The labia minora: causes, symptoms and treatment

The labia minora is a common pathology of the external genitalia, which most often occurs in childhood. This defect represents a merging of the labia minora among themselves or with the labia majora. According to medical statistics, in the last few years, the diagnoses of this disorder increased considerably. The labia minora are found in approximately 30% of girls. This disease affects children aged 1 to 8 years, but the main risk group are considered to be 1-2 year old girl. The reasons for the development of gynecological pathology can be very different, and some babies are born with adherent small labia. But whatever the nature of this disease, the latter requires full and appropriate treatment, as a result of coalescence of the external genital organs closes the entrance to the vagina is much more complicated and excretion of urine.

Sinehii labia: the main causes

To the merging of the labia minora in girls may result from many causes. Consider the main ones.

  1. Poor hygiene of the child – in this case we are talking about the lack of hygiene, and about their excess. Pathogenic microflora, which grows rapidly as a result of insufficient hygiene of the external genitalia, provokes chronic vulvitis or vulvovaginitis. The result of the local inflammatory process and become fused labia. The excess of hygienic procedures, especially using regular shower gel or soap, can trigger the development of diseases due to excessive dryness of the mucous surface of the vulva, from which it is formed a variety of microtrauma. So all should know the measure. Pediatricians suggest to wash girls no more than once per day, and for hygiene use only special baby cosmetics.
  2. Adhesion of the labia minora in girls may be the result of an allergic reaction the child’s body to a variety of pathogens – washing powder, which was washed underwear girls, long wearing diapers, cosmetics, soap. In some cases, synechia, the child may have formed as a result of the medication.
  3. As a result of wearing tight underwear from poor-quality or synthetic materials and soft mucous surface of the external genitalia injured, on it there are small small fissures. In the course of their healing may occur a fusion of the labia minora. Therefore, the choice of clothing, especially underwear for girls, should be treated with the utmost care.
  4. The reason for the development in girls of gynecological pathology may be prolonged overheating. In most cases we are talking about wearing diapers. The diaper causes excessive sweating in the crotch area of diaper rash, which can lead to various diseases of reproductive organs. Parents should regularly change the diaper, and also from time to time to allow the child to participate fully air baths.
  5. Some experts believe that the lack of estrogen in the body, girls may be one of the reasons for the development of pathology of the labia minora. As a result of the deficit of the delicate mucous surface of the vulva becomes more sensitive and vulnerable to various infections. All this leads to a gradual coalescence of the external genital organs.
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Sinehii small genitals to diagnose quite simple – in the majority of cases, the conventional visual inspection. But it should be noted that this disease can have a number of additional symptoms.

  1. Most of the stronger fusion of the labia in girls is accompanied by the closure of the entrance to the vagina and the difficult process of urine outflow. Girl can experience severe pain during urination, a feeling of cramps and discomfort. In order to empty the bladder, the baby is hard to push – as a result of the baby’s crying and begins to panic fear of going to the toilet. So if a baby strongly refuses to potty is a good reason to take her for a visit to the children’s gynecologist or pediatrician.
  2. If the labia minora have bacterial or allergic in nature, the symptoms of the disease can join redness, itching, rash in the crotch area.
  3. Also, a characteristic sign of pathology is the appearance of vaginal discharge with a grayish or white color.

The appearance of these symptoms should not be delayed trip to the children’s clinic. The specialist can diagnose the labia minora, conducted a visual inspection of the girl. Before prescribe treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause of the disease. This seems to a number of tests, including General blood test, stool and urine, the study of bacteriological smear and inoculation of microflora. In each situation can be assigned to other tests and laboratory tests. For example, if a child has a tendency to allergic reactions, mandatory inspection by a qualified allergist.

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The treatment of adhesions of the labia minora

The necessary treatment to the fusion of the external genital organs are assigned on an individual basis. In some cases, watchful waiting – many girls in the absence of inflammatory processes in the attainment of puberty the problem of splicing of the labia minora is solved by itself. This is due to the full production of estrogen in the body.

For the treatment of gynecological diseases can be used conservative or operative method. The most effective is the use of hormone drugs local action – creams, ointments, — having in its composition estrogen. These medications are applied to the perineal area 1 — 2 times a day for 2 — 3 weeks. As a result of treatment with hormones labia disconnects, recovering their normal position.

In some cases, a surgical breeding of the labia minora. This procedure is absolutely safe and painless even for a small child. Its duration does not exceed 5 minutes, during which the surgeon using a scalpel carefully rasskazivaet skin sticky labia. Within 3 to 5 days after surgery should be treated the intimate area girls special healing medicines.