How to bleach your labia: causes and tips

Many women are faced with the fact that the skin on the intimate area has a much darker and more saturated color than other parts of the body. Lovely ladies who strive for perfection in all its forms, can panic, believing the darkening of the labia is unattractive and unsightly phenomenon. But do not despair today there are many ways to help you quickly and effectively whiten the skin intimate areas, and to regain the confidence in their attractiveness.

Causes darkening of intimate areas

The reasons for the darkening of the skin of the labia may be several.

  1. Pregnancy – as you know, in the period of childbearing in the female body is undergoing serious hormonal changes, which apparently can be expressed in the darkening of the skin of the labia.
  2. Change the skin of the intimate areas can be caused by wearing tight, incorrectly chosen underwear.
  3. Many women with extra pounds, internal thighs often RUB against your intimate areas, the result may cause a change in color of skin.
  4. In some cases darkening of the skin, the labia can be caused by prolonged intake of certain medications, age-related changes in the female body or the presence of skin diseases.
  5. Varicose veins, accompanied by venous stasis in the pelvic organs, may lead to discoloration of the external genitalia.

How to lighten the skin of the labia

Today, many beauty salons and skin care clinics offer women unique treatments to whiten the skin of the labia. But it is worth noting that often the cost of such services is extremely high, and to obtain a long lasting result will have to undergo several procedures. Folk medicine offers women many effective ways of bleaching intimate areas at home.

  1. To prepare an effective bleaching agent you will need a bunch of fresh parsley. The plant should be ground using a blender or grinder so that it let the juice. The resulting liquid mixed with two tablespoons thick cream or sour cream. To enhance the whitening effect you can add a few drops of lemon. The mask should be applied to the skin of the external genitalia 2 — 3 times a day for 10 minutes, after which the rest of thoroughly washed and the skin of the labia to lubricate nourishing cream – best baby. Thus it is possible to whiten the skin in a matter of days. With people’s recipes need to be extremely careful because the skin of the labia is extremely thin and sensitive. The appearance of discomfort or burning, the mask should be rinsed off immediately.
  2. Extremely simple, affordable and effective remedy to whiten the skin in intimate places – the cucumber puree. It is cooked very simply: you need a cucumber peel and RUB on a coarse grater, and the resulting puree to put as mask on the skin of the labia. This recipe is completely safe for tender mucous membrane – irritation or burning is possible only in case of individual intolerance.
  3. On the skin of the labia can regularly apply kefir, yogurt, sour milk or any other dairy product. This contributes to the rapid lightening of the skin and does not cause irritation. To enhance brightening effect in dairy product, you can add a little lemon juice. In the case that this component is caused you great irritation or Allergy, replace it with cucumber – whitening efficacy of the drug is absolutely will not drop.
  4. The following tool combines the properties of whitening mask and gentle exfoliation – it not only helps to lighten the skin of intimate areas, but also to remove dead skin particles of the epidermis, causing the skin becomes wonderfully soft and velvety. This remedy helps whiten the intimate area and caring for them. For its preparation it is necessary to add in a tablespoon of strong coffee grounds teaspoon fresh lemon juice, all mix thoroughly. Peeling is applied to the wet skin of the labia and massaged (the best option would be the use of a bleaching agent under the shower). Then coffee and lemon scrub is left on the skin for 4 — 5 minutes and carefully wash under running water. After applied on the treated areas of thick, nourishing cream.
  5. Skin whitening of the labia, you can use a variety of fresh squeezed fruit or berry juices, the most effective are Apple, strawberry, orange, pomegranate, grapefruit. Soak in the fresh juice clean gauze and apply regularly to the skin intimate areas – in a few weeks it will become much lighter and more attractive.
  6. Lightening of intimate body parts can be used numerous medicinal herbs. In the struggle for perfect tender and white skin are considered most effective bearberry, calendula and licorice. For the preparation of a bleaching agent fresh plant you need to carefully grind through a meat grinder and its juice regularly to cleanse the skin of the labia twice a day. This will help to whiten it. But be careful because the juice of medicinal plants is extremely concentrated and can provoke the development of Allergy.
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