Lump on cervical vertebrae: low back pain, lipoma, sebaceous cyst and migeles

The appearance of lumps in the region of the cervical spine — a phenomenon not so rare. In most cases, the unaesthetic appearance of tumors in the neck people complain after 35 years, leading a sedentary lifestyle. The bumps on the cervical spine are of different sizes and shapes.

Sometimes the lumps are accompanied by pain, but often unpleasant hump man is not worried, and found them completely by accident while combing the hair or washing the hair. The people that education in the area of the cervical vertebra referred to as a widow’s hump. The reasons for its occurrence can be various diseases. Man, all of a sudden nashumevshemu on the neck lump for an accurate diagnosis you should consult a qualified doctor and get tested.

Шишка на шейном позвонке: остеохондроз, липома, атерома и миогелёз

Diagram of cervical spine

Lump formation in cervical osteochondrosis

The notable hump, resulting in the area of the cervical spine may indicate the presence of degenerative disc disease. Cervical osteochondrosis is a very common disease, which is diagnosed even in very young people. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine occurs for many reasons, among them:

  • sedentary work, in which a person for a long time have to be head down (for example, office workers or programmers);
  • injuries of the spine;
  • incorrect posture;
  • scoliosis;
  • the lack of sufficient physical activity.

The appearance of the hump on the neck is not the only symptom of the disease. Cervical osteochondrosis causes in patients with a host of other unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • dizziness;
  • pain in the head and shoulders;
  • neck cracking when turning;
  • pain and numbness in the hands;
  • soreness in the chest;
  • fatigue.

These symptoms of illness tend to increase during exercise. It gives the patient serious discomfort. Noticing the symptoms that indicate cervical osteochondrosis, the patient must seek help from a neurologist or chiropractor.

If the cervical osteochondrosis is not treated, the disease will begin to progress, and the hump will be even greater.

Osteochondrosis is used the complex treatment, including:

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  • prescription medicines intended for internal and external use (tablets, ointments, gels);
  • physical therapy (stimulation, electrophoresis, etc.);
  • professional massage;
  • daily gymnastics (you can use exercises for spine system norbekova);
  • sports (people who are diagnosed with cervical osteochondrosis, it is very useful swimming).

The person with osteoarthritis should pay attention to your bed: mattress on which he sleeps should be moderately hard. At observance of all recommendations of the doctor the patient after 1-2 weeks, it’ll be better, and the bump will begin to diminish and gradually disappear. To cervical osteochondrosis no longer bothered the man, he must regularly do morning exercises, daily walks in the fresh air, exercise or yoga.

The tumor on the neck — lipoma

A lump on the cervical spine can be a lipoma — a benign subcutaneous fat of the seal. Lipoma is soft to the touch, painless and easily movable formation, which usually is not dangerous to life. Lipoma grows slowly, and in some cases can reach impressive sizes.

Шишка на шейном позвонке: остеохондроз, липома, атерома и миогелёз

Causes of fatty lumps such as lipoma is still unclear. Most physicians are inclined to the version that it is the result of violations of metabolic processes. There is also a view that the presence of lipomas evidence of slagging of the body of the patient.

Kind of fatty tumors lipoma is diffuse, in which the bump appeared first on the back of the neck, gradually grows and covers the area of the chin and collarbone. Neck circumference can reach 65 cm, and look disproportionate in comparison with the human head. Despite the huge size and fearsome appearance, a diffuse lipoma not squeezing the neck vessels and nerves. This pathology is characteristic for men after 40 years. In women it is not found. Lipoma should be removed by valesiana (enucleation) from the surrounding tissue.

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Seal in the atheroma

A lump on the cervical spine may indicate a trichilemmal cyst — a cyst sebaceous glands. Because of the appearance of the cyst of the sebaceous duct becomes clogged, and above it formed a bump filled with pus. A distinctive feature of this lump is the pain. The tumor may be accompanied by fever. Atheroma is of two types:

  • primary (occurs as an independent process, easily diagnosed and treated);
  • secondary (develops on the background of comorbidities, the bumps can appear not only on the neck, but on the face, back).

Шишка на шейном позвонке: остеохондроз, липома, атерома и миогелёз

Atheroma — a benign tumor and movable by touching education

Finding on cervical spine painful tumor, one must go to a medical facility. Modern treatment of sebaceous cysts on the neck is carried out in three ways:

  • surgical (lump with purulent contents is removed through an incision in the skin, the procedure leaves a scar);
  • laser (atheroma is opened, and the inner part of the ulcer process in order to avoid relapses, the surgery is less traumatic, leaves no scars);
  • radiowave (purulent content is destroyed by high frequency radio waves, the procedure is painless, after her neck leaving no traces).

The appearance of a hump when Miguelete

Be the culprit of the appearance of hump on the cervical spine can miguelez — degenerative-dystrophic changes in the muscle tissues, developing as a result of heavy exercise. Miguelez most often occurs in people heavily engaged in strength training. If, during intense exercise the dorsal muscles of the athlete can not withstand the load, it is on the rear of the neck seal appears, resembling a lump.

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To reduce the size of the ugly growths, the person should reduce the amount of training. You need to hire the services of a physiotherapist and professional masseur. These measures will help to make the hump less noticeable, but completely to get rid of it will be very difficult.

Шишка на шейном позвонке: остеохондроз, липома, атерома и миогелёз

To reduce the hump can be resorting to the services of physiotherapist and professional masseur

Bump that emerged on cervical vertebra, should not leave its owner indifferent. Neck near the brain, therefore, all suspicious seals that appear on its surface, should be carefully examined by experts. Thanks to modern methods of examination the doctor will be able to put your patient the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment that will help him to get rid of the tumor.

In rare cases the lump may be a symptom of the development of human malignant tumors, and in the untimely appeal to the doctor, the patient is at risk not only their health, but also life.