The vaginal candidiasis — causes and treatment

One of the manifestations of fungal infection is vaginal candidiasis in which the lesion of the mucous membrane. In people, this disease is better known as thrush. Infectious agents represent the yeast-like fungi (Candida). They can be in the human body and does not deliver discomfort. Activation of the fungus weakens the body. Create all favorable conditions for the development of infection of the labia. Ignoring the first symptoms of the disease contributes to the spread of her intimate area with the transition to the vulva, the cervix in women and further damage internal organs.

When and how is candidiasis?

The causative agents of fungal infection in most cases, are a component of the microflora of a woman’s vagina. Sometimes they fall on the labia of the environment or the intestines, and can be purchased in the course of sexual intercourse or any contact with an infected subject. Minimal risk of disease are only the owners of a strong immune system.

People during puberty are often vulnerable to infection. Some women first learn what are the symptoms — during menopause, and somebody starts fighting with the disease only influenced by certain factors.

The main reasons causing the vaginal candidiasis are:

  1. Hormonal disruptions.
  2. Taking medications to restore hormonal background.
  3. Frequent stress or strong emotion.
  4. The loss of body protective functions due to the weakening of the immune system.
  5. Acute diseases of internal organs or chronic form.
  6. Excess blood sugar levels.
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  8. The violation of the basic hygienic rules.
  9. The lack of proper care of the intimate area.
  10. Promiscuous, which is characterized by random connections, the lack of a permanent partner. Often ignored external means of contraception.
  11. The presence of a helix in the vagina, which promotes infection.
  12. The high humidity of the labia and genital area, which is a consequence of the gaskets.

Often recurrent inguinal candidiasis and recurring symptoms can indicate any form of diabetes or other serious diseases, so it is important to monitor the sugar levels at any age.

Symptoms of fungal infection

The first symptoms that disturb the person during the development of yeast infection are itching of the labia. In the future, if there is no cure for the disease, a woman may notice a whiter appearance in the form of cheesy inclusions. Allocation have an unpleasant and slightly sour smell. Only when the itching in the genital area and the intimate area increases, and the labia itched — man begins the treatment of the disease.

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If the first symptoms of the disease are ignored, the thrush is gaining momentum and provokes a feeling of burning when urinating and feeling pain, aggravated by sexual intercourse. May form plaque in white on the vaginal mucosa, and sometimes it covers the labia in the intimate area. These symptoms do not disappear themselves, so it requires immediate treatment, which may appoint a doctor.

Signs of yeast infection in the area of the lips and private parts are often observed in workers of confectionery businesses or industrial facilities in the manufacture of canned products. This is due to the appearance of swelling of the skin (maceration) in contact with fruit juices or essences, malic or citric acid, and sugar substances.

The symptoms of candidiasis appear to the staff baths or pools, as they are at heightened risk of infection. All the people who frequent such places may be carriers of pathogens of the fungus. As a rule, treatment ignored them. But this is until a certain time.

Diagnosis of thrush

Confirm the diagnosis can only physician based on the clinical picture and results of light microscopy. Standard seeding shows only the presence of fungi, but proper treatment is important to know how many of their contained the site of the lesion infection. Even in healthy people the analysis can show the presence of pathogens in the vagina, bowel or even mouth.

Initial examination of the patient allows to determine the candidiasis of vulva and vagina by their appearance:

  • swelling of the mucosa in the affected location;
  • redness of the labia minora;
  • cracks appeared as a result of scratching of the genitals;
  • grayish plaque, which is difficult to remove from the walls of the vagina;
  • highlight, reminiscent of its consistency of cottage cheese;
  • in a smear taken from the vagina, visible threads of fungus mycelium.
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A full examination of the patient helps to find the right treatment, to eliminate the candidiasis of the bladder and genitourinary system. It can occur if a yeast infection treatment was not completed, and was used by the wrong drugs. As a result, the vaginal candidiasis may become chronic and infect other organs, including the region of the urethra. Outwardly, this manifestation of thrush has similar symptoms with vaginal candidiasis:

  • pronounced hypertrophy of the walls of the urethra;
  • more frequent urination;
  • labia acquires a red tint;
  • the feeling of pain and burning in the process of emptying the bladder;
  • the lips of the urethra become swollen;
  • cheesy lumps cover the surface of the labia.

Vaginal thrush often develop in isolation, but can occur in conjunction with other types of candidiasis while similar symptoms. Such features of fungal infection require correct and timely diagnosis, based on which is selected the appropriate treatment.

Treatment of disease by conventional methods

Treatment of candidiasis begins with determining the cause of the infection fungus. Depending on the source of lesions can apply the appropriate medications. Means the nature of the actions are of 2 types:

Antifungal drugs for local therapy

They are used when it affects the lips genitals or other parts of the intimate area and into the vagina. Funds in this group include candles and vaginal tablets, ointments and creams. Popular drugs used for the treatment of thrush are:

  • «Ciclopirox»;
  • «Clotrimazole» cream;
  • «Terzian»;
  • «Polygynax»;
  • «Livarol»;
  • «Nizoral».

Drugs with broad spectrum of activity

They are used when developing not only the genital yeast infection but there are signs of a fungal infection of internal organs. It is advisable in this case to use tools such as «Fluconazole», «Flucostat», «Diflucan». Additionally, many experts recommend to drink a course of tonic drugs and vitamins, to undergo immunotherapy and physiotherapy.

Self-treatment is unacceptable, it is able to remove only the symptoms, but not solve the problem. The choice of drug should be made by the physician after receiving the results of the crop on sensitivity to the means used against the fungus. Each of the drugs effective, but the same tool can not help all patients because of individual characteristics of the organism, so treatment can be ineffective.

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Traditional methods of treatment

Alternative medicine based on the treatment of thrush using herbs. They are used inside and locally, i.e. at the site of lesion infection.

Plants can be used as follows:

  1. To prepare a broth for douching. As ingredients suitable celandine, garlic or sold in pharmacies of drug charges. Effective chamomile decoction or a solution of baking soda. They well reduce inflammation and remove symptoms.
  2. To do sitz baths. The most effective way, when all the time itchy labia, and a bloom. You can use sea salt for cooking trays.
  3. The application of swabs soaked in a decoction of plants such as calendula or leaves of the tree eucalyptus. Tampons should only be entered at night.


Treatment of fungal infection takes a long time, so it’s best to take all necessary measures to prevent its onset.

Key recommendations:

  • to prevent the emergence of extra pounds;
  • to wear quality underwear that exclude synthetic fabric;
  • not to engage in casual sex;
  • time to change the pads;
  • not to break the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • to follow a diet that restricts the intake of sweets and flour products.

Women who care about their health and support the immune system, much less be faced with the same diseases as vaginal candidiasis.