Sexual rest after laparoscopy: tips and advice

Each person to whom a laparoscopy was wondering what is possible and what is not after the procedure. Though laparoscopy and believe gentle manipulation, but it is still surgery, after it also need a special diet proper diet, hygiene and pelvic rest. The recovery of the body after the surgery is faster than after abdominal surgery, but it is important to monitor health status, as well as to implement all the recommendations of the physician only in this case it is possible to avoid complications.

Mode after the operation

2-3 hours after laparoscopy, the patient departs from the anesthesia, he is allowed to get out of bed, but it is not always possible to do. Unnecessarily you should not stand for several days are advised to be on bed rest. Also required to conduct an ultrasound after the surgery to accurately determine the absence of any complications.

Pain relievers

If during laparoscopy has been no serious intervention without taking pain medications after it is not necessary. Mostly painkillers used only in cases where have stitches for several days after the procedure the patient may feel some discomfort. Painkillers do not use in cases where the procedure was performed as a diagnostic tool.

Lead to pain can carbon dioxide, but without it you can not do while conducting the laparoscopy, when the patient before the introduction of the instruments in the abdominal cavity is filled with gas — thus, one can increase visibility for the physician and ease of use of the equipment. Pain in the patient, which is performed laparoscopy, may appear from the anesthesia, and the equipment entered for the filing of anaesthesia (in the case of contact of the tube with the mucosa of the trachea and other ways). To prescribe pain medications and to choose the course of their admission should the attending physician. If the patient thinks he can do without them, he has the right to refuse their admission.

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General recommendations and tips

As for the food after the laparoscopy, particular recommendations. Only the first day it is advisable not to eat anything heavy and already on the second day, patients are allowed to take favorite food without any restrictions. But if the doctor sees that the patient needs a diet, he may recommend it, but it individually. After a few days the patient can go home. If he were stitched, after 10 to 14 days to remove them.

When you are allowed sex life after the laparoscopy?

In ordinary cases in 2 — 3 weeks after laparoscopy, you can start to live a sexual life. As for the question of interest to many — whether to protect themselves during sex — there is already every woman decides for herself. The fact that laparoscopy is aimed at restoring women’s reproductive health, and if she is not ready to conceive and want to restore your body, you can use contraceptives, and if you can’t wait, when will come the desired conception, you can do without them. The choice depends on the woman.

If the operation was conducted with the aim of restoring the fallopian tubes, it is recommended to return to sexual life as early as possible. Sex will allow you can easily repair process of the fallopian tubes, protects against the appearance of adhesions and will serve as prevention. But there is one important caveat: generally, restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes from adhesions – a short-term help, and after only a few months after the procedure, they will again become impassable. A woman should understand this, and if she decided on laparoscopy with the aim to conceive a child, she should not lose precious time. Even if the patient has other pathology of the reproductive system (for example, she discovered polycystic ovarian syndrome), in this case, we recommend immediately start taking the necessary preparations, and then she is ready to conceive.

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Sex life after an invasive operation helps to normalize muscle tone and improve their performance, accelerate recovery processes. But in the first few days, better safe, though a categorical prohibition. After a couple of days after the operation the woman goes home, but the doctor warns her about sparing the loads, especially for the field of laparoscopy.

During the operation, can be torn vessel or affected tissue, it can cause bleeding. If the procedure was not carried out as a diagnosis and have stitches, especially on the organs of the reproductive system, start to have sex better after their withdrawal.

If laparoscopy is used to remove the Appendix, the doctor does not impose restrictions on the sexual life of the patient, however it is not recommended to engage in active physical exercise. Any tension the abdomen can cause bleeding in the places of suture.