A broken jaw heals many, fused

For a person who received a broken jaw, how the injury heals, it often just becomes an urgent issue. The volume of popular medical knowledge, which is the average man in the street, rarely assumes the availability of such information, because it is not the most common types of bone fractures — 5 % of the total number of cases. The complexity of the bones present in the joint, the presence of teeth and the proximity to the brain make the jaw unwanted localized traumatic injuries, and causes of fracture are rarely similar to common household injuries. Jaw broken in a fight, when doing sports, gunshot wounds and other non-standard troubles, and accompanied in some cases by concussion of the brain.

The inability to speak and eat normally, a high probability of negative consequences in cosmetics and everyday aspect, coupled with the ability to injure your brain, or lose your teeth, lose hearing, or damage to the optic nerve make a fracture of the lower jaw, as, indeed, the top, dangerous and uncomfortable injury with unpredictable scenario. It is quite understandable that man, to get this unpleasant disease, concerned about a speedy recovery, as a welcome opportunity to once again speak and eat food the traditional way.

The nature of the problem and the types of the disease

Broken jaw — a term used in medicine to refer to a number of pathologies, the cause of which becomes intense mechanical action on the lower part of the face. Such damage is often associated with other injuries due to the complex influence of the causes, characteristic for almost all varieties of injuries of the jaw. Combining their collective term is due to the approximate localization of the injury and its treatment. The presence of several bones in the articulation, the complexity of their compounds, and the accuracy of localization in a certain place combined under the term broken jaw following injuries:

  • which restores located in the region of the mandibular angle
  • mental — in the area of the hole of the chin;
  • klykovo — location on the line of the canine;
  • tool — between the teeth;
  • average — the dislocation between the 2 middle incisors.

The fracture may be direct, located at the immediate point of impact, and indirect, which is strictly the opposite. Open or closed, in the first case the soft tissue is torn or damaged, in the second only affects the bone structure. The nature of the damage and deformation of the bone fragments suggests a division into several categories, each of which can count up to 10 varieties:

  1. sagittal, magically, transverse fractures with displacement, in which the bone fragments and pieces of bone shifted anatomic location in relation to the natural localization or other bones
  2. full when the piece of bone sticks out in a transverse or an oblique slope;
  3. comminuted, extremely dangerous, in which fragments of bone are scattered in a chaotic mess;
  4. fracture without displacement, in which a bone is damaged, but remained in place of the usual anatomical location.
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Healing each of these fractures, which for all its diversity, the invasiveness and complexity of the United 1 the medical term, happens at different times, and in the preparation of the prognosis of recovery are taken into account many factors that can affect this process. The time during which fused the fracture can be completely different even in identical cases, if there were complications or related injuries.

Causes of fractures as complicating factor in the healing

Difficult to make any forecasts in pathological fractures, because in this case the condition of the bone is broken hereditary anomalies, chronic or acute processes present in the body. Treatment of pathologic fracture depends on the General condition of the body, and stage of development provocateur that provoked the appearance of broken bones. Hereditary disease development often do not respond to treatment, and fracture as a result of tuberculosis of bones, cancer tumors, or cysts, osteomyelitis, or metabolic disorders, and did not leave special grounds for any favourable forecast.

Fractures, caused by insufficient intake of minerals and vitamins, require long-term and systematic correction of the condition. And treatment certain drugs or infection, causing a broken jaw, should be considered separately, but also can not be predictable for recovery with sufficient confidence. It is difficult to predict when fused fracture of the jaw, provoked by the tuberculosis, if the disease has reached this stage of progression, in which no special power of influence is damaged such complicated articulation

Factors complicating probable forecast

Different types of fractures require different times for treatment. The key to successful healing is to correct fixation of the fragments, which will ensure normal blood supply and the natural functionality of damaged cells. From the correct tactic depends on active cell division, and DNA synthesis, as well as the successful interaction of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, which contribute to the regeneration of damaged bone tissue. Bones heal faster when damaged capillaries and large vessels, by which the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to regeneration were faster.

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Of great importance, whether it was a simple fracture, which was treated by conservative and simple methods such as splinting or plaster, or after the fracture required a complex operation, search scattered fragments and healing of the wound, formed after the break of the soft tissues after a complex and open fracture. Broke patient 1 bone, near which there segments affected by traumatic influence, or bones crushed not a few scattered fragments are completely different things, require different treatment. In some cases, the doctor can’t even give a specific forecast.

What are the risks of untreated fracture

Because in order to get the bone healed quickly and correctly, it should be definitely fixed, and in case of poor fixation is a slowdown in the normal healing process.

Incomplete treatment, incomplete rehabilitation or delay in seeking medical advice can cause a number of complications that negatively impact on the whole organism. Accordingly, the more severe the fracture, the greater the possible risk of complications and the severity. Untreated, the broken jaw can lead to:

  • the occurrence of purulent and inflammatory processes both at the site of fracture and closely spaced bodies;
  • distortion of the bite and the displacement and damage of the teeth, difficulty in chewing and swallowing;
  • dysfunction of ENT organs and the loss of olfactory function;
  • disturbance of vision due to damage to the optic nerve;
  • improper bone;
  • compression of nerve fibers and severe pain attacks;
  • death in certain circumstances.

Considering that of the 10 cases only 1 sick woman, and the other 9 men, it becomes clear why it is not defined by the question of how to treat and how to get out of this state without consequences, and as soon as it is possible to recover with such a serious injury. Only aid for broken jaw includes immediate pain relief in order to avoid shock and stopping bleeding, to avoid internal or external blood loss, almost equally dangerous. The jaw is immobilized, because there’s the danger of asphyxiation, which may occur from vomiting if it is accompanied by concussion of the brain, or the tongue. Immediate treatment of pathological deformation of bone tissue a surgical method of osteosynthesis in which the fragments of the broken jaw are attached to special structures:

  1. Operational or method of osteosynthesis is to bond fragments of the jaw special, usually metal structures, the length and complexity of the process depends on the severity of the fracture. Conservative or orthopedic methods involve the use of special tires, fixing the fracture site. Osteoplasty is performed when comminuted, complicated or multiple fractures, accompanied by numerous abnormalities of the bones from anatomically correct location, or soft tissue damage bone fragments.
  2. Osteoplasty involves the use of the Arsenal of possible means in which the spokes are of a metal, nitride-titanium wire, shape memory foam, studs, pins, special for this manufactured glue, or plastic with the ability of rapid solidification, miriplatin of metal. Application miriplatin gives you the opportunity to dissect during the surgery only the skin and muscles of 1 side of the jaw, which greatly reduces the wound surface. The ability to securely fix the displaced and damaged segments — the main goal of the operation.
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Rehabilitation involves strengthening therapy with medication and vitamins, antibiotics administered directly to the site of fracture, physiotherapy, physiotherapy and debridement of the wound and the oral cavity (irrigation), which have skillfully done several times a day, first in the hospital and then home. And the harder and more dangerous the injury, the longer it can last treatment.

As soon comes the healing, and removable tires

The more complex the fracture, the longer it will take for rehabilitation. What the patient is older and more painful the longer period for recovery he needs. According to rough estimates, a simple uncomplicated fracture, the young man may take a month before leaving the hospital, and the rehabilitation period will depend on its perseverance and thoroughness of the implementation of medical recommendations.

Estimated time of therapeutic treatment of a complex fracture in a middle-aged man and the elderly will take from 45 to 60 days. Removal of tyre is carried out on the 30-45 day, and if the treatment included the osteosynthesis, the setting of the forecast is carried out individually.

Treatment — a lengthy process that requires completion. Fused bones required rehabilitation process, without which the jaw will lose its functionality. And consider whether the final recovery period recovery of function and return to the same life, or be discharged from the hospital and removal of fixer — this is a separate issue. But the success of the therapy and duration of recovery depend not only on the doctor, but the sick, his desire to get healthy and ready to fight for a way out of a dangerous situation.