Worried about a yeast infection at a young age


Hello! Please tell me medicine which can cure yeast infection. I’m 15, already living sexual life, but will only with a young man, so I don’t think you can get a yeast infection from him if he is with anyone but me not sleeping. Can blame puberty? Hormones and all that…?


It is considered that a yeast infection is a disease that affects only adults girls and women, but it is not. Body girls are also susceptible to the disease, and all because of the structure of the body. Reproductive system at this point simply can not resist the weakening of the body and the load on it, so the ground for yeast infections or illnesses of this kind can be formed very quickly.

Another cause of yeast infection in girls contributing to the development – failure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene as well as wearing tight synthetic underwear. As a result, the sex organs irritated, damaged, subsequently, in these areas begin to develop fungi and bacteria.

To self-medicate in this case of course is not recommended, you first need to go on reception to the gynecologist. For therapy there is a lot of money, they come in the form of tablets, creams, capsules and more. If the disease is acute, it is sufficient to use only local funds.
At this age you can apply antifungal local action can refer to them the following:

  • Drugs which includes Clotrimazole – Canesten, Kenison, Inamazon.
  • Medicines on the basis ketoconazole – Livarol, Britrail, Nizoral.
  • Poleax or Terjamin.
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The duration of this treatment is approximately two weeks. In addition, I would like to note that you have to pay attention to your diet, it is better if you refrain from the following products:

  • Sweet and flour.
  • Should not be of products which include yeast.
  • A spicy condiment is also not recommended.

Do not be afraid and consider themselves special, a yeast infection in your age is quite common. Treatment modern, you can quickly get rid of the disease. Once again it should be noted that to visit the gynecologist must, after all, assign medicines should only physician and only after your examination.