Itchy labia: causes and treatment. Burning in the intimate area

Itching of the labia was a very sensitive issue that is familiar to many women of different ages. Many women, faced with the itch and burning in the intimate organs, embarrassed and put off a visit to the gynecologist. This is by no means impossible to do. The skin in the bikini area is very delicate and sensitive, and itching large or small the labia can be a symptom of development in the female body from numerous infectious or inflammatory diseases. That is why you should seek medical assistance to determine the cause of discomfort. Why itchy labia and how to get rid of unpleasant sensations?

Itching of the labia in women – common causes

The main causes that itch or large labia may have allergic nature.

  • In some cases, the irritation in the vulva in women can result from hair removal. For example, ingrown hairs that appear as a result of improper shaving can cause itching and burning labia. If you use special creams-depilatories sometimes develops individual intolerance of active components of the cream, which is manifested in the form of itching in the intimate area.
  • It is not excluded that the main cause of discomfort in the region of the labia in women is the use of cosmetic products such as shower gel, bubble bath, soap or intimate deodorant. The first thing recommended to do if strongly itching genitals – change all used cosmetics, a composition which contains preservatives and perfume additives.
  • Sometimes the discomfort and irritation of the large or the labia minora caused by the use of condoms or female contraceptives local action. In this case, care should be taken to change a method of contraception.
  • Narrow, tight underwear from synthetic materials can cause severely itchy labia. Many gynecologists suggest the charming ladies to wear such clothes only in special cases. For everyday use it is best to purchase products made from cotton or other natural materials, loose cut.
  • Many women have labia itchy due extended wear pads or other hygienic means. Remember that tampons or pads need to be changed as often as possible – on the surface there are traces of bleeding, which leads to itching and irritation in the intimate area. It is especially important to frequently change sanitary products in hot weather. For intimate hygiene it is recommended not to buy scented pads – they contain perfume fragrances that are considered quite a strong allergen.
  • Long-term, uncontrolled reception of antibiotics or other drugs can cause the appearance of itching and burning in the delicate area of women. What to do in this case? Should immediately contact your doctor for change of prescription medication.
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Other causes of itching and burning of the labia

Itching of the labia in women often appears as a symptom of the inflammatory or infectious disease. Therefore, such a feature is in any case impossible to ignore. Most often, the discomfort and irritation of the skin large or the labia minora can be caused by the following points:

  • In most cases itching of the labia in women is a result of sexually transmitted diseases – for example, trichomoniasis, genital herpes or candidiasis. In this case, the disease is manifested and other symptoms – redness of the surface of external genitals, pain during urination and intercourse, vaginal discharge that has a sharp, unnatural smell. Treatment should be carried out simultaneously by a gynecologist and venereologist.
  • Leukoplakia is a common gynecological disease, which is accompanied by the appearance on the skin of the genitalia of white or light gray «plaques». Itching and burning of the genitals are common symptom of leukoplakia.
  • One of the common causes of irritation of the vagina bartholinitis is an inflammatory process that affects bartolina gland, located in the vicinity of the vagina. The typical symptoms of bartholinitis – redness and swelling of the vulva, pain when walking and during sexual intercourse, purulent ulcers on the surface of the vulva. Treatment of bartholinitis, initiated in the early stages of the inflammatory process, is highly effective.
  • In some cases, the discomfort and itching of the labia minora in women occurs as a result of candidiasis. When the inflammatory process affects the mucosa of the large and small labia, they can redden or swell. The development of candidiasis is most often due to a lack of intimate hygiene, or mechanical injuries of the vagina.
  • If a woman complains of a feeling of itching, burning, discomfort in the area of external sexual organs, this may indicate a common gynecological diseases, vulvitis or vaginitis. Inflammation of the labia can be caused by microtraumas of the reproductive organs obtained in the course of an abortion or a variety of medical procedures, poor hygiene bikini, chaotic sexual intercourse with frequently changing partners.
  • Diabetes and malfunctions in the endocrine system can cause irritation of the intimate areas.
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Treatment itching and burning of the labia

What to do in that case, if you notice that the intimate organs itching? First, immediately change their underwear products from natural fabrics, as well as cosmetic and hygiene products that you used. If you are taking any drug, consult a physician to replace a similar drug. Also special attention should be taken to your daily diet – discomfort in the bikini area could be an allergic reaction to some foods.

If after all undertaken actions labia continue to itch, you should immediately contact an experienced gynecologist who will conduct a survey, identify the causes of the discomfort and prescribe the appropriate treatment.