Laparoscopy varicocele: steps, advantages and disadvantages

Male gonads located outside the body cavity in the scrotum, so they need a special organization of the blood supply. Blood from the testicular flowing in the venous vessels, it is given excessive heat is detrimental to sperm. Pathologic stretching of these veins — varicocele causes disruption of spermatogenesis,

Signs of varicocele

Under the influence of various factors the structure of the testicular veins changes, interfering with normal blood flow. This pathology is quite widespread, it occurs in 20% of men. Presumably the tendency to varicose veins of the scrotum — a consequence of bipedalism.

The disease does not manifest itself until the latest stages no external symptoms. Sometimes there are some alarming signs:

  • heaviness and dragging pain in the scrotum and lower abdomen
  • swelling of the left testicle (in most cases affected the left gland),
  • in some cases, violation of potency.

However, these symptoms rarely cause the man to go to the doctor. To urinate pathology is not affected.

Due to overheating of the testicles varicocele causes disruption of processes of formation and development of sperm, that is, to male infertility, which is the main symptom of the disease.

The causes of the disease

  1. Genetic and embryonic pathology.
  2. Systemic disturbances in the body.
  3. Of the tumor.
  4. Strain the abdominal and pelvic muscles, which often happens with constipation and other disorders of the chair.
  5. High blood pressure in the pelvic organs, specifically the scrotum.

To prevent these pathological changes is impossible, but possible to detect with regular inspections and by measuring the temperature of the testes (disease it is raised).

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Treatment of varicocele

The treatment of the disease is only operational, however, it is not always the case. If the pathology does not cause male anxiety and discomfort, and the question of vodoprodazhnaya is not important, the surgical removal of a varicocele is usually not carried out. But in any case, the operation helps to restore the normal function of the testes.

For surgery on the testicular veins need to access them. This is achieved in different ways, among which the laparoscopic method is the least traumatic.

Like any surgery, laparoscopy requires some training. Required from the patient and delivery of all necessary tests to exclude serious diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems, and purulent inflammatory processes, adhesions in the abdominal cavity. Directly for 12 hours before surgery can not eat or drink. For the colon cleansing enema put.

In the abdominal wall of the patient is done three small puncture, through which is introduced the camera and manipulators of the laparoscope. To facilitate movement of the instruments in the body cavity is pumped gas. The image displayed on the monitor in the mirror. The surgeon makes all the necessary manipulations, controlling their progress through the monitor.

The meaning of the actions is to locate damaged veins and to impose on them the alloys (sterile suture) to stop the blood flow.


  • minimal damage to the skin and muscle tissue, in some cases, the incisions don’t even sutured;
  • excellent cosmetic effect;
  • quick patient recovery after surgery;
  • not required a long hospital stay;
  • good visualization provides a quality operation.
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  • the need for the use of General anesthesia;
  • a large value;
  • high demands on the qualification of the surgeon;
  • there is a possibility of recurrence and hydrocele formation.

Laparoscopic removal of varicocele which lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. Within one to three days after that, the patient is in the hospital, where doctors monitor his condition. If there are no complications, a man can leave the hospital and continue treatment at home.

The recovery period lasts longer than two weeks and usually mild.

Laparoscopy is considered the optimal method of treatment of varicocele. A fairly simple operation contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient.