The white bumps on labia: types, symptoms, causes and treatment

Very often women of different ages face this kind of common problem such as the occurrence of talc on the surface of the labia majora. Wen, which in modern medicine is also known as a lipoma, is a benign subcutaneous neoplasm composed of tissues of subcutaneous fat. These tumors are rounded, their texture is quite soft, «gelatinous». The talc encountered in the field of external sexual organs are quite mobile and is almost not accompanied by pain. But the presence of formations in the mucosa of the external genitalia, a woman can deliver a significant physical or aesthetic displeasure.

Types of white bumps on labia

Depending on the specific location and composition of a lipoma on the labia are divided into several types.

  1. Fibrolipoma in the composition of these benign tumors present a considerable amount of connective tissue.
  2. Milioni – these tumors are composed of fatty, connective and muscle tissue.
  3. Angiolipoma – those in addition to these tissues contains a sufficiently large number of blood vessels.
  4. Osteolepis – in the data of Wens, a certain proportion is given to bone tissues.

Symptoms of white bumps on labia

In the majority of cases, the identification of talc on the surface of the labia is easy. Simply visual inspection of intimate areas, which can identify the presence of benign tumors.

  1. On the surface of the mucous intimate areas appears subcutaneous seal, which gradually takes the form of a ball. In some cases, the education may acquire a light yellow or beige shade – this is due to the presence in its composition of a large number of adipose tissue.
  2. The white bumps on labia can be single or multiple.
  3. In the majority of cases, these benign tumors do not bring women pain and even discomfort. Most often, the presence of talc is diagnosed during routine pelvic examination.
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Causes of white bumps on labia

The causes of lipomas in the area of the external genitalia can be very different. Here are the main ones.

  1. Most often, the development of lipoma vulva is typical for women with oily skin and excessive sweating.
  2. Sometimes the white bumps appear on the labia in the result of blockage of the sebaceous glands in the bikini area due to the enhanced sebum. That is why owners of oily skin needs special care to monitor the condition of the intimate zones.
  3. Adverse effect on the condition of the mucous surface of the large and small labia is having obesity, poor diet with excess spicy, sweet or salty foods in a diet, habitual Smoking. In this case we are talking about women who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day.
  4. Neglect rules of personal hygiene or the use of unsuitable cosmetic products for intimate areas.
  5. Mechanical injury of the labia, which may be the result of a poor waxing in an intimate area, go consequence of sexual contact.

Treatment of lipoma on the labia

Despite the lack of pain and discomfort in women, any lipoma requires immediate treatment, because this benign tumor may at any moment to turn into malignant form. As a rule, often uses the following treatments.

  1. Drug therapy – in this case, under the skin of the external genitalia are introduced certain drugs that contribute to the gradual resorption of Wen. It should be noted that to date, this technique is rarely used – often it acts as a complement to other techniques of treatment. This is due to the numerous shortcomings of drug therapy – Wen may partially dissolve and cause subsequent relapses.
  2. Also lipoma on the labia can be removed by surgery. During the operation the lump is opened, its contents removed, and the damaged tissue is treated with a special antiseptic solutions; top sutured.
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Modern medicine offers the removal of lipomas on the skin of the outer reproductive organs through an endoscope. During this manipulation on the surface of the lipoma is done a small incision, which is followed by the so-called liposuction inner cavity Wen using a special medical device – endoscope.

In many cases, the talc from the surface of the intimate zones are removed radiowave or laser method. These techniques are currently considered to be an innovative, most effective and safe – conduct of such an operation does not require General anesthesia, and after the procedure on the surface of the genital organs do not remain rough, noticeable scars.