Increased labia: causes, what says, treatment

The majority of women at occurrence of any problems in gynecology are not in a hurry to visit a doctor to determine the cause. The reason for this feeling of tightness and fear to hear the diagnosis. One of the problems of an intimate nature is the increase of the labia. Sometimes however, this problem can also be observed symptoms such as vaginal discharge, pain, redness, itching and burning in the perineum. Why can increase the labia in women?

The causes of this phenomenon of an intimate nature can be very different. Some of them require immediate treatment, while others are themselves.

Why labia grow?

The reasons for the increase in size can be the following:

  1. Contact with a partner. The increase of the labia is due to blood flow caused by sexual arousal. In most cases, the labia return to their original size within a few hours. Treatment in this case is not required, but if they remain enlarged for a long time, you need to seek the advice of a doctor.
  2. The period of pregnancy. Fat tissue accumulates in the region of the lower abdomen and genitals that provides warmth to the fetus. After the birth of the light of a baby all womens bodies will return to its original form.
  3. Bartholinitis (inflammation of Bartholin’s glands). In this disease of Bartholin’s gland, located at the entrance of the vagina, inflamed. The cause of the inflammation glands – sexual infections. The early stage of disease is characterized by abscess formation, and the vagina and lips to increase in size and become red.
  4. Thrush (candidiasis). Along with pain and itching the increase of the labia is one of the symptoms of the disease. Most often they occur during sex and when urinating. Due to the fact that of Contracting a candidiasis can both partner treatment should also be joint. If treatment is only a woman during sex is a high likelihood of reinfection. In addition, the infection is transmitted through someone else’s underwear and other items. Developing a candidiasis on the background of a weakened immune system, poor nutrition, hormonal disruptions, poor quality of linen. Itch occurs in the genital area leads to an increase of the labia as a result of constant desire to comb. Cure candidiasis, all genitals return to their normal state.
  5. The herpes simplex virus. The disease is transmitted during contact with a partner. In the case of women the immune system is severely weakened or she frequently changes sexual partners, the risk of disease increases. Herpes is characterized by such symptoms: swelling, redness of the skin of the genitals, itching, ulcer formation and bubbles with liquid inside, fever, General malaise. When urinating pain is felt. Symptoms of herpes is visible only during the exacerbation, and at other times the disease is asymptomatic.
  6. Vulvitis (inflammation of vulva). Causes: prolonged use of drugs (especially antibiotics), number of diseases, allergic reactions, high humidity of the genital organs, violations of the rules of intimate hygiene. The increase of the labia is the main symptom, talking about the disease along with General malaise, redness of the skin genitals and burning sensation.
  7. Vulvodynia. The disease is characterized by pulsating pain, they arise suddenly, but can stay in the body for a long time, and then cease suddenly. Syndrome pain occurs during walking, or during sex. In some cases, the disease can cause swelling of the labia majora. Provoke pathology can: infection, somatic pathology, narrow and compressing underwear, damage to the nerves.
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The reason for the increase of the labia can also be pathology in the chronic form, and allergies.

Increased labia: when you need to sound the alarm?

The symptoms listed below are cause for immediate treatment to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment:

  • change smell, color or consistency of vaginal discharge;
  • discomfort in allstylerules, itching, burning;
  • the appearance of seals (self-diagnosis by palpation);
  • the appearance on the skin of the vagina tumors.


Whatever the reason for the increase of the labia, it is better not to try to get rid of the problem yourself. A qualified doctor can diagnose the cause and prescribe appropriate measures for its elimination. Why gynecologist visit need.

If the reason for the increase in size is a candidiasis, it is recommended to take immune-boosting medicines and vaginal suppositories. Vulvodynia is pathology, it provokes a yeast infection, if it is wrong to start therapy, treatment with hormones. Vulvodynia is also characterized by severe pain, therefore, also needs antispasmodics. Also, the doctor may prescribe antihistamines and antidepressants. When bartholinitis shown antibacterial drugs, and when the vulva is antiseptic.

If the reason lies in the diseases of the body systems, for example, the endocrine system, the treatment should be aimed at strengthening or suppression of its functions.

Why is it still not recommended to look for the cause of the problem? Self-diagnosis and especially treatment is unacceptable, because the consequences can be very unpredictable.