Treatment of vertigo with cervical degenerative disc disease: medications, exercises

Лечение головокружения при шейном остеохондрозе: медикаменты, гимнастикаOsteochondrosis of the cervical spine was found in only 25 % of all visits to doctors for degenerative disc disease of the spine. As a rule, the disease is accompanied by a very dangerous and unpleasant symptoms, among them include nausea and dizziness. Treatment of vertigo with cervical osteochondrosis involves the use of medications, exercises and a special diet. Cause unpleasant symptoms are anatomical features that have the neck. Due to a lack of a developed muscular corset, narrow spinal canal, a large number of closely spaced blood vessels and nerve endings of the spine is the most vulnerable to various injuries, including low back pain and.

In osteochondrosis, there is a gradual flattening of the intervertebral discs, which eventually leads to the loss of their stability. Their mobility becomes pathologic, changes of curves, it is possible the formation of bone growths. Spinal canal, vertebral arteries and nerve endings all these processes are traumatic. In addition, it affects the blood flow that gets to the brain.

About symptoms cervical degenerative disc disease

Frequent dizziness with cervical osteochondrosis are the result of ischemia. It affects the areas important for vestibular reactions and coordination. Aside from dizziness, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine may be accompanied by severe headaches (often having pulsating character), noise in the head, loss of consciousness, numbness of fingers, sensation of weakness in the muscles.

Лечение головокружения при шейном остеохондрозе: медикаменты, гимнастика

Deformed vertebrae putting pressure on nerve roots

Moreover, this disease pretty often impaired memory, vision and hearing. Dizziness with cervical degenerative disc disease can be caused by a nod, a sharp turn of the head or the weather changes. Cervical osteochondrosis accompanied by dizziness, tolerated rather difficult, as any movement causes a lot of discomfort which can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and involuntary horizontal movement of the eyeballs (nystagmus). Dizziness with cervical osteochondrosis can stay for several hours, until the back of the brain and vessels will not be exempt from being crushed. To treat low back pain need time, because the consequences of this disease can be extremely dangerous.

Skilled care helps eliminate many unpleasant sensations. As already mentioned, these include squeezed state, which exposed the spinal canal, nerve roots and vertebral artery. Timely and competent treatment allows you to cope with compression symptoms and improve the condition in which the intervertebral disk.

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How to alleviate the patient’s condition

To reduce compression with cervical osteochondrosis, which affects the nerves and blood vessels by using anti-inflammatory and, if necessary, painkillers. Often doctors prescribe such medicines, like ibuprofen, voltaren, pain, Movalis. To relieve headaches it is recommended to take vasodilator drugs.

Лечение головокружения при шейном остеохондрозе: медикаменты, гимнастика

Effective medication to relieve muscle spasms

With the help of muscle relaxants and acupuncture can effectively relieve muscle spasms, good results can be achieved with the application of baclofen, sirdalud. In order to relieve severe pain in osteochondrosis, okolopochecnuu make procaine blockade, which helps to eliminate muscle spasms, inflammation, and also helps to improve the nutrition of tissues, which is so necessary to the spine.

Before you can assign complex treatment, osteopath determines the severity of the disease and exploring all the features of the patient. All these readings are important for the application of massage. In some cases, efforts when performing massage movements can greatly harm.

Relieve compression of the disc can be achieved by spinal traction, massage, exercise therapy and manual therapy. Treatment of vertigo with cervical osteochondrosis may take quite a long period.

Degenerative changes and their treatment

It is very important to understand that only the elimination of symptoms for a full treatment of vertigo with cervical osteochondrosis is not enough. The primary goal is to stop the destructive processes in the intervertebral discs. The patient should prepare for the long process of treatment, be patient.

First the spine must be provided with full unloading. It should be noted that the maximum load on the disks is necessary during sitting position. People whose work is connected with the computer, every half hour you want a workout that includes exercises to stretch muscles.

Those who do not have the problems associated with the spine, too, need to monitor their posture and not to neglect performing the regular workout, otherwise you may eventually develop osteoarthritis. It is important to monitor your posture while walking. A significant role in the development of osteochondrosis plays an extra weight, so people predisposed to obesity, should take this into account.

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For the treatment of vertigo with cervical osteochondrosis it is necessary to restore the metabolic processes in the spine. Nutrition of the intervertebral discs is carried out through the tissues that surround the vertebrae by diffusion. Food process is enhanced when the vertebrae are moving. That’s why man is so important moderate exercise and so detrimental a sedentary lifestyle.

In order to osteochondrosis ceased development, as well as prevention should be regularly Hiking, who are encouraged to spend 1.5-2 hours a day.

How else to treat dizziness

Osteochondrosis is very frequently prescribed for vitamin. Recommended b vitamins and C and E. Foods that contain large amounts of trace elements, allow the intervertebral discs to improved nutrition.

Лечение головокружения при шейном остеохондрозе: медикаменты, гимнастикаWith cervical osteochondrosis treatment of vertigo involves a course of classical massage, acupressure and vacuum. In addition, low back pain requires regular performance of therapeutic exercise, the use of magneto — and laser therapy. Thus it is possible to achieve a significant improve metabolism, relieve pain and relax muscles.

Treatment for dizziness should be prescribed only by a doctor. Try to cope with the disease alone is not recommended because the disease can become chronic. As a preventive measures should try to protect itself from stress and to get rid of bad habits.

It is important to understand that dizziness osteochondrosis indicate that the disease is not already on the first stage of development. And treatment should be immediate. You first need to take measures that will help to relieve dangerous symptoms and eliminate the degenerative processes in the discs of the spine.

With cervical osteochondrosis require individual treatment programme, which is being developed by osteopaths. After a thorough examination of the patient, the specialist takes into consideration all of the factors that caused the disease. Cervical degenerative disc disease can be caused by genetic predisposition, infectious diseases, hormonal disruptions, obtained previously by mechanical injury or atherosclerosis.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebra are advised to monitor their diet. It is desirable to eliminate from the diet foods that contain oxalic acid include sorrel and grapes. In addition, undesirable meat broths and wine.

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Treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease.

Folk medicine offers a variety, not too expensive, effective methods of treatment.

  • Well help compresses prepared from a slurry, composed of honey and grated raw potatoes.
  • You can prepare the mixture, for which you will need aloe juice (1 part), radish juice (1 part), liquid honey (0,5 part) vodka (0,5 part). Taken in the morning before Breakfast.
  • For the preparation of the ointment you’ll need pork fat and hop cones (1 tbsp). The ointment should be rubbed into the region of the cervical vertebra for the night.
  • A good effect can be achieved by applying the hot pellets (2 times a day). In order to cook the desired meal.
  • The patient with cervical osteochondrosis also in dire need of medical gymnastics. Special complexes, which will recommend a specialist, will have a positive impact and will help to get rid of pain and dizziness. Note that to perform the exercises regularly, only then positive results will not keep itself waiting.

    Using the popular ways to get good results, but neglect the traditional methods of treatment is still not recommended. Proper and timely comprehensive therapeutic effect not only relieve acute symptoms but also help to get rid of the disease.