Treatment of arthritis of the fingers, the causes and the symptoms of the disease

Лечение артрита пальцев рук, причины и симптомы болезни

Arthritis of the fingers is an inflammatory process that occurs in the joints. It is capable of striking many areas, but mainly the upper limbs. Men suffer from the disease less often. Basically he affects women. According to statistics, arthritis of the fingers is found in every seventh inhabitant of the planet. It is therefore important quick response to early symptoms. Treatment of arthritis of the fingers is a long process.


Arthritis has always been considered an insidious disease, because it can appear quite suddenly in the absence of health problems. The acute form of the disease develops immediately. The worst option is a chronic arthritis of the joints of the fingers.

Main symptoms:

  • acute arthritis manifests itself with severe pain and fever, you may experience swelling of the joints;
  • rheumatoid arthritis can occur symmetrically, this process is accompanied by numbness of limbs and tingling in the affected area;
  • fatigue, accompanied by prolonged morning pain and stiffness, in some cases there is also a General malaise;
  • eventually begin to appear subcutaneous nodules;
  • the joints creak;
  • deformation occurs.

First, the disease affects one or several joints, but over time the process is aggravated. Arthritis affected mostly the hands and feet. When not treated fingers can change shape. They begin to curve like the neck of a Swan, sometimes the brush is similar to the spindle. Possible even contracture of the finger with skin necrosis.

Лечение артрита пальцев рук, причины и симптомы болезни

Arthritis is a serious disease to treat which should be started immediately. After all, the contortion leads to the fact that man can’t do his usual things. Fasten the button becomes back-breaking labor.

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Symptoms of arthritis of the joints of the fingers depend on the form of the disease. The pain of an inflammatory nature manifests itself in the second half of the night. If we are talking about the defeat of the surrounding joints, pain arise at any movement. You can watch the shape change, swelling and redness of the fingers.

The causes of the disease

Arthritis never occurs just because every disease has its own reasons. The metabolic disorders leads to the development of non-infectious forms of arthritis. Often this disease occurs in people of advanced age. She is accompanied by the presence of occupational diseases related to malfunction of the glands of internal secretion. People who have had small injuries also are at risk.

Infectious diseases can develop arthritis. Among them include brucellosis, influenza, and scarlet fever. It could be tuberculosis, chlamydia and even syphilis. The cause of arthritis of the fingers can become small focal lesions, such as chronic tonsillitis. Usually the causative agents for this phenomenon be staphylococci and streptococci.

Surgery and severe trauma to the joints may cause arthritis. Do not forget about heredity. Definitely was not proven that the predisposition could lead to the development of arthritis but to eliminate this fact is not necessary.


Лечение артрита пальцев рук, причины и симптомы болезни

If you start treatment promptly, the disease will quickly recede. Importantly, the intervention was operational and comprehensive. A lot depends on his form. If there is inflammation and pronounced pain in the joints, hope for a quick recovery is not worth it. In this case, the applied non-steroidal drugs in form of tablets, ointments or injections. Good help, «Nimesulide», «Ibuprofen» and «Diclofenac». These drugs at one point removed all pain, but the problem is not eliminated. Arthritis is possible only in an integrated way.

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Once the inflammatory process begins to subside a bit, are assigned to other medications. In this case, it all depends on the reason which provoked the development of the disease. Infectious arthritis need to be eliminated by the use of antibiotic therapy. This takes into account the sensitivity of the pathogen to the drug.

How to cure rheumatoid arthritis want to consider. In this case, help drugs, suspending the development of the disease. Among them include «Methotrexate», «Cyclosporine» and «Sulfasalazine». Use in combination with other. It is advisable to use anti-inflammatory therapy. Great help and a special ointment from arthritis.

Currently, in order to cure the disease using biological agents. They are able to stop inflammatory processes. Disease requires the normalization of exchange of purines. To ensure this process is effective diet for arthritis. In the diet of each person, the more prone to diseases of the joints, needs to be products with a high content of vitamin E.

How to treat arthritis of the fingers by using a particular mode, of course. In order to achieve a particular result, you need to include in the process a warming of the joints. Not to do without medicine. It is able to provide additional assistance.

Fingers is recommended to wash with Apple cider vinegar. Fit and compress of sea salt, the leaves of burdock and cheese. After its removal, you can apply the oil of fir, it will remove inflammation.

Diet for arthritis

One medical treatment is not enough to observe and a certain diet. It is desirable to exclude from a diet of broth, cauliflower, green onions, all sorts of Goodies, including chocolate. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

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Human nutrition must be rich in vitamins, particular attention should be paid to the PP, C, R, B, B1, B2, B6. During a severe symptoms of arthritis are encouraged to eat a lot of berries and unsweetened fruit. If the aggravation is not observed, food can be included:

  • eggs, fish, lean meats;
  • bread, from rye flour;
  • buckwheat and oat groats;
  • cheese, cheese;
  • coffee with milk, juices, compotes.

Suitable as a red or green soup, light soups with cabbage, eggs, rice and semolina porridge. Allowed to eat even condensed milk. This is a definite plus for the sweet tooth.

Many people wonder how to treat arthritis through diet. It is actually quite simple. The main thing — to remove all the annoying products not to abandon the use of drugs. To get rid of diseases of the joints of the fingers, the treatment should be timely and comprehensive.