Acrylic dentures: what is it, reviews and prices

Among the most popular removable structures is to provide acrylic dentures. What it is, reviews about them and prices will be explained in more detail, to make it easier to decide whether or not to stop your choice on them.

This design replaced the first rubber dentures, which were used even a century ago the elderly. Now there are more modern and high-quality alternative, and it can be installed. Someone is using them as a temporary solution and you move on a permanent basis.

The structure of the acrylic dentures

The whole construction is made of acrylic plastic. This material is quite compatible with natural fabrics and looks quite natural. The doctor can find the full line of shades for the teeth and gums that when wearing the prosthesis was not noticeable that it is an artificial construct.

Basis can cover the whole gum or simulate only part of it, depending on the size of the prosthesis. Artificial crowns are firmly attached to the base and repeat with natural dentition. Such design is convenient to carry, and after a period of adaptation causes the least discomfort to the patient. At night it can be removed or left in the oral cavity is at your discretion.


On the type of installation and depending on the number of model teeth, acrylic dentures are divided into:

  1. Full need in the event of loss of the entire dentition in one jaw. Thus it is necessary to understand how such structures are attached. The doctor will show you how to put them on, so between the baseline and the gums created a special space, it appears a suction effect, due to which dentures are fixed on the gums.
  2. Conditionally removable – this is usually a temporary structure installed on the implants. Then it replaces the more expensive and durable prosthesis made of other materials.
  3. In part they are attached to natural abutment teeth and replaced only the part of the dropped units. In this case, for fixing use special clasps, hooks.
  4. Dentures-«butterfly» — apply when you need to replace one or two teeth. Conveniently attached to the next unit, they can not even be removed at night.

Some patients agree to acrylic structures only as a temporary measure, while waiting for the fabrication of more complex prostheses or wound healing implants. But there are those who prefer cheap and easy to use removable jaw of acrylic as a constant measure of restoration of the dentition.


The pros and cons

The advantages of acrylic designs are:

  • A very small number of contraindications compared to other types of prosthetics.
  • Good match the natural shades of gums and teeth, which makes it visually natural.
  • Ease in daily use. Donning and removal takes place without much effort.
  • A fairly quick production design. In some cases it can make and install in one visit to the dentist.
  • Easy maintenance, does not require costly resources.
  • When chewing load is distributed evenly, and more pressure on the gums, rather than on the abutment teeth.
  • The design is quite reliable and durable.
  • If it is broken, easy to fix and the repair will be inexpensive.
  • The light weight of the prosthesis.
  • Low price makes it accessible to all segments of the population.
  • The ability to install, even a child.
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If you understand what it is – acrylic prosthesis, made from a special plastic that becomes apparent and its main drawbacks:

  • Due to the hardness of the material, and pressure on the soft tissues, may damage the gums. This is especially true for the first weeks of adaptation.
  • If his mouth was supporting natural teeth, in contact with an artificial surface, they can begin to wear off, which will lead to various diseases.
  • Over time, the acrylic emit toxic substances. And though their is a small amount, nevertheless in some cases, prolonged wearing can cause allergic reactions or even toxic poisoning.
  • Due to the porous structure of the prosthesis will start to gather bacteria that when poor-quality care will lead to inflammation of the oral cavity. Also from this appears unnecessary and smell that clean is almost impossible.
  • If such a structure is attached only by the suction effect, it can securely lock and periodically save that inconvenience in daily use.

Considering all the pros and cons you can decide whether you like the design or you need to look for something else that will fully meet your requirements.


Manufacturing technology of acrylic dentures is very simple and it does not use expensive materials, which is the main advantage of this kind of designs. You can have the doctor to learn how to do them, we mention the main steps of the creation process:

  1. The dentist makes a diagnosis of the oral cavity and evaluates the need and availability of installation of the selected type of prosthesis.
  2. If you need to eliminate any disease or inflammation, the appropriate treatment is carried out.
  3. In a healthy jaw that needs prosthetics, make a mold.
  4. On the basis create first a plaster model is repeating the jawbone of a patient.
  5. And already with its help of special material poured acrylic design.
  6. Ready to try the denture the patient, and if necessary undermine and correct.

The whole process will take a maximum of a week, and the period of adaptation may extend to one month. If the patient feels that the prosthesis is too much rubbed, obstructs or does not fully reflect the position of the jaw, it is possible additionally to come to the doctor for another correction.

Indications and contraindications to the installation

The issue of prosthetics occurs when a person loses at least one tooth. And the greater the number of lost units, the harder it is to find a suitable form of construction. In addition, you also need to take into account several other factors: features of the structure of the jaw, a personal intolerance to the materials of gag reflex, gum disease, General health, etc.

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Thus, direct indications for the installation of acrylic dentures will:

  • The absence of teeth from one to a whole number. It is able to replace any number of them.
  • The expectation of another type of product that creates a longer period.
  • In pediatric dentistry they are often used in the case where the child lost baby teeth much earlier time and takes a long time to wait to grow permanent.
  • The unavailability of the use of other prostheses for a variety of reasons.

We mentioned that contraindications to installation acrylic designs is almost there. And yet, some of them may occur in the most extreme situations:

  • The presence of Allergy to secreted toxic substances.
  • Too strong a gag reflex that is in the process of adaptation. In this case, it will need other design, which does not affect the posterior wall of the oral cavity.
  • Flat alveolar processes will not make a secure fit. Then you should use a special glue for attaching such products, or select another option.

Care of acrylic dentures

It is obvious that the better you care for removable dentures, as well as for their teeth, the longer they will last and deliver less of a hassle. Try to follow the simple rules:

  • Twice a day you need to carefully clean them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • After each meal rinse your mouth or rinse under running water.
  • In the first weeks of adaptation, it is better not to remove denture at night to cloth quickly got used to the foreign object.
  • In the case of storage structures during sleep, it is better to use special container and solution. Then the material will be additionally disinfected.
  • Discard the solid, viscous and sticky products, which will cause damage to the prosthesis or to replace him in the mouth.
  • Avoid dropping the product.
  • Regular visits to the dentist, for example, twice a year, will help to timely adjust the prosthesis to the natural changes in the jaw or to identify defects.
  • Do not repair the design of their own.


It is believed that the use of standard and sufficient care acrylic denture can last for about five years. But this figure is inaccurate. For example, if not to proper care, to prevent the fall, to indulge in solid food, it will quickly become worthless.

Doctors believe that with the accelerated process of atrophy of bone tissue prosthesis will not be able to last longer than 2.5 years. But with all the rules, quality cleaning and normal oral health, they can be used much longer than the deadline.

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Video: removable dentures made of acrylic.


One of the advantages that acrylic dentures, and have become so popular is their low cost. The price may differ depending on the clinic, the professionalism of the doctor and a specific city or region. One caveat – the greater the number of units to be replaced with it, the more expensive will be the design.

So how much are acrylic products? The average price for a complete denture for the entire jaw around 12000 through 14000 rubles. If we talk about the «butterfly» one or two teeth, they can cost 3500 rubles.

Nylon or acrylic dentures better?

Try to identify the most striking characteristics that distinguish the nylon and acrylic designs from each other.

Acrylic Nylon
Solid material Soft elastic basis
Long-lasting hold Over time, the deformation
The pores contribute to the rapid multiplication of bacteria, and can involve smells Has no pores, does not absorb odors and does not gather bacteria
Eventually leaches toxins Completely safe
The cheapest design Higher cost
It is possible to use special glue for better fixation It is impossible to apply adhesive for mounting

To choose more suitable for you, you should consult your doctor to consider all nuances and to define priority criteria for you. For some, price is the most important figure, and someone wants to give preference to the maximum comfort in daily use.



Me acrylic denture quite satisfied. I use it for more than three years, and it was hard only in the beginning. It looks like natural teeth and after getting used with no problems.


I hard was given a period of adaptation, was constantly sick. But I had to be patient, as the money for implants I have. After two months I finally got used to the product and wear it every day.


I always thought that acrylic dentures only bet on a whole jaw, when old age comes all the teeth. I lost only two units on the chewing side and believed that in addition to implants or bridges, there is no alternative. But the doctor has established a «butterfly» and I am very comfortable. And the price is quite reasonable.