How to lose weight during menopause: folk remedies

How to lose weight during menopause, what is the means to realize this dream? After all, the period after menopause is a time of serious hormonal changes in the body, accompanied by numerous unpleasant symptoms.

The issue of excessive weight bothers many women during menopause


  • Irritation coupled with stress and a constant bad mood.
  • Osteoporosis: bones become more fragile, so the ability to fracture when you fall out of bed is real.
  • Deteriorating cardio-vascular system, there is a possibility of diabetes and weight gain.

To lose weight for women 45 to 50 years it is a problem not only psychological but also physiological. Because of changes in the body induced menopause recovering quickly is possible, but weight reduction will be long and require much effort.

Как похудеть при климаксе: народные средства

When menopause happens. neslozhno to lose weight

Causes of obesity in detail

Obesity during menopause is due to changes in metabolic rate: the older a person gets, the slower his body in the process. For women 50 years this adds another a reduced quantity of sex hormones in the blood. In the result, fatty tissue begins to gather on the waist and hips. This fabric takes on the function of manufacturer of androgens – male hormones, which then become estrogen.

In other words, the weight problem becomes a kind of signaling deeper problems associated with hormonal imbalance. To get better in itself is unpleasant, but if this trouble goes hand in hand with diabetes type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, then this trouble. Here and psychological problem in women who are not lucky to recover a feeling of their own sexual unattractiveness, loss of femininity.

Ladies post-menopause gain 2 – 5 pounds per year. The physical reason for the increase in weight added unhealthy lifestyle: sedentary work, sedentary life, consumption of fatty foods.

Depression over appearance makes getting of kilograms in a vicious circle, exacerbating the problem.

To deal with the disaster can only together one diet for weight stabilization is not enough. Then you need to act on all fronts:

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  • Hormone replacement therapy. The main reason for the difficulty of weight during menopause, lack of hormones. It’s common for all women after 50 years the problem and medicine has long invented a way this disaster can somehow cope. Supplementation helps to mitigate, if not to save women from experiencing the effects of menopause. Treatment is prescribed on the basis of the passed tests, if the patient does not suffer from contraindications. HRT replaces the hormones that are lacking in the body or synthesized plant analogs.
  • To cope with excess weight require the presence of a spirit, optimistic Outlook on life. So how fast to lose weight will not people are not accustomed to wait for the result, give up and stop trying to get rid of excess weight. Will have to learn to adjust myself, there are useful forums for women dealing with the same thing, yoga and drugs to fight depression. You can use the people’s recipes: cook tea with soothing herbs, do some aromatherapy.
  • For weight loss have to stabilize the food. The right food, the size of rations are important for the health of women of any age, but especially for ladies 45 years. The inability to refuse food rich in carbohydrates in the period after menopause is one of the reasons of diabetes.
  • Physical activity is also important in order to quickly bring the figure back to normal.

Как похудеть при климаксе: народные средства

Playing sports is a great way to keep your body at any age

Food: how to choose the right food and diet?

This part of the article will be useful for women after 45 – 50 years, and for a lady who has not attained that age. Rules of food consumption will be useful, even men and these laws are not so complicated. But diet for ladies 20 and 50 years, everything is different. If the first a strict diet can be tolerated with reservations, for the second is food and the more starvation to be too serious a blow to the health to be able to take the risk.

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  • Do not starve.
  • Food should not consist solely of vegetarian dishes. Plants can’t replace the protein in fully, so do not refuse meat dishes. Nutrition should be balanced, consisting of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Will have to limit the consumption of buns, sweet, oily and fried foods. All this high calorie food, and if girls who have not yet turned 45 years old can handle this load for the organism, the metabolism of older women already do that. Just give up from junk food is difficult, the poet can «indulge» from time to time, but in small pieces.
  • Eating small meals 4 or 5 times a day, and the evening free from meals. After 18.00 or for two or three hours before bedtime there is nothing impossible. «Burn the midnight oil» and the ladies of 20 years is not useful, and even during menopause especially. Undigested food causes stomach problems, indigestion and weight gain.
  • During the meal, chew food so quickly sated;
  • Water is an important element of the exchange process. Drink 20 minutes before each meal, prokladyvalas to the glass with plain – unsweetened water every half hour.
  • To lose weight ladies after menopause you can use the schedule of meals, set out in the table below.

    Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
    Yogurt Boiled fish Salad of fresh vegetables Fruit
    Cottage cheese with sour cream Porridge Fruit salad A small portion of chicken
    Cheese sandwich Boiled meat Apples Cottage cheese
    Apple Chicken broth Cottage cheese casserole Fruit salad

    Как похудеть при климаксе: народные средства

    Fruit salad is recommended for menopause

    Physical activity

    A sedentary lifestyle is harmful for women and men at any age, but after 40 years the lack of physical activity becomes a source of even more trouble and it is not only the problem of excess weight.

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    Physical activity guided by physicians, has a positive effect on brain activity and strengthens bones. Last in period of menopause lose their density and become brittle. To injury, before you begin the exercise, consult with doctors and trainers. They will choose the training program that is optimal for your health.

    • To get rid of excess weight suitable even for the most simple but regular exercises at home: squats, push-UPS.
    • Another way to solve the problem of weight walk at a quick pace. They do not pose a threat to the cardiovascular system, but a positive effect on the skin and blood vessels. For people 45 years old and is one of the best ways to energize the body.
    • You can sign up for yoga or more active sports. Some lady in menopause decide to do at the gym and even martial arts. Choice due to a desire based on the condition of the body – will he be able to withstand the load will determine the doctors.

    The life expectancy of people is increasing every year and more and more women have reached «elderly» age, I understand that life goes on and not have to waste.

    At this age, you can dance, visit the salons, learning new skills, and problems with the figure will disappear as if they never existed.