After the alcohol appears thrush


Thrush is after I drink alcohol and she resumed already 2 times. What to do?


To the question, does alcohol, and diseases such as thrush, it is possible to give a definite answer – no. Many girls and women certainly don’t mind missing a glass of wine or something else in the evening after work, but few people think about whether it is harmful.

But you have to understand that alcohol is not a good influence on our body, and if there is some kind of disease, and the like. At first glance it may seem that can be shared between yeast infection that affects the genitals and alcohol? But there is a connection.

For a short period of time drinks can weaken even the strongest immune system, to improve the insistence, to relax our nervous system. But the mood with a yeast infection is certainly not what you need.

For many patients to give up alcohol in the presence of thrush is the hardest part. But in order to get rid of the disease once and for all make it still have. Fungi Candida using alcohol as an energy source, that is, a yeast infection can be nurtured and begin to spread with even greater force. Doctors strongly recommend to exclude all the products which include alcohol.

If you have had thrush, but now you managed to get rid of it, even small doses of alcohol sufficient to she came back again. The fungi will begin to grow much deeper in the tissue than it was before.

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Taking drugs for the treatment of thrush and alcohol at the same time, you will only create favorable conditions for the fungi to develop as much as possible. In the best case, the duration of treatment will be increased, at worst, your health will seriously suffer.
For the whole body alcohol is not the best exposure, the pathogen will multiply again and again that in the end may cause even more unpleasant symptoms. So for your own health it is better to refrain from this habit, otherwise thrush will disturb you again and again.