Prevention of osteoarthritis, its causes and symptoms

Профилактика артроза, его причины и симптомы

The worn joint is devoid of cartilage and connective tissue, leading to bone injury

Arthrosis (osteoarthritis) is a chronic disease of the joints metabolic nature. Today, the disease is increasingly concerned about young people. Prevention of osteoarthritis — the necessary measures that will help to protect yourself from this common joint disease.

Prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis should include a combination of methods: physical education, alternative medicine, medicine, physical therapy and proper nutrition.

The causes of the disease

The risk groups are primarily the people after 60 years. More than half of people in this age group have symptoms of osteoarthritis. The disease appears due to the development of rheumatoid arthritis. Often after 60 there is a whole complex of diseases that occur at the same time, and osteoarthritis is a consequence of other diseases (varicose veins, rheumatism, etc.).

In some cases, osteoarthritis may be the result of injury or great physical stress on the joint. Signs of osteoarthritis are often seen in people of certain professions: athletes, porters, ballet, dancers.

Causes of osteoarthritis can be persistent colds or complications of other diseases (typhoid, syphilis, drug addiction). Osteoarthritis is often seen in people who abuse alcohol and Smoking. All processes in the body are interrelated, and one disease can cause a number of other.

In a special risk group of the disease of osteoarthritis include people:

  • with the extra weight;
  • with a genetic predisposition;
  • elderly;
  • with a specific occupation;
  • with metabolic disorders in the body;
  • lack of micronutrients;
  • damaged injuries of the joints;
  • athletes.

The symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis

Pain is one of the main symptoms of arthritis. But the type of pain in these diseases are different. When osteoarthritis pain can occur in the process of movement and strong physical activity and to be strongly expressed in the early stage of the disease. Pain may subside if a person takes a convenient position. Arthritis pain when changing position does not disappear. For rheumatoid arthritis characterized pain in the night time.

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Another symptom is the crunch. The friction of the bones is obliterated the cartilaginous layer, which causes a crunchy sound. In osteoarthritis heard rough dry clicks. The more the disease started, the more pronounced the crackle.

For osteoarthritis can be reduced, the amplitude of motion of the diseased joint. For rheumatoid arthritis the characteristic stiffness in the morning lasting an hour or more limitation of physical function and increased pain in affected joints when you try to make any movement. In osteoarthritis the exterior of the joint may change, but not swelling like arthritis. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis of the knee and arthritis of the fingers can be swelling, formation of hard nodules in the region of the joint and increases the temperature of the inflamed area.

Often inflammation of the joints arthritis is accompanied by weakness, inflammation of the eyes, high fever, increased sweating.

Prevention of osteoarthritis

Профилактика артроза, его причины и симптомы

Osteoarthritis — a disease which the bone tissue grows around the edges of the joint. To completely get rid of the disease is impossible, but the active prevention and treatment to significantly slow progression of the disease. Primary prevention of the disease is in childhood. You need to teach the child how to sit to avoid scoliosis. To strengthen the muscles needed regular gymnastics. Ensure the child had the right shoes, this will help to avoid flat feet and deformation of the arch of the foot.

People suffering from excess weight, you need to follow the ratio of height and body weight. You need to exercise without overloading joints. Particularly useful for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis swimming. Restorative procedures also contribute to the prevention of disease: this is fresh air, a contrast shower, rubdown, which improve blood circulation in the joints.

Special attention to the prevention of osteoarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis fingers, arthritis of the knee joint should be given to people who have a genetic predisposition to those diseases. When choosing a profession, you need to avoid areas related to congestion or injury of the joints. It can be difficult sports, and work related stress on the joints of the fingers.

Secondary prevention of osteoarthritis is to prevent the recurrence of the disease. It includes measures that favor the unloading of the joints.

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Prevention of osteoarthritis knee

There is an opinion that physical exertion wears out the joints. In the case of arthrosis of the knee joint such loads is a good solution to prevent disease progression. The main thing is to pick the right set of exercises. For arthritis of the knee recommended:

  • walking;
  • swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • special gymnastics for joints.

Профилактика артроза, его причины и симптомы

Run prevention is not recommended because it creates additional load on the spine and the affected knee. Prevention of arthritis of the fingers is reduced to the treatment of infectious diseases, strengthen the immune system, the hardening of the body. You must protect yourself from hypothermia, injuries, to avoid a large load on the joints of the fingers.

If the regular colds, infections in humans, there is a high probability of getting arthritis, should be excluded from the life of harmful habits (Smoking, alcohol). Instead of coffee and black tea go to herbal teas or green tea, to revise your diet: limit intake of sweet and salty. And we need to normalize body weight, if a person is redundant. Menu for the prevention of arthritis must contain a minimum of fat.

To facilitate the progress of the disease, must adhere to the following rules:

  • to reduce the load on the fingers;
  • delete self;
  • daily exercise;
  • to avoid heavy and sudden movements;
  • just follow the recommendations of the expert;
  • to use special means to facilitate movement;
  • have good sleep;
  • limit intake of liquids and food.

Avoid rheumatoid arthritis

Профилактика артроза, его причины и симптомы

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that often affects the finger joints, knee, feet. The etiology of the disease is still unclear. No matter how treating rheumatoid arthritis, to completely get rid of it. It is therefore necessary to devote time to the prevention of this disease.

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This disease requires maintaining a particular lifestyle. Need every day to perform the exercises, which consist of aerobics and exercises for General strengthening of the body. Exercise helps to keep weight in norm and in some cases to reduce the pain that causes rheumatoid arthritis. Program right exercise should be a doctor. Experts also advise a lot of walking, ride a bike, swim.

People who suffer from strong regular pains, shows a mud bath containing sulfur. After the procedure improves the movement of the joint, disappear muscle spasms, decrease pain. Special attention in the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis should be paid to nutrition. Junk food can provoke an inflammatory process. Although diet does not help to get rid of the disease, it will help to reduce pain, subsidence of the other symptoms. We should totally give up foods containing sugar and saturated fats (pastries, snacks, coffee, alcohol).

Sharply limit consumption of white bread and pasta. The menu needs to include foods that contain omega-3 acids (fish, Flaxseed and pumpkin seeds, rapeseed oil), vegetables, porridge. Drink 2 litres of clean water per day. Omega-3s reduce the harmful effects of medications prescribed for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

To cure the disease, it is necessary to strictly follow the advice of a specialist, do not skip taking the prescribed medications, not to neglect physical exercise and observe a healthy diet. This preventive complex will quickly become a habit, and disease will not be long to manifest itself.