Is it possible to come during the month in the Church or not

Is it possible to come during the month in the Church is a question that is quite controversial. However, the answer is a clear no, and that complicates the situation, since this situation faces a very large number of women.

As for supporters and opponents, then they are roughly divided into two large groups: one, in turn, protect the rights of women who can’t do anything against a natural biological process, the second is protect the laws established by the Church for centuries.

That prohibits the old Testament

As for the question as why not to go to Church during your period, its roots go far back in history, in the days of the old Testament. This sacred book was the most Holy in the Christian world and was considered by the Constitution.

Thus, with regard to if with monthly to go to Church, here the Holy Scriptures have allocated certain kinds of people who were not especially clean and were subject to the prohibition of entering the temple of the Lord:

  • the people affected by leprosy;
  • parishioners who have been infected by any infectious diseases or had purulent wounds;
  • men who have a variety of prostate disease, which are caused by uncontrolled ejaculation;
  • people who worked with the dead and constantly touched them;
  • women who were under menstruation;
  • the variety of the flow of blood, which can be fixed or in men or in women.

As for the question how to visit a Church during menstruation, the process is biological and requires special consideration. This is because that the women is connected directly with the reproductive system, and therefore the most direct way with fertility.

Thus, in most cases, the Church responds in the following way: when menstruation nerozhdennyh rejected child who would be born into the world under other circumstances. Thus, normal menstruation is considered biological death Narodnogo child.

In other words, it can be described as that the woman should always be in a state of pregnancy and to bear children. But if has her period, she is to blame for the fact that this time the flesh is torn away and the child is dead. Biologically normal bleeding is considered a sin, although if you look at the human side, such a charge is considered to be unjustified and not even fair.

If you clarify the situation with this point of view, it should be noted that such a charge is absolutely not fair and it can be compared with a kind of discrimination.

The second option of the oppression by gender when women can’t go to Church is when a child is born: thus if a woman was born a boy, she cannot enter the temple for forty days, but if a girl, for eighty — agree, and here women were treated quite unfairly. Data is not «clean» period of time a woman should wait in the house and wait for the full cleansing of his body from effusions of blood.

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However, the Church still made certain exceptions are women who were on a deathbed or very seriously ill. Here the Church has made exceptions and allowed such women to enter the temple of the Lord.

Any amendments to this prohibition is made the New Testament

At a time when their legal rights, the Board entered such a sacred Scripture as the New Testament, made prohibited in the law of the Church wicked people minor amendments. Consequently, the clergy became more tolerant to women and if she started menstrual bleeding, it is considered only. As the untidiness on the part of personal hygiene.

This is due to the fact that after Jesus Christ died for humanity’s sake, thereby taking upon himself all its sins, and then was reborn, it became clear only one thing, that human shell called a body, absolutely should not be considered, and the value has only the soul, which all my being is committed to God.

In other words, the Church should not pay attention to what shape a person has, or what condition his body, the most basic is what this man has soul and especially appreciated its crystal purity. Therefore, after this adjustment, the monthly Church walk was possible and it was considered a mortal sin.

The Church did not resist the woman’s request in the «unclean days» to go into the temple of God, but still remained on the side of the decision of the woman during her menstrual period to give up going to God and stay home.

Today is the Church to visit the temple by women during menstruation

A modern point of view of the representatives of the Church, as well as many centuries ago do not coincide. As, then, some oppose the visit of the woman of the temple, others in turn believe that there is nothing wrong. So the question today is no clear answer to the question whether it is possible to go to Church when my period coming. Thus there is no clear answer today, and neither supporters nor opponents can very clearly justified their position.

How to substantiate their point of view, the supporters of the ban

People who are supporters of the prohibition of visiting the woman during the critical days of such a Holy place as the temple of the Lord believe that the old Testament had its effect in this matter, based on what is really menstruating woman throws the remains Narodnogo child. However, even supporters of the ban can not give a clear answer to that connected spiritual environment with the physiological peculiarities of the female body.

Therefore, these skeptics believe that the fair sex during menstruation can not even appear on the rock of the temple of the Lord. They clearly distinguish between this physiological process and the spiritual shell of a man. Therefore, a woman should not go to Church, to touch the sacred objects, as this will initially be considered a very great sin, which is very hard later to atone.

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The opinion of the defenders of women during menstruation

As for the defenders of the fair sex during menstrual bleeding, such people think it is not right and inappropriate to this prohibition. They also believe that this attitude to women is considered wrong and completely unfounded.

God originally drew attention to the purity of the human soul, only then the purity of his body. Therefore, if a person believes, it doesn’t matter what his body or appearance, most importantly, to his soul, in any case, remained crystal clear. If a woman becomes necessary to turn to God, then she can do it at any time, despite the fact that some people visit the temple during menstruation is wrong.

All people are God’s creation and all processes in their organisms originally contemplated by the Creator. Therefore, no one can prevent the visit of the temple of man, in whatever condition he came. If we want to come to our Father. We can do it at any moment of our lives, and God always welcome us.

As for the fact that it is not hygienic, today you can purchase a variety of personal care products that will absolutely make invisible the fact that women in this period are menstruation. Earlier this attitude of skeptics was justified, because during menses to go to Church, people were afraid, because they do not want hemorrhage in the walls of the temple that could initially be considered a sin. Thus a month was required to abstain and sit at home.

Do’s and don’ts during menstruation in women

As for a unified view of the prohibition of circulation in the temple of God during menstruation, it is very upsetting that priests still can’t come to a consensus on this issue. Although it is necessary to note that the Christian faith is one and the prohibitions and the permissions must also be exactly the same. But, alas, allowed unfortunately not all the same, just as it is forbidden.

Today the Church is open to all women, no matter what their menstrual cycle is and what day their biological calendar is necessary at the moment. Thus every woman can go to Church and pray when it considers it proper, to forbid her this, no one will.

The most basic rule for God is the observance of spiritual purity, and the fact that human physiology takes its toll, it is a process that is also provided by the Creator, and nothing wrong here. If a person needs to pray, he can do it at any time in any Church.

However, even today, some women are deeply religious and one hundred percent adhere to the prohibitions of entering the Church during menses. They believe that we should not allow such things, if they can effectively eliminate. Such women believe that it is better to abstain and not to go to Church than to bear a mortal sin all his life.

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Consequently, today there is no clear answer to this question, which makes it open for many centuries. According to priests, a woman should decide about the advisability of going to Church during menstruation, and only she knows what her thoughts are. Therefore, if a woman is experiencing an acute need for turning to God in the critical days. It should not even doubt this and feel free to contact the Holy Face of God.

How other religions treat the issue

As for Islam, most of his teachings believes that the visit to the mosque during menstruation is strictly forbidden. However, this rule did not apply to all women. This is because some skeptics believe that such a ban should not exist and that considers the very real discrimination of the female.

Even those representatives of the Church, which strictly forbade women to go to mosque during menstruation claim that their prohibition is not confirmed and may be considered in favor of women.

However, if the blood begins to flow in the mosque, it is an indisputable ban, as in any religion the bloodshed in the Holy place is strictly prohibited and is a mortal sin. But, in the case where hygiene observed the woman may no come for prayer and to do everything in accordance with the law of the mosque. The main rule is cleanliness and accuracy, then the prayer is not a sin to go to the mosque.

As for Buddhism, there is absolutely no such thing as a ban on visiting the Holy place of a woman in time of menstruation. However, Hinduism, by contrast believes that to go to Church during the critical days is totally unacceptable and is not possible.

Thus, this remains an open question and remains for consideration the most women. If she believes that there is nothing wrong with what she will come to God during the critical days, then you need to boldly go and seek the Creator with a prayer. Nobody stop you, if your consciousness and peace of mind require such Holy treatment.