How to use Flucostat and fluconazole for thrush


Hello, each time after taking antibiotics itching and burning sensation in orere and bladder. Also recently after taking antibiotics appeared these symptoms, I took Flucostat and all over, but after a week the symptoms reappeared. Previously, it was enough one pill and burning, itching passed, and now they quickly returned. During this period sex was not. How often and on what system you need to drink Flucostat? By the way fluconazole, for 15 rubles, having similar in composition why it doesn’t help…


Good day, Ilya! Yes, the symptoms you’re having could indicate the development of fungal infections called candidiasis (thrush). But usually candidiasis in the acute stage is manifested cheesy tinge on the head and foreskin of the penis, redness and swelling. In the chronic form, the disease may manifest only a few dim symptoms. In any case, you should go to the doctor, to tell about an existing problem, to pass the designated examination.

It is highly likely that you have developed some other infection, not thrush. Find out this will only help diagnosis. If the condition persists, continues to recur, then to the present time not established its cause, and there have been no measures to address its impact. Therefore, rather contact your doctor who will help determine the risk factor to assign measures to reduce or eliminate its impact.

Flucostat and fluconazole for treatment of thrush

With regards to drugs such as Flucostat and fluconazole, their active substance being the same, is represented by fluconazole. Only fluconazole drug domestic producer, Flucostat – foreign. Which one is better to take you, I can only say doctor. You may have to resort to other drugs because the fungi can be resistant to the active component of these medications. We recommend you take the survey, let the specialist figure out the specific risk factors on the basis of its results, will prescribe the right treatment of the thrush. Don’t waste your time, go to the hospital, take care of your health!

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