Prevention of thrush in women: measures and hygiene

Prevention of fungal diseases is very important in life of every women. It includes activities that help to prevent the appearance of candidiasis. If the woman is aware what prevention measures are carried out, then thrush it is not terrible.

Prevention of thrush

Pathogenic fungi Candida reside in the human gut. If they fall on the vaginal mucous membrane, starts their active reproduction. When the intestinal flora in order, then the infection is not terrible, as it creates a protective barrier. With reduced immunity, mucous ceases to perform its functions and appears the risk of developing candidiasis.

Thrush can occur due to imbalance of hormones. When there is a hormonal failure, the conditions under which fungi thrive.

Bacteria and fungi are family of Candida competitors. Under favorable for its existence conditions, the Lactobacillus is able to protect from infection. Prevention of thrush in women include the use of drugs for local effects (vaginal suppositories) that are introduced into the vagina.

Prevention of candidiasis: tools

Comprehensive measures for the prevention of candidiasis is determined taking into account the reasons that caused the disease. If a woman takes drugs (antibiotics), their task is to restore the vaginal flora. If they are taken for colds, the effect aimed at raising immunity.

Prevention yeast infection while antibiotics

When medication (antibiotics) microflora of the internal organs varies: in the vagina, mouth, intestine. Preventive measures may include the reception of funds and inside the vagina. If you want to treat an already existing goiter, the body needs more good bacteria, because a larger number of them have already died (mucous epithelium by this time may be corrupted). Such prophylaxis can reduce the number of medication and at a cost they will be cheaper.

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Many are interested in the question, what drugs help to prevent candidiasis during antibiotic treatment and corticosteroids. In this case, you can use tools in local action: creams or suppositories. In order to enter the cream in the vagina, in the package there is a special syringe. Convenient prevention of yeast infection – an introduction suppository. They are injected into the vagina. Under the influence of temperature suppositories rasizada, turning into the drug mass.

List of drugs for the prevention of yeast infection includes tools that are designed for the treatment of fungus. But when preventive measures the dose of the applied drug is reduced.

Candles that are used for prevention:

  • Zalain;
  • Livarol;
  • Terginan;
  • Betadine;
  • Poliginaks;
  • Nystatin;
  • Viferon.

Most of them comes in the form of suppositories and creams. Typically, suppositories are available for women, and cream for men.

Preventive measures for chronic colds

If a woman has a chronic cold, she need to take prophylactic immunomodulatory drugs, and to comply with the following measures:

  • give your body the right amount of vitamins (you can buy a ready-made multivitamins, fresh juices, vitamin-fortified powders of processed herbs);
  • to include in the diet dairy products that contain a lot of bifidobacteria;
  • from time to time implement measures antiparasitic therapy (statistics indicates that 90% of people who have lowered immunity and are infected with worms);
  • do not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke tobacco;
  • lead an active, healthy lifestyle and sports.

Hygienic preventive measures

Often candidiasis occurs due to the fact that the woman wears a tight and low-quality underwear made of synthetic fabrics. For underwear the best option is natural cotton cloth. It helps the skin to «breathe» and keep the heat normal. Such measures help to prevent the occurrence of thrush.

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Gaskets, aerosol with flavors (chemical additives), also often cause allergic reactions that contribute to the development of fungi.

Hygiene procedures are intended to remove the separated slime, so you need to wash so that the water flow was directed from the vagina to the anus.

Hygienic prevention of yeast infection is to wear high-quality and genuine underwear, to use a suitable intimate cosmetics and observance of rules of personal hygiene.

Prevention in the prevention of pregnancy

Contraceptives provoke the failure in the hormonal system. When violations of hormonal background conception is impossible, but the contamination of pathogenic fungi is likely. A more secure method of protection from unwanted pregnancy is the condom.

Douching can also cause infection. During the procedure, the vagina is washed out with a large number of lactic acid bacteria, with the lack of which occurs a yeast infection.

Preventive measures for stress

Candidiasis can occur if a woman is suffering from mental tension or stress. The mechanism of its manifestation is reflected in the fact that the protective functions are blocked, and the immune system weakens. With the understanding that the woman cannot cope with the problem, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Every woman should remember that it is better to prevent the onset of candidiasis than to treat a nasty disease. In fact thrush vyzyvaet a lot of unpleasant symptoms that interfere with living a full, healthy life.