What is lump behind ear hurts when pressed: why is there

Why behind the ear there was a lump and what it could be?

If behind the ear there was a lump that hurts when pressed it is important to go to the doctor without delay this inflammation indefinitely. Appeared, the tumor may be the beginning of a serious inflammation. Additionally, the seal behind the ear can be very varied: increase in size, blush and highlight purulent discharge.

Below I will try to figure out what to do if behind the ear there was a lump — symptom which inflammation it can be.

There is a tumor behind the ear — what is it

If the patient has formed a mound behind the ear, you must find out the reason for it. In each case they are individual, so consider the following factors. Having had such, it’s advisable to seek medical help, and the sooner you do, the less risk of complications.

Education has a certain reason for the occurrence, but in any case, this alarm alerts the person about the proximity of any disease.

To prevent the disease need to undergo several types of tests and blood diagnosis of the disease.

You first need to check the status of the lymphatic system, since tumors often cause lies in the inflammation of the lymph nodes.

If you go to the doctor in the near future is not possible, try to identify the type of the disease the following symptoms.


The reason for such formation may be an atheroma, the second name is Wen. Sebaceous cyst is formed due to blockage of the skin, which is located inside the sebaceous glands.

Over time they are compacted and mixed with the waste of skin, the layer of fat and dirt and forms a seal that visually resembles a cone. It can be localized on the ear lobe or behind the ears, and on palpation the patient may feel pain.

Atheroma may not arise out of nowhere. The main reason for its manifestation is poor hygiene, as well as increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Several reasons for the formation of Wen:

  • problems with metabolism;
  • a large number of acute and fatty foods;
  • skin inflammation;
  • inactive lifestyle;
  • hypothermia;
  • direct exposure to sunlight;
  • frequent use of earplugs, headphones or hearing aid devices;
  • the lack of hygiene of the jewelry.

The last reason is pretty common as women forget to clean the jewelry or earrings often change without pre-treatment. By the way, ear piercing and improper treatment of the formed hole in the earlobe, also is a sign for the emergence of Wen.

Wen always appears asymptomatic, and the tumor can notice in the office of a cosmetologist or upon inspection of the ear with another problem.

But after some time, the future site of the atheroma formed a visible seal, and when touching this area, the patient experiences unpleasant discomfort and pain. Immediately after the formation of the atheroma begins to itch and cause a burning sensation.

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The symptoms of atheroma of the following:

  • the tumor markedly compacted;
  • formed pain;
  • it is a loose consistency and can move;
  • body temperature remains the same, but the temperature of the neoplasm clearly is increased.

The development of a lump on the skin the white marble, and inside is the accumulation of pus and mucus. It is clear that due to clogging, greasy secretions and other elements accumulated in the lump, can’t go outside of the skin due to blockage, therefore, inflammation is really starting to hurt and cover the surrounding cells and tissues. In the process of development Wen symptoms changing:

  • the patient experiences severe increase in body temperature;
  • atheroma strongly modified;
  • the earlobe is inflamed and the surrounding tissue;
  • in a patient appears dizziness, and nausea;
  • the pain becomes unbearable and violates the natural rhythm of life, because the patient can’t sleep and refuses to eat.

Throughout the development of atheroma is prohibited to scratch or crack its contents, as in this case a relapse of inflammation or ulceration and other serious skin inflammations.

Epidermoid cyst

Often lump behind ear appears as a result of an epidermoid cyst.

Epidermoid cyst is a benign tumor, the surface of which was covered with flat scales, and inside the cyst contains skin epithelium.

The causes of its emergence lie in the violation of the functions of the epidermis. Outside the tumor appears as a result of injury to the skin.

While patients complain of the following symptoms:

  • soreness when touched;
  • large size;
  • elastic texture, which is easily moved under the skin.

To notice this is the outside of the vehicle. Patients often easily diagnosed and quickly sent to the hospital for medical attention, because the appearance is strongly reminiscent of a tumor.

In addition, an epidermoid cyst is reminiscent of the atheroma, but to treat it must be for a different method, so obtain individual treatment to the doctor.

If not correct selection of therapy, the cyst significantly increased in size, and also delivers extreme inconvenience.

The cyst forms a mucous or purulent discharge. Therefore, the manifestation of fluid from the lesion, the patient hospitalitynet, since benign diseases may form a malignant tumor.


Inflammation behind the ears can be a result of injury to the ears or the head.

At various scratching, impact or falling on the ears, on the earlobe or behind them formed the seals and other damage which must be immediately treated.

The reason for the formation of the seal can become not only a bruised ear, but the bites of insects or animals, as well as cuts.

For example, when playing on the trees children are often put to the various sharp branches.

To traumatically refers not only these factors but also puncture the ear. In this case, the skin is under strong pressure due to ear piercing.

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When injury the ears patients complain of unbearable pain in the place defeat. They cannot sleep on the affected side, and during the day any touch causes severe pain. This factor is explained by the formation of biologically active substances, which appears in pathological changes in the body. This substance is called histamine and usually appears in case of allergic reactions, as well as in the injury to the skin.

With this defeat the ear is important not to forget to treat the injured place. Beauticians advise to use a different anti-inflammatory drugs and topical antiseptic medications such as Chlorhexidine.

If the process is not treated, the disease quickly spread through the outer ear and cause not only purulent or mucous discharge, but more serious pathological processes.

Clogged gland

Sometimes pain and lump formation occurs due to blockage of the glands that are not associated with different tumors.

This is the result of ignoring the rules of hygiene and compliance with standard rules of cleanliness in the living room.

When blockage of the skin, is the pus or mucus, and formation of strong discomfort. Patients often complain of headache and feeling of fullness behind the ear.

Visually this seal resembles a pimple: it strongly reddens, and on palpation the patient is experiencing pain.

Education while ignoring the inflammation increases in size up to four inches and it hurts. However, with proper medical therapy passes quickly and leaves no residue.


If the lump is characterized by pain and swells, it is likely that the patient mastoiditis. This inflammation is characterized as a disease of the mucous part antrum and the mastoid process of the temporal bone on the inside.

The inflammation is localized behind the ear and occurs on the background of infection in the region of the middle ear or due to disease of the labyrinth due to otitis media, or complications of flu and colds.

At this time, the patient feels:

  • a significant increase in body temperature;
  • trouble sleeping and loss of appetite;
  • at night the place lose much whining and shoots;
  • the patient complains of pain in the ears. This is due to inflammation of the eardrum;
  • there is swelling of the ear and the lesion;
  • the seal behind the ears turns red and sore;
  • tumors of mucus or pus.

In the future, the inflammation causes severe hearing loss and other serious consequences. Therefore, treatment should be immediate and only under constant medical supervision.

Conventional treatment for inflammation

Treatment for lump behind the ear is impossible without establishing the cause. Therefore, the first step will be the establishment of signs and symptoms of inflammation.

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If bad education came as a result of virus or infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Such drugs are drugs based on amoxicillin, Amoxiclav, doxycycline or rovamycine.

Any ear inflammation can occur again, so to avoid a relapse, the patient is assigned drops with antibiotics – Kandibiotik, Otofa or Polideksa.

You need to use the drops exactly one week, and to further effect after full recovery to apply within forty-eight hours.

Treatment of cysts and tumors

If the education behind the ears formed by the cyst, the patient is prescribed several studies. They are necessary for the purpose of accurate treatment, therefore, examined must.

In the case of benign tumors can not do without antibiotics, which only precede surgical therapy.

So their use is only necessary for three days. Then under General anesthesia in the ear, the patient can be incision and removal of purulent secretions and the capsule of education.

The rehabilitation process takes approximately fourteen days. At the time of treatment the patient should eliminate physical exertion and carefully to follow the diet.

Therapy for injuries

If the lump formed as a result of injury, drug therapy is not necessary. Treatment is reduced to daily treatment of the affected area with hydrogen peroxide or Chlorhexidine, and thermotherapy.

Therapy in purulent secretions

In the case of formation of pus or mucus in benign education, General scheme of treatment no treatment is appointed individually, so consult your doctor to diagnose your case. After inspection, the specialist will prescribe an appropriate course.


It is important to understand that regardless of the nature of inflammation, self-treatment is unacceptable. First, it is important to devote time to their health and to pass the examination for Oncology.

If Yes, you will save time and will increase the chance of a favorable outcome.