Can a yeast infection be transmitted to a sex partner?


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I have a background of reception of antibiotics she developed yeast infection. On the first day of antibiotics had unprotected sex with a regular partner, since that time, more did not have sex. The symptoms of yeast infection appeared on the fourth day of antibiotics. Say, transmission of the fungus partner is possible only in symptomatic stages of yeast infection or in a latent phase, too (I mean specifically the first day of antibiotics when no symptoms were observed).

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If you have not had any symptoms of a yeast infection even while taking antibiotics, a fungal infection could not be transmitted to a sexual partner because the inflammatory process has not yet begun. But when the disease began to show symptoms, the fungi began to proliferate, to hit your sexual organs, a man could, of course, to pick up a fungal infection. Be aware that thrush (candidiasis) in men – a relatively rare occurrence. The disease most often concerned precisely those men whose immune system is weakened to a great extent. Of course, just in case to prevent let him turn to the doctor, examined.

Maybe the specialist will recommend an antifungal cream for local application, prevent the development of thrush. Also I advise you to get tested, start treatment prescribed by a gynecologist, to include in the diet plenty of healthy products (vegetables, sour fruits, berries, dairy products, lean fish, meat, nuts, eggs etc), take vitamins, minerals. Suggest you be very attentive to their health and the health of the sexual partner, exercise, hygiene, try to avoid stressful situations and exposure to other factors that may contribute to the development of candidiasis.

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