Treatment of sinusitis at home: how and what to quickly cure

How to treat sinusitis at home: the fast cure

One of the most difficult and dangerous of otolaryngology diseases is sinusitis. This disease is quite common among all age groups, regardless of sex and type of human activity.

In some cases, with the disease cannot manage without hospital treatment, but sometimes treatment of sinusitis at home under strict medical supervision, allows to achieve a positive dynamics.

Under what circumstances can develop sinusitis

Before to tell you how to treat sinusitis at home it is worth noting that the information provided is informational and not to forget about the consequences of self-treatment.

So before you ask the question: how to cure sinusitis at home, you need to consult an audiologist who will determine the etiology of the disease and give appropriate recommendations.

Anagenez causes of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses may be different. Medical practice shows that in most of the cases sinusitis is a result of not treated to the end of the deep rhinitis and even the most primitive of the common cold.

Important! The most common factor that triggers the occurrence of sinusitis in children is adenoids that interfere with breathing and can contribute to the clogging of the sinuses.

If to consider in more detail the reasons for the development of sinusitis, it is necessary to indicate that this disease can occur in both acute and in the chronic form.

The cause of chronic disease is the lack of effective therapy for acute inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, therefore, only the timely diagnosis of the disease can prevent the development of additional complications.

Therefore do not postpone visit to the doctor, because he will tell you how to cure sinusitis quickly and safe for the body.

Acute sinusitis can develop for many reasons. Predispose to the occurrence of sinusitis can factors as endogenous (internal) origin, and adverse ecological, environmental conditions.

The most common factors contributing to the development of the acute form of the disease is:

  • degenerative lesions of the upper respiratory tract pathological microorganisms (infection);
  • the decrease of resistance of organism to infections, due to hypothermia;
  • inflammation of the inner lining of the nose, the result of which are allergic irritants;
  • congenital or acquired defects of the nose (deviated septum and turbinates physiological or traumatic in nature, blocking the sinuses from natural anastomoses message);
  • bronchial asthma causing swelling and inflammation in the sinuses and the nasal cavity;
  • the human immunodeficiency virus, which weakens considerably the protective function of the immune system, allowing pathological organisms to freely penetrate not only the sinuses, but also spread throughout the body;
  • pathological processes in the hard tissues of the upper dentition (deep caries), close proximity with the bottom wall of the sinuses may contribute to the transition of the inflammatory process in the paranasal sinuses.
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Among the less common causes of sinusitis is to provide:

  • mechanical, thermal, chemical damage of the nasal region;
  • tumors in the upper respiratory tract of various origins (tumors);
  • underdeveloped internal outputs from the nasal cavity, greatly impeding breathing through the nose;
  • cystic fibrosis is a hereditary disease that affects exocrine glands.

Only your specialist knows how to treat purulent sinusitis in the home, so you first need to diagnose, and only then move on to therapeutic treatments.

It is worth noting that purulent sinusitis completely treated only by taking antibiotics.

Otolaryngology distinguishes several types of sinusitis: bilateral, catarrhal, allergic, odontogenic purulent, polypoid. Home therapy can be quite effective in case of good tolerability of medicines bactericidal groups, as well as for moderate symptoms.

But in some cases, can not do without admission, therefore it is not necessary to independently search for information, how to treat bilateral sinusitis, or allergic polypoid and difficult, as home treatment may be ineffective.

How to cure sinusitis at home

So, what treats sinusitis in a home stay? To give a definite answer to this question is impossible, the basis has to be taken as a comprehensive treatment with a mandatory usage of medical drugs.

Using additional manipulation and alternative medicine may relieve the symptoms of the disease. In order to determine how to treat sinusitis, you need to identify the cause and eliminate the causative agent.

An otolaryngologist is the course of treatment depending on the causes of disease manifestations, which may include the use of drugs group of bactericidal antibiotics, antihistamines and anti-inflammatories, and antifungals.

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Drug therapy

One of the most effective methods of treatment of sinusitis is nasal lavage, which allows you to clean the nasal cavity from pathogenic microorganisms, to withdraw the accumulated mucus and purulent exudate.

Thanks to this procedure, greatly, reduces inflammation, restores normal functioning of the nasal mucosa, and significantly reduced the risk of relapse of the disease after remission.

For washing the best fit solution with a content of sea salt that you can prepare yourself. For this you need 1 tsp of pure sea salt (no additives) dissolved in 2 cups water brought to a boil, cool to a comfortable temperature.

If desired, the tool can be purchased at the pharmacy already done. Quite effective drugs with the content of sea water «Phrase» or «Akvamaris». The average course of therapy should not exceed seven days.

Important! Before performing nasal irrigation remove the swelling of the mucosa via drops with vasoconstrictor effect. Only when applying the drops a nasal wash be effective enough.

Equally effective treatments with anti-bacterial components. Optimal use in the treatment of tincture of eucalyptus, «Miramistin» or «Dioxidine». In the treatment of the above remedies, how to heal, tell the doctor. It is important to stick to the assigned dosage and course of treatment.


At first glance, a safe procedure of warming up can cause serious complications, so the opinions of experts about data manipulation is highly controversial.

Under certain disease, warming, therefore, require clear instructions of the attending specialist.

Warming can be done as a compress or use dry heat. Among the General recommendations the therapeutic measures before going to sleep, if there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to avoid hypothermia, as a minimum, within 60 minutes after the procedure.

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Folk therapy

This method of treatment works well as an additional method of exposure to disease. Using folk remedies as a standalone therapy, it is impossible to achieve positive dynamics in treatment.

Among the most effective recipes that can improve the well-being of the patient stands out:

  1. Rosehip oil or sea buckthorn. Using this method can be treated as purulent sinusitis or chronic. In each nasal passage should be buried 1-2 drops of oil, not more than five times a day.
  2. Inhalation with propolis. This method involves cooking in a water bath, you need 2 tsp of tincture of propolis dissolved in two liters of water, brought to a boil. Breathing the steam for no more than 10 minutes, covering your head with a towel.
  3. Ointment based on honey and milk. For cooking you need honey, milk, vegetable oil mixed in equal proportions. Add the grated baby was in the ratio 1:1, to dissolve in a water bath, add 5 ml. of ethanol and cooled. The prepared ointment store in a cool place.


Treatment of sinusitis in each case is ambiguous and depends on the individual patient, the etiology of the disease. But in each case guaranteed a positive result, in the case of timely treatment to a specialist.