Laid ears after a plane: what to do if it passes

Why ears pop on the plane and what to do in such cases?

During the flight in the plane, many are faced with such unpleasant phenomena as the ears. Since the physiology of each person is different, someone does not feel absolutely no discomfort, while in the sky, and others at this point is getting bad. When the state of congestion accompanied by severe pain then apply the necessary measures immediately.

Especially careful you should be during flights in the cold. In such cases there is swelling of the nasal mucosa, resulting in deterioration of ventilation in the middle ear. If such phenomenon may occur stuffy ears that in the end can provoke the manifestation of acute otitis media. Experts suggest when cold, accompanied by congestion of the ears, and try to avoid air travel and to give priority to other transport.

Why ears pop on the plane?

The most common factor why ears pop during the flight, are the pressure drops. In the normal state, the pressure in the tympanic cavity is at atmospheric. In flight, when gradually increasing height, the atmospheric pressure begins to fall.

This change provokes changes in pressure in the tympanic cavity, causing one of the parties begins to push the membrane. A similar phenomenon is manifested in the form of blockage of ears or severe pain in the tympanic cavity and the head.

Cases when the son laid the ear on the plane, also not uncommon. The inflammatory process that occurs in the moment in the nasal cavity and the accumulated mucus, affect the auditory channel. Appeared swelling begins to narrow ear canal or block it.

The air normally passes through the Eustachian tube, which is manifested in the form of congestion eardrums. In this case, to restore normal pressure in the ears and get rid of congestion will fail.

Important! Experts advise when cold, and severe cold does not fly the airplane, and to use other transportation. As these two phenomena can cause damage to health, namely, to provoke a hemorrhage in the eardrum, or even lead to its rupture.

Doctors have identified several pathologies of the hearing, which cause congestion in the ears during the flight:

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  1. Otitis media is the most common cause of blockage of ears during flights. Even if the otitis media was cured on your ear drums still formed during the illness of adhesions. They reduce the mobility of the membrane and do not give it back to the correct position.
  2. Evstahiit. To provoke the disease is able polyps in the nasopharynx or nasal. When the Eustachian diagnosed inflammation of the auditory tube, which is caused by late treatment of colds.
  3. Hearing loss can develop as a result of hypertension of blood vessels, head injury or cerebral ischemia. When sensorineural pathology and hearing can be affected auditory nerve. In this case, the likelihood that the ears will lay during the flight, high.

What to do to avoid ears?

The experts recommend to abandon the flights with excessive runny nose or ear infections.

If the transfer flight has failed, then you should take some steps which will eliminate the discomfort.

When cold it is necessary to use vasoconstrictive nasal drops.

The medicine will get rid of mucus in the nasal cavity and reduce swelling. The patency of the auditory tube when using drops will improve, which will help stabilize the blood pressure.

Help. Statistical data prove the fact that your ears often during takeoff and landing.

A few guidelines on how to behave on the plane, if you have often ears pop during takeoff and landing:

  1. Use gum or candy. Swallowing and chewing movements help to normalize the pressure in the eardrum.
  2. Yawn or open your mouth. While on the plane, you need to try several times to yawn or open your mouth.
  3. Massage the ears. Twisting ears to redness helps fight congestion.
  4. Use ear plugs to smooth out fluctuations in pressure.
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If while on the plane, the passenger doesn’t know what to do if laid his ear (after the aircraft is also necessary to carefully monitor their condition), then it is recommended to pay attention to several manipulations. Get rid of at the time of congestion will help to correct breathing.

The patient must get more oxygen into the lungs and exhale sharply. Mouth and nose it is necessary to carefully close. In the process of exhalation the person should feel a «click» which will indicate that the eardrum is returned to the correct position.

What to do if laid his ear after a flight?

Most often, the ears disappears after a passenger leaves the plane. However, there are cases in which such discomfort continues. In this case, it makes sense to go to an appointment to the audiologist.

The specialist will determine the patency of the Eustachian tube and cavity of the mouth and find the cause of the disease. Timely treatment will help to bring your hearing back to normal.

To eliminate stuffiness in ears after plane will also help the massage. The procedure is performed using a twisting ears or fingers. In the second case in each ear hole, insert your index finger and quickly move them (like inserting or removing plugs).

Attention! Discomfort that does not go away can indicate the presence of infection in the middle ear. In this case, the patient is diagnosed with inflammation of the auditory canal, accompanied by pain.

If the patient has laid the ear after a plane and the congestion does not pass, it is important to resort to popular recipes that will eliminate the problem. The most effective methods are:

  • compresses of beet, which were previously boiled in honey;
  • warming nose with warm eggs (both sides);
  • ear drops are made on the basis of propolis, alcohol and melted butter.
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If the day after the flight, the problem will not work, you should definitely consult a doctor. Treatment from a specialist, especially, if the congestion is accompanied by fever and high temperature. Timely elimination of the problem will allow in the future to avoid the disastrous consequences.

What to do to avoid ears from the flight? The answer is quite simple. To prevent congestion of the auditory canal will give you special earplugs that you can buy in any pharmacy. Buy earplugs at the airport is not recommended, because their quality is significantly worse medical.