Sore knee from the inner side: what to do in this case

Every day doctors have to deal with a huge number of patients complaining of pain on the inner side of the knee. And these feelings people experience are not only old, but middle aged and even children. There are many reasons for this pain, but all of them can be divided into 2 categories — injuries and inflammation.

Pain due to injuries

Болит колено с внутренней стороны: что делать в таком случае

How does the knee: ligament and bone

The knee joint is quite vulnerable part of the body, because it is daily exposed to huge loads. Injuries can be light and heavy. The last type requires special attention and usually leads to surgical intervention. Need to know what injuries can cause knee pain on the inner side and how they will manifest their symptoms.

  • Rupture of the ligaments. The knee swells and begins to hurt sharply not only with walking but even a weak turn damaged foot in place.
  • Damage to the meniscus. People with such an injury cannot straighten leg at the knee and move it without outside help, as in a lot of pain.
  • Chronic patellar luxation. The joint area is constantly sick, it changes its form.
  • Hemarthrosis. In the joint cavity enters the blood. The result is a swelling of the knee and a nasty pain when walking.
  • Damage to the lateral ligament. By touching the injured place there is a sharp pain. In some cases, completely absent mobility of the knee.
  • In the event of injuries it is necessary to restrict the movement, providing the injured place to rest. To reduce pain and swelling, can place on the affected area package with something cold, but not keep it there long. If you have a sore knee from the inside, be sure to consult a traumatologist. This should be done immediately if the following symptoms after injury:

    • knee much swollen;
    • the joint is severely deformed;
    • the pain continues for more than 2 days;
    • appeared clicks or lameness;
    • no mobility of the knee.
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    Pain due to inflammation

    Injuries are not the only causes of pain in the knee on the inner side. Sources of pain may be inflammatory processes:

    • arthritis;
    • arthritis;
    • synovitis;
    • tendinitis;
    • a Baker’s cyst;
    • Goff’s illness;
    • rickets.

    The symptoms of these diseases differ from each other, so you can roughly determine the cause of the pain. Arthritis in the knee region the temperature rises. Usually there is swelling, sometimes there is a feeling of General malaise. Rooting can not only inside, but also on the side of the knee. Treatment should not be delayed, as the possible development of rheumatoid arthritis. In this disease is more often a sore knee from the inside. The disease may last a very long time. Affecting cartilage and ligaments, it leads to complete immobility of the knee.

    Болит колено с внутренней стороны: что делать в таком случаеIf walking is all you ever hear POPs, clicks, feel the nagging knee pain that increases after waking up in the morning, — you might have developed arthritis. This disease is chronic and progressive. If untreated can completely destroyed cartilage, the joint will cease to function and the person will be disabled.

    One of the serious inflammation is synovitis. In this disease the person hurts the inner side of the knee and in the joint increases synovial fluid. The result is formed a well-marked swelling.

    Inflammation of the patella tendon, called tendonitis, can occur for different reasons. For example, they include too much load on the joint or a wrong posture. The disease is accompanied by severe pain on the inner side of the knee and lack of mobility.

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    Often the source of pain syndrome may be a Baker’s cyst. In this case, knee pain is accompanied by the presence of cystic masses. To view it, you need to flatten the joint. Then you notice the border of the cyst and will easily be able to probe. People with this disease did not initially suffer any inconvenience. But in the absence of treatment, the cyst increases in size and begins to interfere with the bending legs. In addition, the blood circulation, leading to edema and feeling of heaviness in the legs, numbness and even thrombophlebitis.

    Goff’s illness is the most difficult to diagnose of these diseases. Manifested in the renewal of body fat located around joint. If not treated on time, the person will feel a very strong pain in the knee.

    Болит колено с внутренней стороны: что делать в таком случае

    MRI defined disease Goff

    Rickets usually develops in children under 2 years of age. In this disease are softened and broken bones, which causes quite severe pain. To treat the disease need immediately, as the disease threatens the normal development of the joints.

    If injury is the reason for pain is obvious. But if pain occasionally when walking or at certain times of day, to determine why this is happening harder. If you have a few days hurts the inner side of the knee, be sure to seek the help of a specialist to begin treatment in time.

    Diagnosis and treatment of diseases

    To get rid of pain after elimination of its causes. First, you need to consult a doctor. He will inspect the affected area and will conduct some tests, and then send to the x-ray or CT study. In some cases, your doctor may order a blood or synovial fluid.

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    If the source of pain is an inflammatory process, apply steroid hormones and drugs for the treatment of joints. Also appointed massage, physiotherapy, physical therapy and stretching the spine. If the pain is there because of an injury, sometimes it may require surgical intervention. If not too much damage on the leg, a bandage, a plaster or a splint. After fixing a leg above heart level. Patient is prescribed painkillers and antibiotics, physiotherapy and perform certain exercises.

    It is necessary not only to eliminate pain but to make it so she never returned. To do this, normalize body weight, as excess weight places extra load on the foot during walking. You also need to walk every day, sleep at least 7 hours a day and give up alcohol and Smoking.