Treatment of hearing loss folk remedies: how to treat sensorineural tugouhostew

How to treat hearing loss at home?

The ability to hear people have a normal life and complete socialization. Therefore, when the first signs of ear inflammation is necessary to take urgent measures to diagnosis and treatment. Most often, failure to observe safety rules and inadequate treatment, the patient develops hearing loss of varying degrees.

At this time, the patient complains of severe hearing loss, the appearance of periodic feelings of stuffiness, in some cases, appear nagging pains. Treatment first stages of hearing loss requires a holistic approach, so patients are increasingly turning to methods of alternative medicine. So take a closer look at the question of how to treat hearing loss folk remedies.

How to cure ear from hearing loss

Before starting therapy with traditional methods of treatment of hearing, it is necessary to determine the cause of the inflammation. Most often, hearing loss is a result of infection of the ears, and also due to the negative impact of colds and otitis media the middle or inner ear.

Another cause of hearing loss is considered to be professional work in noisy places, such as on a construction site or in a nightclub.

These inflammations lead to the formation of acute hearing loss when a patient experiences sudden hearing loss.

It is important that at this time the patient had received competent medical treatment, which includes drug therapy and treatment of hearing loss methods of traditional medicine.

It is known that herbs and roots of various plants our grandmothers have cured not just one disease, so do not trust relates to such a method is silly. However, before starting therapy will be the right to consult with your doctor.

Before you put the question of how to cure hearing loss, you need to install the root cause of the disease, and only then move on to treatment.

Most often in case of acute hearing loss patients complain of hearing loss and shooting pain. At this time, it is important to provide really effective help, so let us examine the question of how to treat hearing loss in the home read more.


Recently gaining popularity of the Eastern methods of therapy. To restore hearing, you must do massage on the active points. Using simple exercises, the patient alone can restore hearing and improve overall health. In addition, action at certain points improves circulation not only in the ear on, but throughout the body.

Do not perform the following exercises in case of chronic hearing loss.

  1. Put your hands on the frontal part, while to the base of the palm had closed the outer ear, and the fingers were on his forehead. Start slowly and gently tapping fingers keeping the palms tightly on the ears. Repeat this exercise at least fifteen times.
  2. Then firmly brigite hands to his ears and abruptly tear off. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times. Thus, you will create mild pressure on the eardrum and improve the functioning of the auditory ossicles.
  3. Then insert the index fingers in the external auditory canal and make ten rotations . After that, abruptly remove your fingers and RUB his ears with his hands.

After these procedures, you must gently walk along the edge of the ear. Such movements you will calm the skin and improve blood circulation.

Repeat these operations every morning and evening for 5-10 minutes until all symptoms of the disease.

In addition to gymnastics and specialized exercises, there are many methods, which are considered a Supplement to drug therapy.

It is known that they effectively complement the treatment and relieve many of the symptoms. And wide popularity of alternative therapies is due to the availability of plants and tinctures, ease of fabrication compresses and efficiency tools.

In addition, the following recipes affordable pricing and they can be made at home.

Methods of alternative medicine

How to treat hearing loss at home, the question frequently.

Describe the most popular recipes that are easy to make at home.

Important before implementation of these recipes to consult with your doctor.

To reduce symptoms of hearing loss, use the most common methods.

Propolis tincture

For this you need to make a tincture of propolis.

Purchase fifty grams of a bee product and put it in the freezer or on the balcony (in the cold season) for two days. After that, RUB the propolis on a fine grater and pour the mixture in two hundred milliliters hot water.

Propolis leave to infuse for 15-20 minutes. After that, strain the mixture and pour it cleaned with alcohol or vodka. Leave the propolis to infuse for fourteen days.

If you produce propolis in advance you can push it for a longer time.

After two weeks strain the propolis, but don’t rush to throw away the husk. You can use it as a lotion. To do this, put it on a gauze bandage and wrap in wrap. Apply it to the affected ear and tight tie. Wear the lotion during the day.

Propolis should be introduced into the ear with a pipette. Enter in the left and right ear, three drops. To maintain the effect of the ear should be closed with a warm scarf or hat and enter turundas for fifteen minutes.

The course of treatment must be at least seven days.

Garlic and onions

In order to eliminate the pain has long enjoyed a garlic and regular onions. Grind these elements to state a liquid substance. To improve the effectiveness of the method in seven add five drops of tea tree oil.

Place the mixture on non-synthetic gauze or a cotton bandage and wrap.

Apply lotion to your ear and hold until you feel the education itching in the ears.

After that, the ear should be rinsed with Miramistina, and then wipe dry.

Resort to this method every pain syndrome in a day not more than ten days.

Cranberry and honey

Kalina has many properties, including anti-inflammatory effect.

Get a Cup of berries and chop, then squeeze out all the juice.

Add to the mix a few spoonfuls of liquid honey and heat the mixture to a state of body temperature.

It is important not to bring the temperature of the mixture above body temperature, as there is a risk of severe burn.

The mixture must soak gauze flagellum and enter in each ear for a few hours. Repeat this procedure for three weeks.

Tea tree oil and calendula

To improve overall condition and reduce pain, while also improving the acuity of hearing are encouraged to apply calendula.

This plant has a high immunomodulatory properties, which helps to cure hearing loss at the first symptoms.

Prepare a tincture of calendula.

Mix twenty grams of the marigold flower with one Cup of rubbing alcohol.

Stir the mixture and wrap in a scarf.

Put the broth in a dark and dry place where the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. The tincture must be kept a minimum of fourteen days, not forgetting its daily mix.

After that, strain the mixture and add to the infusion one spoon of tea tree oil.

Then enter in each ear, five drops at night. The course of treatment is twenty-eight days.

Geranium and olive oil

Geranium is famous for its useful properties, so to improve hearing, try the following methods.

It is necessary to boil the leaves of geranium in a little water, and then allow the solution to stand for five days.

Then add to the mixture two drops of olive oil. Drink broth before meals for two weeks.

To improve the taste you can add one teaspoon of honey.

Reviews in the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss folk remedies

Many people used the methods described here and what they think about this.

Olga Ivleva: «I was diagnosed with acute hearing loss with severe pain in the middle ear. Hearing problems was formed as a complication of acute otitis media. The doctor advised instilled into the ears of propolis. To save time I took a ready-made propolis grandmother, as the pain is not allowed to do the most. Buried in the ears of three drops every morning and before bedtime. The pain was gone on the second day, and the hearing loss I got rid of after two weeks of complex treatment».

Inga Ivanova: «my husband was formed hearing loss. Heard he was always bad, but in the period of the disease was designated a strong deterioration. A doctor friend advised to drink a decoction of geranium and making lotions from Luke and garlic. According to her husband, he began to hear better after five days of treatment.»


Hearing loss severe inflammation, which requires comprehensive treatment. Often the methods of alternative medicine have truly effective results. However, before you put the question the otolaryngologist how to cure deafness, you must find out the root cause of the formation of the disease.

Do not use the recipes of traditional medicine without permission of doctor.

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