Is it possible to smear the labia? Advice and tips

Often, every woman is faced with the unpleasant situation, when rubbed the labia. Of course, the first question is haunting: «Why is the rubbing? And is there any way to smear the labia, if rubbed sore cause discomfort?». Today we will deal with this urgent problem, consider the causes that provoke some irritation and what you can smear, as well as when you need urgent medical care.

What to do if a woman rubbed intimate area?

To RUB the intimate area can be anything. This contributes to wet underwear (especially during pregnancy when a woman is incontinence), uncomfortable, narrow or poor quality linen that creates the effect of «sauna». Labia sweat and are constantly in a wet environment. Different sanitary pads with flavors and fragrances that can irritate also during intimacy can grate in an intimate place.

«What do you do if a woman rubbed his groin?». The answer to this question is quite simple, but first we need to try to identify the cause yourself and fix it. In that case, if that does not work, needs medical attention.

Find the cause and fix it

First you need to check the reasons that a woman will be able to resolve itself without professional assistance.

  • If a woman rubbed intimate area due to wearing poor quality, tight underwear need to change it to high quality. Select the model that will sit on you not close, but a little loose. Importantly, linen didn’t squeeze and didn’t pull. Also a good option can be seamless underwear, it will not RUB in an intimate place where cowards usually there is a rough seam in the formation of rubs. Important the fabric from which linen is made. It is better to give preference to organic cotton. This fabric allows the skin to breathe and will not form a rash.
  • In those cases, if a woman has urinary incontinence, the proper way is to use a specially designed sanitary pads. They have a high level of absorbency of fluid than the normal daily strip. Also there is a disposable absorbent panties. It should be remembered that such tools should be regularly and frequently changed, then it will not be rubbed sore.
  • Not an exception to daily strips with flavors and different additives. They can be annoying privates and provoke them rubbing. During menstruation can contribute to chafing rare changing pads. Therefore, the main regularly and need to change pads to prevent discomfort in the intimate place.
  • Wear and tear of the labia occurs when frequent and very long intercourse. At the same time both or one of the partners there is a lack of lubrication. As a result of friction and dry mucous membranes edema of the labia, vagina, small tears, which can provoke painful sensations during intimacy or washing away. Typically, these rubs are not dangerous, but bring a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.
  • The special training clothing for fitness, training, etc. Even prolonged wearing of a wet bathing suit can cause discomfort in the intimate place. Exercise clothing is necessary to choose correctly. So that it does not stifle the movement, never pressured and do not RUB. Things need to be regularly washed, as during exercise excessive sweating, which provokes active growth of bacteria and germs on clothes.
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This is the main reasons causing RUB sores the genital area, but can be others. Therefore, in the case if during 4 days, the symptoms do not disappear, you need to seek the advice of a physician.

Rubs in an intimate place: treatment

Of course, if rubbed in an intimate place, you need to take some measures to relieve discomfort. To self-medicate is not recommended even if the woman is sure that she rubbed on her private parts. The best time to see a doctor — he will prescribe appropriate treatment.

Consider measures you can take yourself to a doctor’s visit:

  • Regularly observe the rules of personal intimate hygiene, do not use products for cleaning that contains chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or other synthetic ingredients.
  • If a woman enjoys the daily strips, you should think about their quality and whether there are fragrances that can irritate.
  • It is possible for cleaning of the genitals and douching use the broth pharmacy chamomile flowers. Don’t forget that you need to wash every time after using the toilet and douche can be no more than two times a day.
  • Smear labia in this situation, hypoallergenic cream «diaper» for children.
  • Well help lotions on the basis of sea buckthorn oil, it has soothing, healing and regenerating properties. To prepare the lotion is easier: you need to take the cheesecloth, folded three times, thoroughly soaked in oil and applied to the affected area for half an hour. Repeat the procedure three times a day.
  • You can use baby powder or talc.

The most suitable treatment regimen at home: washing away with a decoction of chamomile, and then to smear labia baby cream, and at night sprinkle talcum powder and, of course, to wear high-quality, breathable underwear.

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If you rubbed on her private parts during intimacy, for the period of treatment should refrain from sex. You need to use an antiseptic solution, so as not to infect small microtrauma. In the case that the situation will not change in 4 days, need to consult a doctor, as such symptoms may indicate infection and diseases that are transmitted sexually.

Dear women, follow simple rules that will help to avoid discomfort in a delicate place.