Is it possible to get pregnant on 5 day of periods

Not every woman can tell, whether there is it generally the fifth day of the month, because they take place over three or four days. But if someone are the highlight, they are already weak, rare, so do not become an obstacle to sex life. Therefore, you should talk about the fifth day from the onset of menstruation. According to the theory, to get pregnant on 5 day of cycle is almost impossible, because a woman’s body is not yet ready for ovulation. In textbooks of anatomy is considered a “standard” cycle of 28 calendar days. For information about that on the fifth day, it is unrealistic to conceive a child, Verna.

In reality, menstrual cycles in women of different duration, and some are “floating” in one month the cycle may be 22 days, another 30, the third – 25. And every time you have to count it “dangerous” and “auspicious days”. This is the main reason why even on the fifth day from the beginning of menstruation need to use additional tools for protection, if there is no possibility or desire to conceive at this very moment.

What else could be the reason for pregnancy during this period?

Among the reasons it should be marked as “lying on the surface”, and hidden:

  • hormonal imbalance due to various influences;
  • survival of sperm in the course of a week in a woman’s body;
  • the short cycle.

If the cycle is constant, but it is 21 days or less, just on the fifth day may have the most favorable time for conception. If along with this monthly flow lasting 7 – 8 days, women may for many years not to attack the pregnancy. Enough for that not to during menstruation sex life or to use in the critical days just a condom for hygienic reasons.

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The pair may surprised to discover that she is not infertile, when to consult the family planning center and learns that conception is possible during the menses. And even with the special hygiene of sexual life will have to make an exception to conceive a new life.

Also the doctors observed the viability of spermatozoa deposited in the female body, during the week. It was during this time there may come the time of ovulation, and then the woman can get pregnant. For this sperm is enough to be either in the fallopian tubes, or the actual vagina. Even if the unprotected intercourse was one and from that time, a little less than a week, the outcome of pregnancy is quite likely.

Hormonal disruptions in our day are not uncommon. Enough for a woman to relive stress and it can cause stray menstrual cycle. It’s enough to miscalculate with “stray” days. The woman has not even realize that she changed her cycle, and the body is ready to conceive. Usually in such cases say that “the stars aligned in a special way”, but the medicine has a scientific explanation.

Egg maturation is regulated not only by the ovaries, but is also controlled by the pituitary gland. This iron can give the command to the release of an egg, although it should not be, according to the menstrual cycle. The probability of this happening is low, but dropping it is not worth it.

If you are sick, you can not draw on sex with your partner, but if you went into a different climate zone – it is just a good reason to relax. But if you want to get posterity right now, you need to be alert and to use additional methods of protection. Gynecologists say that the majority of working women become pregnant in the holiday period.

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If you use contraception to worry about “the fifth day” is not worth it

In this case there is nothing to fear, because many modern contraceptive methods give a very high warranty. It is primarily hormonal contraceptives (COCs, intrauterine system“Mirena”, the patch Evra). Each pair to choose that for her the most appropriate. When it comes to the desire to have children, they often come to the doctor for a couple with a question: is it possible to become pregnant after discontinuation of hormonal drug for 5 day period ? Or you need to wait longer?

Abolition of hormonal contraceptive is a complex condition for women. It can be accompanied by the same hormonal surges and troughs, which were observed at the beginning of the reception. Instability in hormonal levels can lead to temporary inability to conceive, it is therefore wise to give your body to readjust, and then to force the endocrine system to endure the stress of pregnancy, however, by the inherent nature of the script.

How to determine fertile date

If you found out that the fifth day after the onset of menstruation is only possible for the conception date, it is not necessary to use this day to get pregnant. Find out the most suitable day on other grounds. Greater accuracy can be obtained by measuring basal body temperature. Just need to measure it in the morning, before getting out of bed. The increase in temperature will indicate ovulation. When the temperature is lower and the probability of conception is also low.

Some women these days are experiencing a strong increase in libido, and for them the issue of when to conceive a baby, it turns out solved. It is important not to use these days any contraceptives, the probability of pregnancy is almost one hundred percent.

If all the conditions to get pregnant does not work, then you just need a good rest and gain strength for the next year or two. They need not only for child bearing and childbirth, but also on lactation and baby care. Vacation will be a wonderful time to relax before a welcome pregnancy.

Why do women ask a question precisely on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle?

The vast majority of women this day is considered favorable for the resumption of intimacy, which they refused during menstruation. Many of them are faced with the fact that after such a contact pregnancy. Someone, on the contrary, was not able to have sex even on the fifth day, as the selection was still plentiful.

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Women with short cycle and prolonged menstruation intrigued by is it possible to conceive a baby if you use this the fifth day? In fact, the same thing could happen on the sixth, and on the fourth day. Calendar methods cannot be considered completely reliable neither for protection nor for planning pregnancy if you are faced with stress or have the “floating” of the menstrual cycle.