Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: symptoms and treatment of the disease

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is a childhood disease of the joints. He is one of the most common chronic diseases that can develop in a child. The exact cause of this inflammatory disease is still not established. Most often the disease develops in children under the age of 16 and lasts more than 45 days. Typically, juvenile arthritis diagnosed in girls.Артрит ревматоидный ювенильный: симптомы и лечение заболевания

Etiology and causes of the disease

As with any other disease, the treatment of this disease should begin immediately after diagnosis, otherwise it may develop chronic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The result of the progression of the disease will damage vital internal organs and the eyes of a child, splicing joints and damaged bones. This is due to the action of infectious agents, which are in a supportive environment to develop and begin to harm the body.

According to the international classification of diseases, juvenile arthritis has several forms:

  • rheumatic;
  • psoriatic;
  • chronic;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • arthritis inflammatory bowel diseases;
  • system;
  • pauciarticular;
  • idiopathic.

Артрит ревматоидный ювенильный: симптомы и лечение заболевания

In the affected joint becomes inflamed synovium, and this leads to thinning of the cartilage

In principle, the overall health indicators of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is a little different from a similar disease of joints in adults. Signs of this disease may begin to occur in children aged 5 to 16 years. The symptoms of the disease:

  • pain that begins in the joints;
  • redness in the affected area;
  • increasing the temperature to 38-39° C;
  • fever.

Joints nabuhajut, there are limitations in movement and sharp pain in the cervical spine. If such symptoms occur quite often, so it is necessary to take the child to the doctor for diagnosis. To postpone the visit to a specialist is not necessary, because juvenile chronic arthritis can give complication on heart, lungs, membrane of the eye (severe form leads to the development of cataracts and blindness).

Causes of rheumatoid arthritis in children science is still unknown. Scientists have put forward different theories, but the General opinion yet. The main reasons, with which I agree all doctors are hereditary predisposition to rheumatic diseases and complications as a result of various infectious diseases, after which the child is vaccinated (against measles, rubella, hepatitis b). The development of the disease can lead to various injuries of the joints.

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The symptoms of the various forms of the disease

Артрит ревматоидный ювенильный: симптомы и лечение заболеванияRheumatoid arthritis in children can only be diagnosed in a medical facility. Rheumatologist examines the child and prescribes the examination. When seeing the patient, the specialist may reveal swelling of the joints, the presence of pain in flexion and extension of limbs.

Blood patients have an increased content of erythrocytes, hemoglobin, ESR, platelets. Urinalysis shows increased amounts of protein and other substances. Special attention is paid to patients whose doctor was diagnosed with chronic juvenile arthritis. To confirm the diagnosis assigned to the x-ray and ultrasound of internal organs. To exclude eye disease, eye doctor examines the pupils. It should be noted that in most cases the disease can bring complications to the eyes of girls.

It is very important to diagnose juvenile idiopathic arthritis. It is a chronic disease in children is rare and is characterized by severe inflammation of the joints. The appearance of Jia modern experts explain the weak immune system of the child. The severity of illness that, like any chronic disease, it is difficult to cure. Modern medicine is only able to improve the condition of the patient. Signs and symptoms of such lesions of the joints is almost the same as other types of juvenile arthritis.

Systemic juvenile arthritis — burdened form that requires a very thorough comprehensive treatment. In this case, the disease affects not only the joints but many vital systems of the body. Start to hurt the heart, lungs, eyes.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in children

A feature of the disease is that the defeat exposed several joints. Treatment of juvenile arthritis system type is under the strict supervision of a physician. Patients prescribed corticosteroids and aspirin. Made injections of hormonal preparations directly into the damaged joints. Treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in children should be comprehensive.

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Артрит ревматоидный ювенильный: симптомы и лечение заболеванияIt is strictly forbidden to use virulent agents that are assigned to adults. Especially dangerous medicines that slow down the growth of bones. Their use can lead to disability of the child. With the young patients and conducts classes in a rehabilitation doctor who prescribes special exercises.

For the prevention of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis primarily recommend to conduct an active way of life. Sport, physical culture, Cycling and tourism are developing joint and not allowed to stagnate in the fluid. Should protect babies from hypothermia and various injuries of the extremities. Very important to have regular routine inspection, especially if you have joint pain.