Rheumatoid arthritis in children: causes, treatment, symptoms

To date, failed to fully identify the causes rheumatoid arthritis in children. It is assumed that the primary role played by the hereditary factor. However, the reason rheumatoid arthritis in children there may be bacterial or viral infection.

Ревматоидный артрит у детей: причины, лечение, симптомы

Infectious processes caused by a failure informative of the immune system, which appears rheumatoid (uvenilny) arthritis in children.

Early diagnosis of the disease

In the early diagnosis of arthritis in children the primary role of the parents. Observing physical condition of the child, you should closely monitor his behavior. As you know, during mobile games is the development of motor function of the hands and feet. If you notice that during the game the child makes a gentle motion with your hand or limping on one foot, you should sound the alarm. These figures are an uncomfortable condition of the child can be the first signs of rheumatoid arthritis.

Older children may complain about their condition. If the child is small and cannot explain what’s bothering him, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection. If redness or swelling in the joint parts of the limbs, and pain while touching the leg or arm you should immediately consult a doctor. This must be done in any case, even if there is confidence in the absence of obvious signs of injury to the extremities.

Very important in the early stages of the disease the correct diagnosis and determining the cause of the disease. Pathological processes changes in the immune system happen a few months before obvious signs of disease. To establish a correct diagnosis and to start treatment will help the results of the biopsy of the synovial membrane.

Diagnosis is performed in several stages:

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Ревматоидный артрит у детей: причины, лечение, симптомы

  • To set the inflammation in more than three joints where fluid may accumulate and appear swollen.
  • To determine the symmetry (inflamed joint should be placed proportionally on the same parts of the body).
  • To carry out laboratory biochemical researches of blood test and x-ray radiography of joints for the presence of subcutaneous nodules.
  • To make laboratory examination of tissues in the joints of the extremities (biopsy).

  • Symptoms and causes of disease

    You should pay attention to the reasons for the outbreak of the disease. Rheumatic manifestations occur with increased body temperature in a child. Children become passive, they lose their appetite. Common painful condition include swelling in the hearth of the inflamed bone of the joint. Pains one, but often two joints, located directly in proportion to each other. Children cry and complain of pain.

    Marvel in most cases, major joint limb: ankle, knee and wrist joints. Lymph nodes, liver and spleen strongly enhanced, as seen by ultrasound analysis. There may be a rash on some areas of the skin caused by allergenic agents.

    If at the initial stage of rheumatoid arthritis has signs of sudden exacerbation, then with high probability we can predict in the future a more severe form of the disease with a partial relapse. Often such signs of sharp deterioration appear in the youngest age category, in some exceptional cases, in adolescence.

    Rheumatoid arthritis in the acute form affects only one joint, limiting its plastic dynamics. The gait of a child instantly changes, small children (under two years) refuse to walk. To develop the diseased joint, especially in the morning, it required a long warm-up.

    Treatment and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

    Drug treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is prescribed by a doctor-a rheumatologist. At the initial stage is the removal of inflammation and suppression of pain. Treat arthritis need a comprehensive. Along with the General treatment, physiotherapy. In the early stages of the disease to the child are assigned non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. According to the results of many months of continuous treatment to determine further tactics of applying these remedies.

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    The diet of the child must include protein products and vitamin complexes with a high content of vitamin D. it is necessary to limit the consumption of food with carbohydrate and fat-containing components.

    Arthritis can be overcome, and with the use of alternative folk remedies. To improve the plasticity of the joints is possible, choosing effective treatment. It may take from several months to a year.

    Often rheumatoid (autoimmune) arthritis treated with folk remedies more efficiently than traditional medicine. There are many examples. Treatment of folk remedies aimed at controlling relapses and the maintenance of the joints in flexible condition.

    The use of folk remedies

    There are a few widely applicable methods:

  • Arthritis can be cured with the help of chopped burdock (root part). To insist on a steam bath and a teaspoon of root, filled with 500 ml of boiling water. Steamed tincture keep till the morning tightly wrapped. During the day all of it to drink. Treatment is to stop during the week.
  • Ревматоидный артрит у детей: причины, лечение, симптомы

  • Grind the leaves of burdock with a grinder and pour the vodka at the rate of 50 g of burdock root to 0.5 liters of vodka. Shake and put in the cold. Apply every evening before bedtime to the affected areas. After a few sessions of use the pain fades and sometimes disappears altogether.
  • 100 g of cinquefoil to take a liter of vodka. Insist two weeks in a dark place, shaking occasionally. After the sludge is pressed and strained. Take 30-40 ml per hour before a meal.
  • Poultice of raw potato can be applied to the affected area.
  • A decoction of Bay leaves is a good antiseptic home remedy.
  • A mixture of fresh beetroot juice with vodka and honey.
  • Coniferous tincture of pine buds. Collect pine buds in July.
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    Rheumatoid arthritis in children causes the family to change their way of life. It is recommended that consultation with a specialist, to temporarily take school age children for home schooling. Stiffness of the joints in children requires a good warm-up before training or game day. Additional stimulation of muscle tone will help physiotherapy.

    Daily exercises give elasticity aching joints and is a great prevention of disease in healthy children. Useful are swimming, Cycling and just walking in the fresh air. You need to remember that now there will be classes in which sharp movements in the joints: jumping, running and very active games.

    In the evening hours effective treatment using massage of the joints. However, all the recommendations on exercise therapy and massage must have a physician-rheumatologist. Follow the advice of experts, and arthritis will always leave your child. Be healthy!