gynecologist, endocrinologist or physician is unacceptable. Uncontrolled reception of tablets can produce the opposite effect if the drug is not suitable.

  • puberty age;
  • pregnancy;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • phenylketonuria;
  • allergic to soy;
  • individual hypersensitivity of the body to the ingredients.


Before using Estrovera necessary to visit a gynecologist, endocrinologist or physician (in the presence of endocrine diseases in the anamnesis). It is desirable to donate blood for hormones to identify the natural hormones and further regimen dietary supplements.

Drug take with food, but you can also take a pill half an hour before meals. The pills must be taken during the day, the doctor will decide after the result of the analysis on hormones. If there are no clinical manifestations of premenstrual or menopausal syndrome can be limited to 1 tablets, accepted 1 time per day.

Estrovel, taking before menstruation (14 days). On the recommendation of a doctor medication, can be longer.

After removal of the reproductive organs, when expressed clinical manifestations of hormonal imbalance and related conditions, the dose can be increased to 3 – 4 tablets. To achieve a good result, the treatment is continued for at least 1 – 2 months.

Tablets can be drunk, alternating: Feminal, Klimadinon, Bonnisan (or other on the recommendation of the attending physician). How long can you take tablets, Estrogel, the doctor decides individually tracking the effectiveness of the product. When any unpleasant symptoms continued use of Estrovera discuss with your doctor.

If Estrovel taking capsules the regimen is different. In the first five days of a menstrual cycle drink two capsules of the first blister at a time. Then use the second blister card (1 capsule the next nine days). In a further move to a third blister and accept the same. Complete the treatment with the capsules of the fourth blister, which take in the same way as in the first 5 days from the onset of menstruation.

Sex hormones tablets adjust menstrual disorders, prevent the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, a woman to remain attractive, desirable, energetic and socially active person.

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