After tooth extraction temperature: causes and treatment

If after tooth extraction the temperature rose at one or more degrees, then you need to take urgent measures. But at the same time we should not panic. It is likely that the increase in body temperature occurred because of the stress suffered by people during dental surgery.

The reasons for the increase

High temperature after removal of the tooth may appear for different reasons . In most cases, removed those teeth that can no longer be restored. Tooth struck a deep caries, pulpitis and other diseases. Then began the inflammatory process, and the root of the tooth had a cyst. After the doctor pulled out a bad tooth, the cyst is ruptured. Even after treatment with antiseptics bacteria continue to develop in the oral cavity, but mainly on the place of the open wound. The body begins to fight off bad bacteria and the body temperature rises to 37-38 degrees.

In another case the cause of the rise in temperature after removal of the tooth may be a root or its fragment. This error can prevent a doctor from a lack of care or competence. Around the left root is formed granulomas. If people do not seek help, then it develops into a cyst, which can be removed in the future, only when surgical intervention. In addition to the presence of heat, this complication is accompanied by a large swelling.

There is another reason after tooth extraction temperature. Inflammation of the wells, which in medical language is called alveolitis, often accompanied by high body temperature. The cause of this disease can be plaque trapped in the hole. The same problems arise when the premature leaching of the bunch, which is why doctors do not recommend to intensively rinse the hole for several days after removal. Alveolitis without proper treatment leads to very dangerous complications, so medical care in this case required.

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The removal of third molars and canines

After tooth extraction the body temperature rises in most cases, if the operation was difficult. Dentists very problematic is the removal of the canine or third molar, which in the vernacular are called wisdom teeth. Latest cause a lot of problems as dentists and the patients themselves. Third molars in most cases grow on an incline, so not removed the conventional dental forceps. They have to crush or cut it, and these manipulations significantly complicate the process and lead to undesirable consequences in the form of temperature increase by 1-2 degrees.

After wisdom teeth, it is not surprising profuse bleeding and fever. The same effect can be after tooth extraction flux. If symptoms do not disappear within a few days, a person must go to a dental clinic where the operation took place. If continues to hold, the person is prescribed the antibiotic Lincomycin, which fights off bad bacteria that is the source of the inflammatory process.

Removal of teeth in children

When an adult the first two days after removal holds heat, it is considered normal. But many wonder: «If a child has a fever after tooth extraction, what to do?» The answer to this question is the same: immediately call a doctor. The doctor will examine and give an accurate answer to the question about whether or not to re-apply to the dental clinic.

Children’s bodies are much more difficult to tolerate such interference, so the side effects can be serious. Parents should regularly inspect the hole. If even a slight suppuration of the urgent need to seek the assistance of your doctor or with his consent independently handle place of tooth extraction antiseptic.

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First steps

The most common mistake that patients of the dental clinics is immediate antibiotics immediately after removal. Temperature which does not rise to the level of 38 degrees, do not knock down be. Because in this way the body combats infections inside the hole.

Don’t worry if the temperature start to rise on the first day after tooth removal. With the deterioration of the 2-3 days the person should seek medical help. The doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics (if the cause of the temperature rise lies in the multiplication of bacteria) or hold re-examination of the hole and make a radiograph. If necessary, the hole clean. After a second visit to the dentist, the temperature may again rise, but it is not so dangerous because that is a defensive reaction of the organism.

What to bring the temperature down

If the temperature on the first day rises above 37-37,3°C, to alleviate their condition can tea with lime, honey or lemon. The only condition is not to drink too hot tea, as it can cause additional complications such as excessive bleeding. It is better to prepare a warm drink and consume it in small portions. In any case it is impossible to rinse tea affected area and then swallowed. First, it is fraught with erosion of a blood clot. And, secondly, the bacteria that are present in the hole, this way can penetrate into the body.

If in 1-2 days, the body temperature rose to 38°C and above, you can try to take action. Of medicinal antipyretics very well help Nurofen or NIMULID. These drugs not only lower heat, but have on the body anti-inflammatory effect. In tandem with medication is good to use cold. Ice wrapped in a towel should be applied to the side of the face, which made the operation, or to the head.

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Folk remedies

If after tooth extraction fever, to relieve human suffering, you can use folk remedies. Even if the temperature rose in the day, when people have a tooth pulled, herbal teas are able to provide first aid. There are several recipes for teas that can help:

  • a decoction of equal parts of mint and sage;
  • a decoction of oak bark;
  • chamomile infusion;
  • a decoction of St. John’s wort and mint.

To prepare these teas is quite simple. You only need to buy the right fee in the pharmacy, pour boiling water and infuse for several hours. However, if the person’s condition significantly worsens, then separate treatment is necessary immediately to cease and to seek qualified medical help as early as possible.

It is not recommended to use herbs for children, pregnant and lactating women (allowed only with the permission of the doctor). If the temperature managed to climb on the first day, the most important thing is not to create panic. The first 48 hours, if not severe swelling, can be controlled by temperature alone, processing a hole with antiseptics. If it continues to rise or is kept at a certain level, the person needs to seek medical help.