Why darken labia? Possible causes of pathology

Change of pigmentation in the genital area of the lips is a fairly common phenomenon that can be caused by a number of reasons. Vulva all women are different – size or color. Faced with the fact that the skin in the intimate area darkened or purchased a «bluish» hue, many women are horrified, believing that it is the terrible symptom of gynecological diseases. Whether so it actually and why the dark skin of the labia in women?

Why does the darkening of the labia?

It must be noted that to date, the concept of the norm in terms of color intimate areas in women does not exist. Light pink, red, dark and even black – labia can be of different colors, depending on such factors as race, age and hair color. Just look at the nipples of the female breast: if they have a rich, dark hue, the skin of the perineum will be of the same color. The residents of North and South countries, skin pigmentation is also significantly different, but this difference is not considered pathology. In some cases darkening of the skin in the bikini area is considered normal and should not cause concern?

  1. It is established that before the beginning of sexual life the skin of the labia female has a lighter color. This is due to hormonal changes in the female body and is considered a completely natural phenomenon.
  2. Changes in individual levels of hormonal, resulting from age-related changes in the body, can also affect the hue of the external genitalia. In young girls the skin of the perineum, usually much lighter than in women older than 50 years.
  3. In some cases darkening of the skin in the large or the labia minora can be caused by an allergic reaction to wearing tight underwear from synthetic materials, use of perfumed cosmetics or personal care products, intake of certain medications. In such cases, the change in hue of the skin often accompanied by itching, burning and swelling.
  4. A darkening of the external genitals – the natural symptom of pregnancy which can occur in the expectant mother as early as two weeks after successful conception. Due to the enhanced blood circulation in the pelvic skin of the perineum becomes more dark, dense, slightly swollen. This is not a reason to panic, and the natural «satellite» of pregnancy, indicating that women’s body begins preparing for pregnancy or to the birth process.
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In these cases, the color change of the external genitalia is not considered a pathology and does not require special treatment. In a situation when this metamorphosis is caused by allergies, women are recommended to refuse from wearing tight underwear in favor of a more free natural cotton and also replace all used cosmetics and hygiene products are hypoallergenic.

In what diseases can darken the genitals?

Change of pigmentation in the crotch area can be a signal about the development of the disease in the female body.

  1. Blueness of the skin in the bikini area can be caused by mechanical damage and be accompanied by swelling, tenderness at the site of damage.
  2. The inflammatory process in the area of the labia may be accompanied by their darkening. On the skin of the perineum in this case appear ulcers and erosion that itch and bleed. If a woman notices pain, worse during intercourse or going to the toilet, swelling of the skin, the appearance of white or gray discharge in the middle of the menstrual cycle should consult a gynecologist, as all these factors are symptoms of inflammation.
  3. The common reason that dramatically darken the outer genitals is venous stasis in the pelvic area. It should be remembered that the main danger of varicose veins is to increase the risk of development of acute thrombosis, therefore, the disease requires appropriate treatment. Do not forget about proper preventive measures, regular medical gymnastics, and proper nutrition, wearing special compression underwear.
  4. Ovarian disease in most cases are accompanied by disturbances in the hormonal status of women. Hormonal imbalance leads to a change in color of the labia. Treatment should begin with eliminating the root causes of the changes – that is, dysfunction of the ovaries.
  5. Many women, faced with the problem of fungal infection, you begin to notice the darkening of the surface of the intimate areas. In most cases, the presence of the fungus can be identified by itching, peeling in the bikini area.
  6. The skin of the labia is strongly darkened and acquired a compacted, velvety texture? It may be a symptom of malignant neoplasms in the stomach, intestines and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case the treatment begins with examination by an oncologist.
  7. The syndrome Itsenko-Kushinga is a rare pathology, which is a adrenal insufficiency. The main symptom of the disease – cyanosis of the surface of the labia, which can spread to the lower abdomen and the folds of the elbows. In women the metabolism, thereby developing obesity.
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Change of pigmentation in the bikini area can be caused by absolutely different reasons. In order to verify the absence of serious diseases of internal organs, it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination, including consultation with a gynecologist, endocrinologist and oncologist. In most cases, after conducting a comprehensive treatment of the color of the vulva returns to normal.